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Lux's Diary

Day 6...
Had a great start to the week. Started Exante Total Solution on Thursday last week, and suprisingly the first 3 days were really easy. I did struggle a bit on saturday night when I came home from a night out (I didn't drink alcohol!), it was late and I was starving. On sunday morning I found I'd already lost 4lbs, which felt fantastic. However I cheated a bit on sunday and had a chai latte... and since then I haven't lost any more weight. I know I shouldn't weigh every day as it fluctuates easily, but I am a bit put out that my weight loss seems to have come to a halt.
A friend suggested that I start a diary to help keep myself on track, so here it is :p
I am pleased though that I've got the willpower to stick it out even though I'm slightly dishartened - I think I'll stick to a weekly weight from thursday onwards, for (hopefully) a nice surprise every week!
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Decided it was time to switch from tee/coffee with a bit of milk and 1/2 a sugar to herbal tea for extra weight loss results... just had orange, cinnamon and mango tea; sounds lush, tastes disgusting :sigh: giving up coffee is going to be harder than giving up meals!
Day 7

It's day 7, WI tomorrow!! Can't wait.

I'm just drinking my first shake... :yuk: I feel like I have to drink the whole lot as I'm hungry and don't have anything else to hand at work. And I'm not going to cheat! The taste does get (very slightly) better with every mouthfull, and to be honest it's a nice change from the bars and soups I've been having all week.
Day 7

Day 8... Lost 6lbs at first weigh in! I'm very chuffed :D it's given me an incentive to carry on and do just as well next week x
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So, my first week is over and it went really well :) lost 6lbs, feel slimmer and healthier already.
Best bit of this week - some days feeling like TS was really easy and I was doing really well (day 2, day 5).
Worse bit - going to the pub with my friend last night... i sat with a diet coke and watched her eat wedges with salsa, cheese and bbq sauce. torture. glad i didnt give in though. Hope I have the same amout of willpower this week :)


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Good luck on the journey, you seem to be doing really well - I did the same thing and 'cheated' with a hot chocolate this week lol think it is the fact it is winter and all these stupid christmas food adverts!!! If you can stick to it as much as you can you will be well within your goal before april :)
I miss tea - not really a coffee girl - but I have found that now I don't have a taste for it which i never thought was possible before the diet!
keep up the great work hun xx


Here to help :-)
Well done so far. Why not enjoy your shakes with your black coffees? I make coffee in a 500ml cup up to 3/4 full, then top off with 1/2 a shake for "lattes", or "hot chocolate" scrummy.;)

Have a read through some of the Stickies, some great advice on there.

Best of luck,

Hey guys, thanks for the support. you've both done so well. Now I'm in the second week, I feel like i've crossed the mental barrier of "getting through the first week", it all feels quite normal already :) cheers again guys.


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It is easier after the first week because you are used to the lack of food - I still get the odd hungry day but food really doesn't have as much apeal as losing weight does ;) you had a great first week, well done!
Well done Lux you seem to have got it cracked so far :) especially watching your friend eat. I'm on Day 21 today and have been having to cook/prepare for the rest of my family. I've actually found that I'm not tempted at all, I just keep telling myself it will all be available once I've lost weight and it's my choice to do this.
Hope you have a good second week. Oh just one thing, I noticed you had an orange, cinnamon and mango tea - I don't think these are Ketosis friendly. I think it's just peppermint and green tea. Sorry but didn't want it to affect your losses if you drink a lot of them :)
Well done on a great start - plus you're in the next stone bracket down which is always a boost!! Keep up the fab work :)
Day 11

I've been struggling yesterday and today. I'm hungry all the time and the things I've been managing to resist for the first 9 days have seemed all the more appealing the last 2 days. I had to sit in the car earlier when my boyfriend popped in to mcdonalds to get a burger because I couldn't trust myself! The only thing thats keeping me goin is the fact that I've nearly completed 2 weeks now, and if i cave in, it will have been for nothing. I so want a diet to work this time. Also, I've only lost 1lb since thursday, which I feel rubbish about, and I dont know why as I've been 100% :cry:
i just saw photos from last night on facebook, i look huuuuge :( not for long i hope x
Stick at it hun, you will soon be happy to see the photos. You're doing really well and your willpower keeping out of McD, keep it up :D

Where in Wales are you? I live in Cardiganshire near the coast. xx
Well done Lux on your first week's loss :D Just hang on in there it does get easier. Are you drinking enough? I'm up to about 4 litres a day now and I'm sure that's helping me not to feel hungry. Just stay focussed and remember how good you'll feel about yourself for sticking to it :)
Thanks hazel, yeah I'm trying but probably don't have more than 2.5 L a day. It's better than nothing though! X
Yes I agree, definitely better than nothing :) I have to have mine lukewarm in this weather, can't get it down at all if it's cold.

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