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lowering sugars/carbs with xenical


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lost over a stone in under 1 month, but noticed much of the low kcal / low fat food has had its contents replaced with sugar by the manufacturers.
Therefore anyone cut down on this too? Therefore eating lean meats and veg?
Might give it a try for a few weeks to see the results.

Sorry if I start too mant posts, but not a fan of long ones :p
( Come on Wales!!!!!!!!!!! ):D
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I have noticed this and that seems to be the pay off, if it's low fat then it will be high in sugar, the thinking, I think is that the taste has to come from somewhere....
(Come on Wales? In your dreams...) COME ON IRELAND!! :cross:


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Lucky me - havent a sweet tooth or greedy - cider was the fuel and culprit.... powered by me.
Now a wine drinker!!!

( Cant beat ireland as we arent playing them - ;-)

..........drum role.......................

deep reath...........here we go ..............

......."As long as we beat the English"........

Stands back and waits


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Oh I'm right with you on that one (*dons tin hat and waits for flack*) That's what we say every year, doesn't matter what happens as long as we beat the English. And you will be playing us next Saturday, perhaps I should avoid this forum around that time!


Go on smile! =)


Mostly harmless
I'm trying to keep my sugar quite low because I was getting dangerously close to giving myself diabetes (and I have a proper sweet tooth).

It's actually really difficult though


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That's why your better steering away from "diet" foods and try a use fresh produce wherever possable.



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Absolutely EC, theres very little difference in the effort of miking a shop bought diet meal and grilling a nice piece of steak/chicken/fish and having a big crunchy salad or a big plate of veg with it, (obviously staying away from high cal/oily dressings and no butter on veg) I have lemon juice on salad now and mash my potatoes with a little semi-skimmed milk and a dollop of horseradish sauce, tastes OK. I'm losing weight very slowly at the moment, my GP thinks this could be hormonal as I am entering (Look away squeamish men) the dreaded menopause. Shock horror, it comes to us all. When you're female theres always something to bugger up your efforts, just get the guts to battle on girls. (I was gonna say get the balls, but thats a whole different gender)