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lost a stone in 2 weeks......god knows how!!!


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S: 14st0lb C: 10st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 3st11lb(27.04%)
Hi Vicky

Driving on the same side as us is good...except I dont think it would help me much *dont tell anyone but I cant drive...lol* will learn one day, in fact I promised my son we would learn together and he turns 17 on 11th September so I have no excuses anymore

Wish my ear would stop hurting so much. I hope it clears up before I go on holiday.

Hey Vicky, just noticed we have lost exactly the same amount todate...20 pounds a piece!

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S: 14st0lb C: 10st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 3st11lb(27.04%)
well...ok so maybe not as naughty as you were thinking but...

I havent been drinking much water...I tend to drink just black coffee, black tea and zero coke at the moment....

I know I know...and I am getting the headaches form hell, but I am not dehydrated...well not yet anyway

Its just my tap water tastes fowl and I am not allowed to buy bottled water (been told of for spending too much before the holiday)...I have been freezing tap water and holding my nose when I drink it

The pipe for the cold water tap is directly next to our hot tap so I only get luke warm chlorine out of mine (or so it tastes)...and things were swimming in it too!

so please forgive me...


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evenin jen

Naughty you!!!!!!!!!!

Consider yourself well and truely told off!

Have you thought about a britta filter for your water, they are really good, it filters out all the chlorine, dont know if you are near a superdrug but they are selling them off at a tenner.

I actually do ok with the water, although I did drink it before as well so I just upped my intake again!

Went out last night to my ball, all I had was a little melon to start and then a chicken breast with the veg, I left the roast and the mash and I drank water all night. I dont think I have kicked myself out of ketosis, I dont have any hunger pangs or anything so fingers crossed.
Had a great night.
My weight loss has stuck for a few days and i hope that next week will show a loss, knew it would happen and im not going to give up!!!!

How long till your hols??? ARe you all packed and ready??


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S: 14st0lb C: 10st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 3st11lb(27.04%)
my hols are very very soon...I depart gatwick at 18 55 on 23rd August....

Im excited and terrified at the same time...lol

Im having a problem finding shops still selling summer clothes..I didnt want to buy them too early as I was losing weight but now all the shorts have been sold and its jumpers and coats in the stores...bee christmas crackers soon too!

I have 2 pairs of shorts...3 pairs of 3/4 lengths and several white linen trousers plus one dress and 2 swimsuits...will that be enough for 1 week?

I only hope they dont lose my luggage

Vicky, I must ring Loucus (think thats his name) a friend of mine at work told me he stayed at the Venus beach in February and got friendly with this taxi driver so recomended I call him to prebook.... Coincidence that he stayed in exaclty the same hotel...he did reassure me that he had a lovely time...he too had read the poor reviews and was apprehensive but said the staff, food and hotel was lovely and not to worry.

Vicky, how long till you go on your hols? I bet you have fantastic vacations being in charge of a travel agency...can you recomend somewhere nice for me to book next year?

Apart from craving wine...im doing OK...although a small bit of skin on my chicken breast was consumed...dont think ive done any damage (still no carbs)




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Hiya Jen,

Look at you, 3 days to go!!!!!!!
The only thing you are short on is shorts really, (how funny short on shorts!!)
Do you haev a primark near you, they are cheap I know but they still have summer stock in mine, although we are always a bit behind being up north!!!!!
I think you will be ok with all the rest.

Good to see you have spoken to someone who stayed at that hotel, always makes me feel better doing that.

Well, I go to Disney in 18 days and im so excited, cant wait to see micky and minnie! DH is looking forward to see chip n dale and Chloe is mad for the Disney Princesses at the mo!

I must admit I have had some good holidays and familierisation trips through work, although now I have Chloe I dont go on them as much, and they are a little more few and far between in the current climate.

The best ones so far have been Florida, that was a few years ago now, with Virgin and Carnival Cruises, and then in November I was lucky enough to be invited out to Mauritius, that was out of this world. The best ever ever place I have ever ever been to!

I havent craved drink at all, yet! Im sure the time will come tho when I do.

Dont think the little skin on your chicken will have done much damage at all!

We have had a really nice day today, I havent craved today at all, just had some chicken and lettuce for tea and finished off with a caramel bar so im going ok.

Hows you OH doing, still in pain or has it all calmed down, and the kids, are they ok?



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S: 14st0lb C: 10st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 3st11lb(27.04%)
Hi Vicky

Mauritius...lovely, my OH went there as a boy of 10 with his family, both his parents worked in the airlines and he had some pretty wonderful experiences. He also loved Malta.

I on the other hand didnt travel abroad as a child as my mum had a fear of flying after a bad experience on her honeymoon with turbulence.

I fancy jersey or guernsey...they look really lovely in the brochures.

when the children are older we can take nicer holidays more often as we wont have to fork out fo 5 adults each trip! but i will miss their company too...

Daves Blood test came back all clear but he is still awating the colonoscopy...he has good and bad days but takes painkillers almost daily.

Mike is missing his girlfriend who is in Turkey with her mum but looking forward to our holiday although dreading the flight.

He said to me the other day..."Mum, if their is a hijacker on the plane you musnt be upset if I attack him. I will probably die anyway and if I can save my family I will have a go!" A bit melodramatic but he is being sweet ....i think!

I have just calculated that a week in the Blue Hotel at Blackpool pleasure beach in October half term will cost the same as 5 star hotel in cyprus for a week peak summer!!!

I think it will be Haven Marton Mere instead...I want to see the illuminations.

exciting holiday for you.....going to Disney...Thats also somewhere I want to go.

expensive though I expect



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I've done the same thing today :( .. I just didn't want water, only tea! I probably only had about 2 litres of water and filled up on tea!!.. Gonna have to change that tomorrow :D


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Just a quick post as its disco tonight!!!

Will be on tommorrow for a full update!

Hope you are being good lol!



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Just 1 day to go!!!!! How are you feeling, ok about the flight?????

Have an absolutely fandabidozi time hun, I will miss you tons!!!!



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S: 14st0lb C: 10st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 3st11lb(27.04%)
Came back from my holiday with a little extra baggage!

:) hello all

Back from Cyprus with a little extra weight...in the form of a plaster cast!

on the night before my return home I tripped and fell on the kerb in Pathos harbour. My OH said he thought I had sprained my ankle but the pain was intense and I felt sick. What worried me was it was the same leg I broke 3 years ago and was still full of pins and a pole holding it in place.

Anyway the following morning (of out flight home) the pain was so bad I could only slide my foot along the floor...lifting it brought tears (and swear words to my eyes)...Dave insisited I saw a doctor and I was taken to Saint Georges Clinic in Pathos. I had 3 x-rays and my foot plastered up to my knee! Yep it was a sprained ankle but also a broken foot (forget the correct terminology but its the same thing Rooney and Beckham broke)

After having my plaster fitted the doctor split it and gave me a certificate to fly so I could get home. On the plane and at both airports I was treated like a VIP taken in my own coach (with just my son for company...he was lucky enough to be chosen to sit with me by the check in lady at Pathos) and then we were lifted in a special lift on the plane before everyone else boarded. Our seats had extra leg room and there was a wheelchair waiting for me at Gatwick and the lady escorted me right from the North terminal to the taxi waiting for me at the exit...


apart from that (and now having to claim £500 from my insurance!)...I had an absolutely fantastic holiday and would recomend the hotel and resort to anyone...

I ate loads but havent touched food since hurting my foot...shock I think...I still fit my clothes and feel the same but will weight myself when the cast comes of in 3 weeks and hopefully will have undone the damage by then anyway..

hope you have all been good




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OMG Jen!!!!!
Hope the pain is better, have to go now but will be on later for a full update!
Glad ya back hun, have missed ya loads and glad you had a great time x


Got a life thank you!
Oh no, what a miserable thing to happen! Glad the rest of your holiday was good and I guess this means no hopping on the scales for a while?!?


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Hiya Jen, Hope you are not feeling the pain too badly, have you got a lovely tan??
I cant believe you broke your foot, at least it was the last day though.
Im so glad you had a good time, I know you where worried re the hotel and im chuffed it was good.
How is Dave doing now, and did the kids have a good time???

Speak soon


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Welcome back Jenny!

Hi Jenny,

Delighted that you had such a good holiday apart from the leg:(

It does sound that you were treated like royalty:D

Are you off work because of it?

Lovely to see you back home again!!! We Missed You:)

Love Mini xxx


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Hiya Jen, how you feeling hun, hope you are ok, post soon x


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S: 14st0lb C: 10st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 3st11lb(27.04%)
hi everyone

Weighed myself today (despite the plaster cast on my leg...) I ate like a pig whilst in cyprus so expected a gain but on the day I left for Cyprus I weighe in at exactly 11 stone and today I am 10stone (probably less if you take of the weight of the cast on my leg)

The only thing is I have gone off food since I broke my foot and spend most of my time sleeping (painkiller effect)....i just hope its not going to all pile back on when I am better.!


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Nice one Jen,

How is the leg doing?