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Major Slip-Ups

Hi everyone

Have any of u ever had a major slip up or blip on ur weight loss journey? How bad was the blip - how off track did u go and how long did it last? I'm trying to do JUDDD which is basically a vlcd every other day but due to feeling poorly cuz of hayfever last night I had a blow out consisting of mini doughnuts and other nice things lol How many extra calories did u munch? Did it result in any weight gain?
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im defintily a self sabatoger in that department. I can do great in the eating department for DAYS then gorge on like 1000 extra calories in a day or more! obviously it is a set back and I have gained ( as much as a kilo in a day :S)
go for a walk, move around a bit and counteract what you can :) it will mentally make you feel better too


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I'm on my first day back on my diet after a MASSIVE 4 month slip-up! I sort of gave up after Christmas and gained a stone. The most annoying part of it though was the fact that I wasn't gorging! I was literally eating approx 2000kcals a day and yet I still gained tons of weight! It really wasn't worth it and I'm practically back to square one now! :mad::eek:


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I lost 5 and a half stone with SW, stopped going to group, fell in love, moved in with my boyfriend and my mum died all in the space of a year. I gained 2 stone and 13 lb back during that time.

If i'm honest I didn't really think I was being that 'bad'. I knew I'd gained a little weight but thought it was more in the region of 1 stone not 3.

I started again after Christmas and thankfully have lost 20lb, which means I have 21lb to get back to my lowest weight and 38lb to target.

Of course I was devastated to have gained all of that weight back, but now I am glad it happened because it's taught me an extremely valuable lesson in the fact that I will need to 'watch' my weight for the rest of my life and for me that means continuing with my group meetings once I'm at target.
interesting thread, im gonna keep tuned. I went down from 14 stones to about 11st 3lbs about 3 weeks ago (lightest ive ever been), and since then exam period started and i started eating... and eating.. an eating... and gained about 10lbs :'( !! I cant seem to get back on track!

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