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Louisa's 'No more Cheating' Food Diary

My WI day is on a Thursday (i.e tomorrow) and i've got a sneaky feeling I may have put on/sts (this may be partly due to the fact I keep weighing myself at home grrr!). Anyway I think I have been fairly diligent with sticking to the diet so Im not sure where im going wrong. I thought I'd record what Im eating/drinking here so maybe others can see if Im doing it right. (It also lessens the possibility of me 'cheating' and forgetting to syn stuff). I also have a tendancy to snack later on at night when theres really no need so I'm hoping it will break me out of that habit! So to anyone that may read this any advice is greatly appreciated :rolleyes:
! (Btw Im vegetarian and my consultant advised me to go with the EE plan)
Il be back later today with what Iv eaten ;)!
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Breakfast: 2x Nimble (Hexb) 1tsp I can't believe its not butter light (1 syn) 2x poached egg

Dinner: Jacket Potato, Low fat cottage cheese, Mixed leaf salad, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, spring onions, apple

Tea: Tomato Soup, Blueberry Roulade (0.5 syn)

Snack: Homemade Fererro Rochers (4 syn), Apple

Exercise: Level 1 Shred, Wii Zumba 20 mins
Fluids: 6/8
Syns: 5.5

No Hexa :/
Breakfast: grapes, butterscotch hifi bar (1/2 hexb)

Dinner: rice stuffed pepper, 28g cheddar cheese (hexa)

Tea: Lentil Soup, Blueberry roulade

Snack: Apple, cherry tomato, butterscotch hifi bar (1/2 hexb), Options Belgian Hot Chocolate (2 syns)

Exercise: Level 2 Shred, Kung fu (1 hour)
Fluids: 8/8
Syns: 2

Trying to be really good as Im going out for a meal tomorrow! Managed to pull a muscle and bruise my wrist at kung fu though D:
Breakfast: Scrambled egg, tomatoes, beans

Dinner: SS Soup

Tea: Rissotto Primavera (15 syns?!) very tasty so well worth it!

Snack: Apple

Exercise: Level 2 shred
Fluids: 8/8
Syns: 15 ish :p
Breakfast: Apple, Butterscotch Hifi bar (1/2 Hexb)

Dinner: Carrot and Corriander Soup

Tea: Quorn Curry and rice

Snack: Fruit Salad - Orange, Melon, Grapes, Kiwi, pineapple, Options, Choca Mocha (2 syns), Butterscotch Hifi bar (1/2 Hexb)
Crackerbread (3 syns) Laughing cow light (Hexa)

Exercise: Level 2 shred, Kung Fu (1 hour), Gym (Cardio/Strength) (50 mins)
Fluids: 8/8
Syns: 5
Breakfast: Bran Flakes (Hexb) fat free natural yoghurt, strawberries, apple, blackberries

Dinner: Tomato Soup, cous cous (1.5 syns)

Tea: potatoes, carrots, Sage & Onion Turkey Style Escalopes (4.5 syns)

Snack: Orange, apple, pea pods, light babybel (hexa), Homemade ferrero rocher (2 syn), Pear

Exercise: Level 2 shred, Gym (Cardio/Strength) (1 hour)
Fluids: 8/8
Syns: 8

Very very tired today and my legs and arms are aching..feel like i could sleep for a week! Been snacking on pod peas taste kind of nutty but im gettin sick of them now :p Bit gutted that the quorn escalopes are so high on syns but im guessing thats the breadcrumbs on top? oh well.
hi louisa welcome to s/w and minmins i would just say if ur doing ee try and have the 1/3rd superfree veg or salad with ur meal it does make a difference to the weight loss also not sure if low fat cottage cheese is free i think it has to be fat free perhaps someone else will be able to say for sure. good luck x


Pea on legs!
Hi there, well done on your losses so far and good luck for your journey!

I've had a quick look through your food diaries and my only comment is that with the amount of exercise you are doing, I'm not sure you're eating enough.

Also, I know you said your consultant advised EE, but as a veggie, Green days would be much easier for you. I'm not a veggie now (was for 15 years), but I do still eat lots of veggie meals and green days offer me lots more variety. You get 2xHEAs and 2xHEBs and, as a veggie, you will still be getting loads of fruit and veg in your diet...

Just something to think about...!

Have a good week x
Hey thanks for the feedback :D Iv checked the cottage cheese on the website and it says its free so i think im ok :p I did wonder about the green day and im pretty sure I could manage 2 hexb's but not sure about the hexa's. I have been hungrier with all the exercise which is why ive been snacking on a lot more fruit even when the things im really craving are crisps, biscuits and chocolate :( bad i know! The depressing thing about the gym as well is that I feel like im burning off loads of calories on those machines and they say ive only done 100! Better than sitting on my ass all day I suppose :p
Breakfast: Bran Flakes (Hexb) fat free natural yoghurt, strawberries, blackberries

Dinner: Lentil soup, crackerbread (4 syns) laughing cow light cheese (hexa)

Tea: Stew (parsnip, swede, carrots, onions, quorn fillets)

Snack: Apple, Orange, Grapes, Pineapple, Bourbon biscuit (3.5 syns), Options (2 syns)

Exercise: Level 2 shred, Gym (Cardio/Strength) (1 hour)
Fluids: 8/8
Syns: 9.5
Breakfast: Buterscotch Hifi bar (3 syns), Grapes

Dinner: Scan Bran (hexb), cucumber, cottage cheese

Tea: quorn sausages (3 syns), potato and carrot mash, babybel light (hexa), sprouts (couldnt find my green beans so had to use these :p)
fat free yoghurt

Snack: pear

Exercise: Level 2 shred,
Fluids: 8/8
Syns: 6

Was surprised to find how much scan bran fills you up :O..not the tastiest thing to eat but satisfying enough.
Breakfast: Poached egg, mushrooms, tomatoes

Dinner: scan bran (hexb), cottage cheese, carrot, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, fat free yoghurt

Tea: super speed soup, crackerbread (3 syns), laughing cow light (hexa), strawberry, blackberry roulade (0.5 syn)

Snack: banana, pineapple, jaffa cake (2.5 syns)

Fluids: 6/8
Syns: 6

Didnt get chance to post yesterday as my son was sick :( he seems ok now though. WI today Im hoping ive lost some but its coming off slowly for me..well a loss is a loss :D
Breakfast: apple, orange, banana

Dinner: scan bran (hexb), cottage cheese, carrot, apple, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, fat free yoghurt

Tea: Pasta, Light Laughing cow cheese (hexa), spinach, onions, mushrooms, quorn pieces, chopped tomatoes

Snack: 5 maltesers (3 syns?), pea pods, hifi bar (3 syns) options hot choc (2 syns)

Exercise: Level 2 shred,
Fluids: 8/8
Syns: 8

Still thinking my portion sizes are too large I really hate waste! Starting on the kettlebells tomorrow I think. Got my 1/2 stone sticker today was really pleased. Im looking forward to the next one so got to work at it!
Breakfast: Strawberrys, low fat yoghurt

Dinner: couscous, oxo cube, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms, spring onions, scan bran (hexb)

Tea: Quorn Burger (1 syn), SW potato and sweet potato chips, carrots, sweetcorn, cheese (hexa), Quark, sweetner, blueberries

Snack: Grapes, Carrots, banana, bourbon biccie (3.5)

Exercise: Level 2 shred, kettleworx (arms/shoulders)
Fluids: 8/8
Syns: 4.5

The problem with biscuits is I get a taste for them and one is never enough :(
hi louisa how on earth can u eat scan bran i bought some this week tasted like cardboard then when i was trying to chew it was like i had sawdust in my mouth had to have a drink of water to get rid of it think i will have to use them in a cake do you cook with them? have a good weekend x
Yea they dont taste much like food ^^ but im trying to avoid too much bread and ive heard it boosts weight loss. I try and mask it with other foods. Im going to try and make a carrot and ginger cake with it soon but im always wary about microwaving things to cook as they can taste nasty sometimes :p guess it cant get much worse!
Breakfast: Bran Flakes (hexb), Blackberries, blueberries, fat free natural yoghurt

Dinner: scan bran (2), spinach, cucumber, spring onion, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, low fat cottage cheese

Tea: super low fat noodles, mushrooms, onion, red/green/yellow peppers, laughing cow light cheese (hexa)

Snack: Apple, grapes, ff yoghurt, quark, sweetner, blueberries, bourbon biscuit (3.5)

Exercise: Level 2 shred, kung fu (1 hour), kettleworx (butt/hips)
Fluids: 8/8
Syns: 5.5

Absolutly shattered today. Been doing housework/gardening most of the day and have now got a lovely burnt red face!
I seriously need to work on my portion control as well. Think i need to invest in smaller plates and not pile food on so high...
Ok i was going to cheat and not add these syns and hope exercise would cancel it out :p But im going to be honest and say I had 2 more biscuits last night :( which is an extra 7 syns! Boooo!

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