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  1. madchef

    madchef Full Member

    Hiya, I had to retire as a Head Chef because of health problems at only 52, now 15 years later I am grossly obese and have an arthritic knee which is very painful but worse restricts my ability to exercise, as does another health prob. BUT at the beginning of this year I took a look at myself in a mirror whilst dressing and hated what I saw so I decided to do something about it. I started a healthier eating regime but struggled so I went to see my usual Doc but he just said "use willpower", easier said than done. My biggest prob was the size of my appetite, I could eat two man size meals at one sitting and be hungry and hour or so later. I saw some info on the WWW about hoodia gordonii helping to control your appetite, tried it and it worked, I managed to get the size of my meals down and lost just short of 2" from my waist. Last month I saw another Doc and he wiht no problem prescribed me Xenical.

    My first monthly weigh in was last Monday and I had lost just over 11lbs in just 4 weeks and got a repeat prescription with no problem.

    I know I need some backing so doing a Google I found this forum and I think having a Diary is a good idea so here is my starter page.:D
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  3. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Hi, Mad Chef, welcome to the Xenical forum. It sounds as though you are very motivated. Keep posting here as you will get lots of support and that really helps. I'm sure as a retired chef you'll be able to come up with loads of Xenical friendly recipes, any chance I can persuade you to come to my house and cook them for me??
  4. Blue Butterfly

    Blue Butterfly Gold Member

    Hey mad chef.
    Welcome to the xenical forum, everyone is lovely here so you will get lots of support to help keep you on track.

    Good luck with your weight loss.

    oh and well done on your loss so far, go you!
  5. madchef

    madchef Full Member

    I was at my Sister's for the weekend and she has a better more accurate scales than mine, and they always match my Doctor's one so I weighed myself and......... :D

    I am down to 20st/126Kilos which means I have lost, this week, another 3.5 lbs :happy036:
  6. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Well done, that's great news.

  7. pandora

    pandora finding my way again !

    hello & thank you for popping onto my diary to welcome me . i am having a little look about the xenical diaries & found yours & i shall pop in regularly to see how you are getting on
  8. madchef

    madchef Full Member

    I had a busy frenetic day today and didn't have time to eat anything until 5 pm :eek: I was feeling quite sick n poorly by then, then had two meals quite close together as I felt sick with hunger, silly b**ch I really must get out of the habit of going out without breakfast.

    Good news tho' as one of my appointments was to get an X-Ray on my arthritic knee and am seeing the Consultant tomorrow evening, cross fingers he puts me on the waiting list, even with my obesity [​IMG]
  9. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Fingers crossed for you, hope you get the news you want.

  10. minx

    minx Full Member

    fingers firmly x'd for your shiney new knee madchef! and well done on you 3.5lb loss, you're a star :D x
  11. madchef

    madchef Full Member

    Well I went to the Consultant and he had put me on the Priority list for a complete knee replacement, not looking forward to it but if it gives me more mobility my attitude is "GO FOR IT" long term it should be OK but short term it looks as tho' I am going to be Home bound for 5 months or more:cry:I'll cope I am sure, well I hope so.

    Today my diet control has not been good, having had two bottles of lovely dry wine to celebrater (?) I hit the fridge, didn't go to to mad but...............:(
  12. pandora

    pandora finding my way again !

    oh thats good news , bet you are chuffed to bits .
    i can appreciate that being home bound will be frustrating , but let it not undo all the hard work you have already done .
    lets hope priority is very soon
  13. madchef

    madchef Full Member

    Well today started off well as I had to dig out one of my old bras cos the ones I was wearing were annoying me being so loose n baggy so now I am down to to 48 from a 50 but tonight being Friday I had to treat myself to a bottle of wine or so, That meant I had to raid the fridge, luckily it was all good type goodies but calories count so I expect I am over the top today, but as someone once said, tomorrow is another day ;)

    BTW does anyone know where I can get some jazzy feminine braces cos my trousers keep slipping done, LOL
  14. PurpleRoses

    PurpleRoses Gold Member

    Hi madchef just caught up with your diary. good to hear your doing so well!

    A x
  15. madchef

    madchef Full Member

    Not doing too well today, feeling very bloated, lots of windy-pops and my waist measurement is back up to 48" :cry:I feel a bit bunged up so I think I will get some fruit tomorrow and see if that will help.
  16. madchef

    madchef Full Member

    Well my waist measurement seems to be at 47", as long as I measure it in the morning ;) I weighed myself at my Sister's yesterday and she said I have lost at least another 3 lbs which is great but I won't enter my weight in my ticker until I have a my official weigh in at the Doc's as that is the one that matters, to him anyway.

    I am happy with my measurement loss also I am going to a Fall Prevention course, this is only the 3rd week and I am walking better already, I think it is the combination of the course and the weight loss so all in all I am a pretty pleased bunny :bunnydance:
  17. pink_kelly

    pink_kelly Full Member

    Hi Joany,

    I was just reading your diary, you are doing really well - another 3lb too!!! I'm envious!! I am so glad the knee surgery is going to go ahead sometime soon for you and that you are walking better. xxxx
  18. madchef

    madchef Full Member

    Next Tuesday is my official weigh in and I am so excited as even my scales are showing about 19.5 stone but more important is the terrific measurement loss in 1 month :eek:

    July: Bust - 53.5 Waist - 48 Hips - 56.5
    Aug : Bust - 52 Waist - 47 Hips - 53.5 :happy036:

    Boy am I a happy bunny :bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance:
  19. pandora

    pandora finding my way again !

    hey thats fantastic Joany , great motivator . i didn't measure myself at the start , maybe i should .......
  20. pink_kelly

    pink_kelly Full Member

    BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done! xxxxx
  21. madchef

    madchef Full Member

    Thanks Cheryl, and ladies IMO you really should measure yourself, scales can differ, my digital ones are terrible as depending what place you put them on the floor I can gain or lose a stone in a minute :eek: you can't argue with measurements and it is so thrilling to see an inch or even half a one come off.

    Since starting to do something about my weight, last year, I measured Bust 56; Waist: 52 Hips: 59 and I weighed nearly 23 stone. I don't know my true weight at present, my official weigh in is this coming Tuesday, but my measurements tell me that I am doing everything right, for once :)
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