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Mandy....Day 9

The dust diet begins

Hello Everyone

I am very new to this (approx 1 minute new!)
I have started the dust diet in hope to have a good figure by the summer..... or a figure would be good.

I have enjoyed reading posts and think you are all very inspirational.

Any wise words for the new comer are greatly appreciated :)
Good luck!! I start the dust diet tomorrow. I was supposed to start yesterday but my packs were not delivered until today. Good luck anyway. I hope I can do it. Everybody is friendly and supportive on here. Which will help. Look forward to reading your diary. Lisa
Thank you very much for your message, still trying to find my way round so sorry for the delay!!! Just one question may sound silly.... but what is ketosis? xx
No probs :) On a VLCD u will go into ketosis usually after a few days when your body starts burning fat. Basically when ur in ketosis u stop feeling quite as hungry and its much easier xxx
Hi Babystar!

I shall be an avid follower of your diary! I see how much you help everyone else around the forums so it will be nice reading how you are doing ;)

I think you are making such a wise decision about starting an absolute fresh with the tickers, amounts etc. I may be new to Vlcd but I am not to dieting and one of the kindest things I have learned that we can do for our own good is to draw a line under the past and have the mindset of a whole new day, new start!
Sometimes its just what we need to get our motivation going again along with our determination. It's amazing how free we feel when we drop the baggage and guilt that somehow stops us from moving on!

You seem so determined and I am soooo rooting for you!

It's my first day today... See ya in ketosis ;) x though I may get lost as I'm not sure if I can even spell it! Lol

Hey Summer, Thanks!!

Good luck on your first day too hehe. Im already in ketosis so im kind of lucky lol, its great when u get there, really takes the edge off the hunger!

I think your riht, if i hadnt decided on a fresh start today i would have slipped big time. So todays the day!

Thanks Julie xxxxx
Day 1

So its Day 1 of my fresh start. Ive woken up with a clear mind which is good. Just been and bought my nice new shiny scales (there was nothing wrong with my old ones....obsession anyone? lol). Also just weighed myself. These scales have got me heavier than my others but i dont mind....so gonna stick with them as i can properly programme myself into these and they track my weightloss etc!!

This is a photo i hate of me. Was only taken a week ago and i feel soooo horrible in it (even tho i am clowning around). I dont want to look like this on my next night out!

You sound so in control! I actually think buying new scales is a positive as well, it all fits in with the fresh mindset. Well done!

Oh and I love the beer mats! A very unusual use for them you have there ;) :D

Lol summer....well i dont drink beer so couldnt think of another use unfortunately haha!

Thanks Joanne :) Yeah think i needed to let the picture out there so i can look at it and see why im doing this! xx
Hello again and good luck with it - I'm back again too like the proverbial bad penny - currently day 2

P.s like the idea of the drawing a line /new ticker think I'll do the same as so want to get it sorted this time
Well halfway thru day one of the restart. Had my first shake half an hour ago, vanilla! Was yum. Its a cold cold day so were stuck in today, the wee boys painting and im of to do some ironing to save boredom. Cos when boredom kicks in, food thoughts come with it! Just also realised that sky has a channel BodyBalance i think its called where theres all sorts of exercise programmes so gonna stick that on in a bit and have a go!
Excellent stuff! Glad you are getting through today nice and easily! It's very motivational for lil (big) newbs like me :)

Have a lovely evening x
Thanks hunni you too! Oh god im classing myself as a newbie too after all the mistakes ive made. Determined not to ruin it this time lol! Hope youve had a fab day mrs xx

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