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Mamma Caz - snuck back and in gear again.....`


Have a serene day!!
Hiya Tiara Maker and others especially Madam Dotty without whos guidance and support I would still be a Sad Fat Cow.

I felt that I should now start a diary rather than nick other peeps threads.

The reason for the diary is this for the first time in 17 years I am under 200lbs, only by three quarters of a pound but what the hell, I am under it. Yesterday also marked another milestone in the fact that I can now wear my Wedding Ring and Engagement rings again they have been sitting in the draw since 1990 when we got back from a great holiday in Crete.

That holiday was a make or break for my hubby and I, we still hadn't got the kiddie winkies and we were kind of drifting, we just had two weeks on our own together, it was a surprise for him as he had never been abroad before (apart from a coach trip with other farmers to Germany). I got everyone in on the secret that I could trust and I told him that we were flying out to join my boss to take part in some merchandise shows, when we were at the airport he went off with my dad to get a drink and when he came back I placed in front of him a tourist book about Crete and said that this was where we were going. His family didn't know either until we had been there for 4 days, their response to that was "Er Tums in F**king Crete".

That was also the time when I started to put on weight with a vengance, I had become comfortable and secure for the first time in our 10 years of marriage and, then along came the wee ones in 1992 and 1994. I stayed yo yoing between 15st and 17.5st for the next 17 years which brings me to last year when I was diagnosed diabetic, at the same time Madam Dotty had lost weight on CD. I was so jealous of the fact that she now looked so great, and that two other friends had also done it and looked just as stunning.

She persuaded me to have a look at the CD website and I did some reading. At the same time in October 06 I was asked to join a weekly clinic being run by my Doctors surgery for people who were overweight and needed to lose because of their various diseases. I did lose some weight just by adjusting my portion sizes from 3rd October to 5th January I lost 10lbs, hardly mind blowing and I was teetering on the edge of giving up. She gave me the forms for my GP and I saw a locum who luckily enough knew about CD and was also a specialist in Diabetes and he was quite happy to sign me up. I still go to weekly clinic to be weighed but the girl who runs it doesn't know I am doing CD so a few white lies are used to cover the great weight loss I am getting.

On 1st March I will be seeing the dietician for a follow up appointment from July last year, when I was starting to lose weight by not having carbs after 2pm she then tells me this is wrong and starts saying YOU MUST eat carbs every meal you are diabetic you need carbs. So I started eating the carbs again not stupidly but I still put on weight. It will be an interesting meeting needless to say, I will put her straight, Madam Dotty knows that I am not nice when I am riled. I am hoping to be in the 13s then.

On 29th March I have my hospital diabetic check up and I want to be knocking on the 12st mark by then, I know my sugars are tremendous, my fasting is running at an average of 5.7 and my long term should be around 6.2, my cholesterol should be down around 4.5 as well and this is without taking any meds at all. So I will glow and smirk all the way through the appointment (can't wait).

I now know that I am doing this diet for myself, so that my children have a mum around, so that my hubby will have a partner (for another life sentence He He) for all the right reasons and not the reasons that seem right.

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Hello my darling

Lovely to read your diary thread, will follow it avidly and thanks for your kind words. Just remember honey that I may have steered you in the right direction, but its you that's doing all the work & your successes are down to you & you alone. You're doing so well, it was lovely to see you yesterday, you looked fab & healthy & your losses are really showing now - I'm so proud of you.

Take care


I'm laughing as I was a famer's daughter and I was amused at the lengths you had to go to to get your hubby on holiday!! Aren't all farmers the same wherever in the country you are! Only holidays in the winter time too!

You are doing fabulously well. Isn't it a great feeling when you just KNOW that you'll get there this time!!


Have a serene day!!
Ah well, I know where I will have to think about going on my Hols. Love Scotland long time since I have been up there in fact I was telling hubby that we should think about there for this year, but apparently he wants to go to Norfolk, we will see, I have my ways.

Thanks for all your support, I have been reading your threads for a while and thought, I like her and her way of thinking.

Take care hun xx
awww......That's sweet. Thanks. I'm sure you'd have a fab holiday in Scotland. Lot to do and see...I'll sure you'll persuade him!

And we're all supporting each other on here. I wouldn't manage without minimins!


Have a serene day!!
To right, keep telling hubby about this site, who has said what and who I like etc.,. He is a complete Technophobe but we have got to have a look at a website tonight, so I will show him the site, I have got to show him Madam Dotty's photos, coz he knows her too, and I know he won't believe its her she looks so good.

PM me if you want to have a natter.



Have a serene day!!
Good Morning Folks.,

Just a quickie (oh er missus). Had my Diabetic clinic date changed to 5th April, oh well it gives me another week to be even slimmer, hopefully should be 12st something by then, what would be really good is if I have lost a total of 4st by then.

Rode out with the help of a friend on my Son's horse yesterday, first time on him and the first time I have been out for a ride in OMG 6 years. He can be a bit naughty (horse that is) and he did try it on, but I am proud to say that I was calm and collected and eventually he walked on as good as gold.

Would love to get away for a few days, I think it is because Spring is on its way, I know that we are still only in Feb but there are blossoms on the trees round us.

Had my Diabetic clinic date changed to 5th April, oh well it gives me another week to be even slimmer, hopefully should be 12st something by then, what would be really good is if I have lost a total of 4st by then.

Honey - you're doing well but I think that's a tad ambitious, even for you :D

Rode out with the help of a friend on my Son's horse yesterday, first time on him and the first time I have been out for a ride in OMG 6 years. He can be a bit naughty (horse that is) and he did try it on, but I am proud to say that I was calm and collected and eventually he walked on as good as gold.


Lovely to hear you've been riding again, must have felt fab - well done lovely:)
S: 21st8lb C: 19st6lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 42.6 Loss: 2st2lb(9.93%)
Oh I would love to go riding-not been for 10 years.That's one thing I am going to do when I get to target weight.


Have a serene day!!
Hiya Polishrose and others.,

Well I have decided to have some shoes put on my lovely Nag, I got a new saddle second hand and it fits, it will fit better when he has lost some weight, but my bum was sore yesterday, and I forgot that you can ache like that. Still never mind, it will get better.

Off to GP weigh in tonight, should be interesting especially if I have another good loss. Last week the lady asked if I was still doing SW, haven't done that since 1987 so I said no, just exercise, plenty of water and watching what I eat, so no real lies there.

Hi Mamma Caz,

Just wishing you good luck with your weigh in tonight. I have a feeling the woman will be shocked and will beg to know your secret! Let us know how you get on...

BTW one of my goals is to go riding again too. I want to take my daughter. I always had ponies when I was young and although I don't have anywhere to keep one these days and I wouldn't want the committment of it anyway but I'd like my daughter to enjoy riding too. We do live in the country and a lot of her friends ride but I've avoided so far it as I can't go with her. I will though!! Once I get to 10 stone...Don't want to break the poor horse's back!!

Oh...my weigh in was this morning...Lost another 4lbs!! Can you believe that on 790??


Have a serene day!!
Oh TM thats brilliant well done, I am so pleased for you. I found that the 790 is brilliant as you have something to look forward to. How do you cope with the limited foods we can have?

I am not a great fish lover and I have to say that chicken and cottage cheese are beginning to be a tad boring, but saying that I enjoy every meal that I have, and would you believe that the Leg Iron is now saying that he wouldn't mind having the same as me in the evening, yeah but he won't give up the bread in the day though.

Keep the faith on the riding, it is true what they say it is like riding a bike, you never forget but the muscles ouch!!!

My daughter looks fantastic on a horse and she has a natural instinct but she isn't interested in the same way as some children are. But I am not forcing the issue, the great thing is that if she ever wants to ride out she can and if she wants to take it up more seriously when she is older she knows that she would be able to.


I cope fine with the amount of food we're allowed...I feel completely full after I've eaten. I think ot's a good think to have this meal as it it getting hubby and I used to smaller portion sizes which i think was our worst problem before CD as we'd usually eat healthy things (not always though).

I don't eat fish either and don't like cottage cheese so I've been having chicken each night but try to ring the changes with different seasoning and veg. Don't know that we're really supposed to have garlic but we had garlic mushrooms last night which is my idea of a treat these days. I think Hubby gets more bored than me with the lack of variety but he's still sticking with it and lost 4lbs too this week totalling 2 stone 3lbs in 5 weeks. There's a big difference in him now.

I only ever had play ponies when i was young. Never into serious riding. Wasn't anywhere good enough! Or interested enough either really. Don't think my daughter ever will be either to be honest. She's a bit of a scaredy cat. It'll be nice to do something together though. Ice skating and swimming is also on the list...although we've already been swimming I'd love to go and not feel self conscious.


Have a serene day!!
When I was away at school, I used to be first in line for the swimming. It was an outdoor pool and they would open it when the water stopped freezing, I didn't care I loved it, but I haven't been in the pool since my son was 18months just before I fell pregnant with Hannah, which is 13years ago. Han can swim really well, she is better at it than me, but I am so self conscious about getting in the water again. Perhaps when I am down to weight I will purchase a new cozzie with hold in tummy and then we will have something we can do together.

I will try the garlic mushrooms, I tried the rainbow mousse over the weekend, it was lovely.

I will tel my OH about the rainbow mousse. I don't take the shakes. I don't like them! He has mousse every evening for dessert so I'm sure he'll enjoy a change.

I'm thinking of having chicken curry tonight!!....I'll use part of a pack of veg soup made thick with curry powder mixed in. Had it is soup form the other day and it was great!

You should go and buy yourself a cozzie now....Bet you wouldn't feel as self conscious as you think! I'm going to try and go more. I'm not a great swimmer..Never been sporty! But I can manage slow lengths. At one point a couple of years ago I was doing 32 lengths 3 times a week.....which equalled half a mile 3 times a week. I'm going to try that again. I don't have the same time to do it these days now though plus i think thats maybe quite a lot to do while having such few calories.


Have a serene day!!
You are a better swimmer than me, I cannot manage 4 lengths before putting feet on floor. Managed my mile badge back in school, but to this day I don't know how I managed it. I know I took longer than anyone else and had to walk back to school on my own. I was better at running, sprinting. Loved gym never the right shape though, poor old Miss Thompson used to despair of my passion and wrong shape, it was a wonder I never broke my neck with the things I tried to do.

I promise when the weather gets warmer, I am very nesth these days, love my comforts, also found since been on CD I feel the cold more something to do with Ketosis. I will get a new Cozzie and let you know how I got on.

I think I may also need a trip to the Beautician, NOT a Brazilian but, I don't have a bikini line mines a pedal pusher one, starts under me boobies and ends at my ankles. He He!!

BTW have you got snow where you are?


Have a serene day!!
Hi all.,

Just a quickie, went to the Hospital this morning and had an Ultrasound, and a meeting with the Dietician.

Well the Ultrasound found nothing that shouldn't be there, the Doc thought I may have had Gall Bladder problems because I used to have a really crappy tummy pain just under my ribs, but I now know it was all the extra flab I carried there.

The Dietician well, she said she won't have to see me again, she is really chuffed with me and thinks I am doing great.

Well I am another 4pounds to go and I will be half way, I am hoping that will be achieved this week. I will keep you all informed.

Hugs xxx

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