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Maasi Barefoot Technology (MBT's)


Mad old Bat with Attitude
My niece bought some, I can't afford them but they are supposed to be wonderful for cellulite and toning up the lower half of your body I understand.


Queen of Cats
I have a pair, I like them but they're pretty ugly, lol! Like big white clodhoppers! It's a bit tricky learning to balance correctly, but they're good. So far I just wear them around the neighborhood, don't want to over-do it. I'd also like to get a darker-colored pair. Problem with MBT is the sizes aren't consistently the same across their product range, and there aren't a huge amount of stores where you can get them in this area, at least. Frustrating.

I have some Earth shoe trainers I really like as well, they're the old negative-heel technology, wore Earth shoes through college and after for many years.
I have got some MBT's now, they are ugly and very heavy (but they will be after years of wearing crocs). Im wearing them for a full shift at work now, so will let you know after WI if they help burn the calories!

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