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Lyndsey's CC Diary - Crap Crap Week


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Hello all,
As of today I have started calorie counting.Yipee!!

Here is a little about me -
I'm 25 and started dieting in March 2010.
I have been trying to loose weight forever and eventually bit the bullet about in March. I lost 7lb in 2 weeks with exercising and eating better then I started Cambridge Diet which I was on for 3 months and lost 35lbs. I loved the CD diet and it kick started me into loosing weight but now I need to start living abit and toning up.

I am joining the gym 12th July and as of today I'm going to be aiming to have 1200 calories a day.

I am goign to use this diary to keep a track of how I do, what I eat and what exercise I do and hopefully make some good friends.

I WI on a Saturday morning, so the weight on my ticker is what i weighed this morning.
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Well done on your weight loss and best of luck with calorie counting:happy096:


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Day1 CC

Breakfast - 125g museli & semi skimmed milk

Lunch - 5 cherry toms, Handful of rocket salad, Mayo LightS, tick of celery 1 x Snack a Jack (Salt & Vinegar)

Tea - Lamb Steak, 100g Broccoli, 100g Green Beans, 100g New Potatoed, 100g Sweetcorn

Snacks - 250ml Fanta, Jam Doughnut (2 bites), Twister

Calories - 946
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Well lunch wasn't too bad ay all. I served up my own plate full of food and even left my roast potatoe...I think it may finally be sinking in!!

I will update later with my day's food diary looking good at the moment...thinking about having scrambled egg on toast for tea, Mmmm.
Well done for resisting the call of the roast potatoe! I managed it today as well - my mum had done a Sunday roast but I ended up just having the veg in a wholewheat pitta.

How are you finding the after effects of CD, I think if I ever tried a similar diet I would end up binging once off it!
How are you finding the after effects of CD, I think if I ever tried a similar diet I would end up binging once off it!
I'm so greatful to be eating again and savoring every mouthful. When I was on CD I had days when I would binge and thought it would continue once I finished CD but it hasn't. I know it's only day 2 of CC but loving it.

I can not believe I manage CD for 3 months. It was hard but now it's time to enjoy life, food and drink. I have joined the gym today start on 12th July so looking forward to keep loosing and toning up.

Before I started dieting I would buy cheap food ie/basics (super markets own brand) and whatever was on offer, Now i'm going to buy quality over quantity.

Sorry for the rambling post. Ha ha, hope it makes sense.:)
I find calorie counting is good as you can work round your cravings, If I deprive myself I always end up over eating.

Unfortunatly I'm mostly living on tesco market value, I do pay more for healthier options but still on a pretty tight budget
Money is alway tight for me aswell so I try to do it when I can.

Day 2 Diary -

Breakfast - 50g Strawberry Clusters & semi skimmed milk

Lunch - 2 slices of beef, 1 x yorkshire pud, 80g peas, 80g cauliflour, 100g carrots, 100g mash potatoe

Tea - 2 x Scrambled Eggs, 1 x Toast

Snacks - 5 cherry toms & 2 x Cadbury's Choc Éclair

Daily Total - 1140
Also I went down the local gym to day and registered on an offer they had - 6 weeks for £40.00. I start 12th July and surprisingly really looking forward to me I love swimming so will take advantage of that and also they for a 80's aerobic class (wham, human league can be bad!!)
Not Such A Great Day

Well not as good a day as I would of liked on day 3 but it's done now and have to pull it back.

Here is my food diary for today :rolleyes:

Breakfast - 50g Strawberry Clusters & Semi Skimmed Milk

Lunch - 2 x White bread, 5 cherry toms, Banana 162g (with skin)Mayo Light, 1/2 Tin Tuna

Tea - Burger Bun, Beef Burger, 2 x New Potatoe, Salad, 1 x Chicken Drumstick (skinless)

Snacks - 3 x Digestive, Hot Chocolate, 2 x Jaffa Cakes, Small slice of Chocolate B'day Cake

Total Calories - 2110
Exercise - 350 (exercise bike)

I was at a course today but did take a packed lunch but ended up sucombing to hot chocolate and biscuits then it was a nephews birthday party so pigged there aswell.
Will today have a big effect on a loss this week?

I don't think your day should have to much on an effect as long as your good the rest of the week.

I would imagine you have around a 250 deficiet for today so its really not to bad :) and as you said you were on a course today and had a bday party so you controlled yourself well when you think how much you could have eatern!


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you've done amazingly well. I can't wait until I've lost as much weight as you have, 35lbs is loads!
Thank you Naomi. The 35lb was thanks to Cambridge diet :)

Shanny I was nervous about joining the gym but I'm looking forward to it now :D

WI is Saturday morning, in all honestly I know my calorie intake has been low this week but nothing like it was on CD so initially I am expecting a small gain :confused:

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