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made's diary

thought i'd join the diary writers as i've stayed pretty much the same for the last 2 weeks.decided that the cheese is gonna go and see what that does.gonna dust down the old rowing machine too.
B:2 smoked mackerel
L:2cups spinach,rocket and watercress salad and chicken breast
D:3 egg and tuna omlette
gonna aim for at least 2 litres of water.

any comments and advise will be very welcome.

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You're missing a cup of veggies their MIE.
Pepperami are fine, check the carbs though, I've found the odd imposter, usually the less fat ones.
Just wanted to pop on and say hi! Good luck with your diary MIE, i find mine helps me. Certainly with the noting food down and also i tend to talk complete waffle sometimes but that also helps clear out the rubbish i think about in my head!
ok so i had a bacon sausage and mushroom omlette for dinner last night and a peperami snack.today is pretty much like yesterday.
B:2 mackerel
L:chicken breast 2 cups of spinach,rocket and watercress salad.
D:bacon and mushroom 3 egg omlette w/cream
snack probably about 11:00am peperami.
at least 2 litres of water and various black decaff's.
i weighed myself yesterday too and i put on 1kg over weekend but i deserved it as went round mates house for dinner on friday and watched another mates band on saturday.need to get out of the lager mindset if i'm gonna have a drink.
Eeek Lager??? Not good. Can you swap it for a couple of Vodkas with a diet mixer instead? Unless you can get some Michelob Ultra which I believe is only 2.6g per bottle.
yeah i should but i'm still in the mindset where i get a few pints down me then move on to bottles and then when they stop going down easily i switch to the jack and diet cokes. i don't drink wine. so going round friends houses you don't usually take spirits and mixers with you.i'ts always lager or wine.i'm not going out this weekend though so it should be a bit of a better fortnight.
I had the hardest struggle with stooping drinking Guiness, fortunately I got a taste for Dry Red and that was my savior. I was a cheap drunk mind. LOL
yesterday evening got caught out as fiance had to go to a funeral and we were late home with neither of us having eaten.so i picked up a large chicken shish from kebab shop on the way home ditching the pitta of course.
today should be
B:2 mackerel
L:chicken and 2 cups salad.
D:bacon and mushroom omlette
well i was running late last night as i had to baby sit for a cousin. got home from work at 7 and had to be out by 7:30 so had a fry up instead of omlette as i can do it quicker. had caffinated coffee for the 1st time in 6 weeks. anyone noticed that it tastes different than decaff? anyway today should be:
B:2 mackerel
L:chicken breast w/2 cups salad
D:bacon and mushroom omlette
Yes it does taste different MIE. Some years ago whilst out on a work visit to a place in London, I had several normal coffee's I was sitting in the station waiting for the train home when i noticed I was having heart palpitations. I've never drank normal coffee since.
well today is fry up friday so i thought i'd try a new cafe up the road.
B:2 eggs 2 bacon 2 sausage and mushrooms
L:chicken and salad
D:chcken shish or lamb kofte/shish

went and saw transformers 2 last night. dissapointing.
I love it. :D

Claire, now how can a Lincolnshire lass not love BP. ;)

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
MMMMMMMMM black pudding - as long as you can put what it actually IS out of your mind, it is scrummy.

It's just a shame the ones you can buy in shops are so high in carbs! I wouldn't have thought so, but there it is... :(
We have a farm shop round here LM that do a quite low carb one, but It still wouldn't be good for induction.
I'm on a stall as well MIE, I'm knocking nuts on the head this week in case it is them. I hope you find whats doing it for you!

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