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Hi everyone,

Well, here I am again, about to start foodpacks tomorrow for the THIRD time.

I'm absolutely fine doing the packs and have no problems, no cheating etc...BUT my big problem is energy on the diet. I have none! :sigh: My stick is always pale, so I'm thinking I'm not properly in ketosis?? Although my breath certainly tells me that I am, and I lose weight at a regular and acceptable rate.

Any ideas anyone?? I did wonder if it was because I always drink sparkling water, but you are allowed, so it can't be that, can it??

Any advice would be great, thanks for listening xx
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Queen of the Damned
Hi Lumpy

Being in ketosis is like being pregnant - you are or you aren't. The lack of energy is your body adjusting to the packs, but it should pick up. Doesn't sound like the sparkling water is affecting you too badly, but basically plain water is best because your body doesn't have to do anything to it to 'use' it.

It can be difficult, and you shouldn't do any more than you would normally do in the first two weeks of the plan. Then simply listen to your body, take it easy and things will calm down.

Good luck ;)