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Louise is joining Maintenance...finally!!!

Well after a 3 stone loss (and a 1lb gain on refeed:rolleyes:!!)
im finally starting maintenance although i would like to lose a little more maybe not the stone i have on here as a target but i'll change that when i know what im at!!!

I plan on having 1 maintenance bar per day this week anyways as when i had my weigh in today the chemist said a red warning message came up so i don't think they'll let me continue much longer!!

I have been using my fitness pal (mfp) for the past few weeks so i plan on continuing this and see how i get on. I will be cutting down on carbs and portion sizes and will be upping my exercise routine!
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Welcome to the club Lou! x
Thank u Sandra!!!


2 Years Maintaining :)
Welcome Lou :) This is the best place to be xx
Thanks Girlys, Retail chick ive been reading through ur diary ur getting on great!! we're kinda around same stats except ur taller than me :( think we're similar ages too im 25! How u finding it?


2 Years Maintaining :)
Thanks chick, Yep I'll be 26 at the end of the month :candle1: are you in Dublin too?

Finding maintaining really good actually, sometimes it can feel like a chore watching everything you eat and stuff but it sure the beats the alternative.......getting fat again!!! I actually enjoy recording everything and I find WW very good for maintaining. You can also eat what you want once you count it :D

Gosh our stats are similar hun, are you really aiming for 119lbs thats teeny weeny :eek: although you are shorter than me......but only a few inches!

My pharmacy set my goal at 135lbs but I reset it to 138lbs, no matter how hard I tried I could not get past 138lbs!!! It got to a stage where it was all I thought about so the lovely ladies here suggested maybe that was the weight I was meant to be so I made the decision to change it :)
Early Birthday Wishes!! Im up in Sunny Sligo!! Ya im rethinking the old target im 134lbs but im thinking around 126lbs (9 stone) I put my target at the lowest weight for a healthy bmi as i kinda get complacent when im nearing my target and start slipping and treating myself (It makes sense in my head lol!!)

Ive never done WW before i just cant get my head around it for some reason!! im gonna give logging cals (My fitness pal) a go see how i get on for a few weeks but if i feel i need additional support i might opt for WW and just annoy the lady's head until i get it!!!

Horrible day here in Ireland heads been stuck in the news all day xxx


2 Years Maintaining :)
Thanks :)

Yep that makes perfect sense to me too!! Same logic behind me changing mine I'd visions of going completely mad being so mear goal and saying sod it!!

Took me a few weeks to get to grips with WW now its second nature, all the girls are raving about MFP but again I cant get to grips with it!! Must sit and really try understand it as it does sound very good!!

I know awful isnt it? Terrible thing to happen :(
Absolutely terrible, imagine being the people who walked away jeez, its crazy to even think about it!
i must say as bad a press Ireland normally gets for everything, this seemed to be handled very well, considering x

I really like mfp it deters me from eating rubbish as i know i'll have too enter it in, i also look at another website called sparkpeople u can log ur intake etc it has brilliant info and facts about everything diet and fitness wise- the only thing is its very american really cheesey!!!!


2 Years Maintaining :)
Yeah I agree with ya there. Jesus imagine being on the plane! :( nightmare!

Hmmm I'll definitely have to re look at it so, really sounds very good!!


maintaining since June'09
Hiya Lou and welcome :D

Well done on your 3st off - I wouldn't have thought you'd need another stone but you'll know best :)

So the easy bit's practically done - now the tricky bit of maintenance begins :D - stick around though because it seems like those of us who do, fare better than those who disappear and go it alone, only to reappear a few months later having over-indulged!!

You're in the right place, best of luck ;) xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Hey Lou!
Well done on your 3stone loss & welcome to the cool side :cool: hehe xx
Thanks girls its good to be in the cool gang now!! i have to adjust my target but im hoping just another 7lbs maybe just want to fit into my 8's more comfortably ie no love handles spilling over!!!

ya i'll def be staying on minimins its my new addiction!!!!

Off too work now!! chat to u all soon!


Dance the positive spin..
Well done ... and welcome! Ps: ditto to others re thinking seriously about ur goal weight! Plus it may be just exercise u need for the love handles - not weightloss! Good luck with maintenance..

Ps. I always put on in refeed but it does adjust so fear not! Word of warning tho, I find it takes about a month after refeed for my body to stop seizing onto anything over and above 3 basic low fat meals! Those jumps do adjust (probably just stores/water) but it can be disheartening! So if it happens with you, dont get down or scared that it won't stop, cos it will...
Hiya and welcome to the maintenance section. You have done really well in losing 3 stone, so well done for that.

Just remember to log all your food and then we can all help if there are any quetions you may need to ask.

Good luck for maintaining the weight loss.
A week away...

Well after a great week away, my trousers feel tight and im scared to go for my weigh in (haven't even cheated and checked at home...too scared!!) so im gonna take it easy on carbs an wait till my normal tue weigh in!

Hope everyones doing well!!


maintaining since June'09
Glad you had a good week - good luck for Tuesday xx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Nice to hear you had a good week away. Don't worry if you have had a little gain as you can make up for it this week. Maintenance is about managing our weight and not being obsessive. There has to be occasions where we can cut ourselves a little slack. The trick is knowing when to stop and then pulling back for a few days to undo any damage.
Good luck this week. Watch portion sizes, use the least processed food you can. Processed foods have a lot of hidden sugars which just convert to fat. Keep up your water intake.
Good luck.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Welcome back, glad you had a good week :) gl for wi xx

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