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Management and beyond .....what ....


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I know I am probably 3 to 4 weeks away from management yet, but I would like to ask you lovely people who have achieved your ultimate goal what your eating plan is now, do you follow a certain eating plan such as low GI or very low carb diet or do you just eat all but in moderation, any suggestions would be great.

Thanks xxxx
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Hi Sun would love to answer this for you but I'm only on week 2 of management so have a long way to go but the question is very interesting I think LL go with the low GI but I suppose its what works best for you. I think the GI is very healthy and seems to work for a lot of people. I've also read some were on here that some people are very careful all week and then at weekends they have what they want,:eatdrink023: and that works for them. Sorry not much help:character00238:


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thanks lotty, I think I will probably try to maintain on the GI

Hi Sun

After my disastrous start on RtM (Route to Management), I went back on packs BUT people in my Management group (with the most success) are definitely following low GI.

Second, they have found their trigger foods - for one this is wheat. She is definitely not a faddy type and said the whole wheat intolerance was a shock. She is 8 stone down, a year on, and looking/feeling incredible.

Out of interest, I am reading A LOT of books about food/nutrition/addiction and sugar is coming out as an absolute NO-NO! Closely followed by refined carbohydrates, which of course ties in with low GI.

One thing I have learnt since being on (but not really doing) Management is that we MUST lose our default reaction of worrying about the ENTIRE future and just focus on the here and now or tomorrow at most. You are still almost a month away from Route to Management yet you are worrying about what to eat AFTER RtM. This WAS/IS my type of thinking but it is TOTALLY counter-productive (in my view) as it sets up sheer panic and with panic comes...overeating.

If I sound autoratative, it's because I know EXACTLY where you are coming from.

Hope this is not out of order! This, if it helps, is my experience.

Good luck.

Take care.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxx


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thanks Mrs L, thats great advice



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congratulations yorkie xxxxxxxxxxx

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