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Hello and welcome to a new day and a new week.

It appears that it is half-term for some families, I hope that the extra activities (days out with that required trip to MacDonalds, little friends visiting) doesn't bring about too many temptations.

I will be out in the community during the day so look forward to catching up with the lovely daily post-ers later on. Hoping it will be a quiet kind of week, so far my only evening out is Wednesday at a fund-raising (for childrens mobility charity) quiz night -yep, I will be sitting with a team indulging in pizza, M & S buffet style delicacies, wine etc, surrounded by several other teams indulging...
Not as concerned as I might have been a few weeks back, I can truly say that the weight loss so far inspires me to keep going.

Good Luck to all:)
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please try again
is it monday already?
well yep its half term here but will be doing nothing at all since kaya decided it would be a good time to try and get herself admitted to hospital. got her home right now since i can do chest physio and we have home suction but i think its highly likely she will have to go in

but worried they failed to check her sats while she was there before i took her home as shes been having her usual blue spells

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Sumayyah hope your lil girl is alright?!

Blingbabe im living these daily threads! I have avoided any evenings out but now i can safely say id give it a go and i believe i could be 100% and stick to water.

The only problem i have is that i have told so few people, evenings out is difficult wihtout them asking questions as i used to quite happily have a glass of wine when meeting the girls or going for a meal.

Im hoping i start ss+ sooner rather than later as i have a meal to go to with my Twin bro and his new gf and i keep putting it off (he knows) but now my elder sister wants to arrange something for all of us. *eek*

Hoping she'll hold out till xmas, me and the other cant afford it anyway as moving into our house two weeks today :)

Here i am rambling again......

I have got the most strangest taste in my mouth today after having my hot choc shake :(
Even after drinking my green tea i can still taste it, cant describe it though.

Oh well, heres hoping to a good day :D
Gooddddddd Morning sure is half term i have the whole week off soo happy.!

Well im planing to pop into uni get some work done, then into town sort out travel insurance. then get my eyebrows done.!

Then back home, CD is great at the moment im just thinking if i really want to ss next week or move up to 1000 plan.?? cant decide i only want to loose 11 lbs

Any advice would help pleases??
Well im off EVERYONE HAVE AN 100% MONDAY.!! XX


Slimming down the aisle
Morning everyone! I'm not actually on the CD diet, I used to be, but I still find being here helps... hope you guys don't mind!

I've found the last day or two I've been feeling quite munchy, so really got to try and fight that today!

Got quite a lot of things that I have to do today - go see doctor, sign up for uni gym and do a uni assignment. So I'm hoping they'll keep my hands busy and out of the cookie jar! Not that I have a cookie jar, but I'm sure you know what I mean!
Morning everyone one

Sumayyah hope your little girl is ok hun xx sending lots of hugs.

Well to help me lose weight and shock myself ive put some pics in my album of what i looked like last October and what I look like today, hopefully it will spur me on and looking at the pics really shocked me, i never thought i was that big and im so proud of what ive lost so far.

Kids are off school so i have holiday kids today, all painting halloween pictures at the moment so having some quiet time, I dont have any pre schoolers this week so its a nice quiet week for me.

Hope you all have a good day



I'm back after a 7 weeks break for placement and being a total pie. I refuse to change my stats as will just depress me, but onwards and downwards.

Knitting to keep the old hands busy.

Have a good day everyone and Sumayyah - hope your wee ones better soon.
welcome back Lexiedog and good luck on the restart x


Silver Member
Witchy - just looked at your pics and you have made such good progress. Maybe in Jan or Feb when I can actually see my progress I shall put some pics up. I have pics of last summer which a friend took and they shocked me a lot when I saw them. Good luck with the continued journey!

Sumayyah - hugs - hope all goes well with your daughter!

Magical Monday - yes it most certainly is. It really feels like it all starts here. Every bit of progress from today is new, unexperienced and exciting! I should have at least another stone offbefore my trip back to Newcastle on 4th Dec - Metro Centre here I come! yippeeeeee
Thank you Alexice xx, ive spent the weekend emptying and redoing my wardrobe and put all my big clothes away for the nearly new, this week is the start of something new. Going to enrol at the ladies gym this week too, seems daft not to as it is free admin fee this week, would be nice to tone myself up while im losing the weight.

Good luck on all weight ins today chaps x


please try again
hey everyone,can someone pass the matchsticks please?
ive had an hour of broken sleep and feel like ***** on a stick
poor kids drownin in the stuff so having to keep suctioning to keep her lungs semi clear

gonna admit im a bad girl, remember having some chicken and some mini sausages at some point during the night

hope everyone else is having a good day
*passes matchsticks*

You sound to be having a scary day hun, your strength is amazing,

We are watching City of Ember at the moment, but the kids are talking all the way through so no idea whats going on, will watch it again later.


please try again
witchy, sad as it is this isnt unusual, she spent her first year in hospital on and off the ventilators and we have frequent flyer miles for the hospital, you get used to it
Witchy - good luck with the gym. My friend is actually the keep fit teacher in the village and she wants me to go but I have never been a fan of going to exercise class - I would much rather go for a swim or get on my exercise bike!
thank you, all set to join tomorrow, looking forward to it, as long as I dont have to wear a leotard and look like a stick haha.


Can hug her knees :)
Hey all
awww claire I hope Kaya is okay bless her heart
I need to post, I'm sure I have swallowed a high carb spider or somethingin the night because I am totally starving today, and I meen tummy rumbling hungry, what's that all about? Haven't eaten in 3 weeks it makes no sence :(
got weigb in tonight so staying strong, buri know if I haven't had at least. 3.5 loss I'm going to be gutted and not sure I will beable to fight the hunger :( xx
LOL the mad world of CD when only CDERS understand us


Can hug her knees :)
ha ha ha ha ha yeah to anyone else they would think, my god no wonder shes starving lol xx

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