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Mandys LT 100% diary

Thought I'd do one of these this time...

Day 1 (03/01) - 2 chocs 1 soup had first shake at 9.40 wanted to have it a bit later than usual remembering the hunger from last time, lunch at 1.30, tea at 6.00... Both me and my OH had soup, I find a hot meal for tea fills me up more and makes me feel content, and my OH found exactly the same, even tho he didn't think he would, (he tried my soup before and didn't like it)
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Day 2 - (04/01) back at work today... Pee'd on a stick this morning, no ketones yet for me, but OH is dark purple which I wasn't expecting... I'm not gonna put what shakes I'm having everyday as I always have 2 choc and 1 soup for tea, I'll just post if I do try something different lol... Dull head ache today, but not bad, feeling hungry, got the usual loud rumbling belly, which is quite embarrasing lol
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Funny about your o/h liking the soup. Amazing what we'll like when no other food on offer lol. Wow to ketosis on day 2. How lucky. I'm usually day 3, but last time I did a restart it took me until day 5. Hoping for day 3 again this time. Day 1 for me today.

Good luck xx
OH struggled today on day 2 but he knows it's cause he hasn't drunk enough, hecant wait for his soup tonight lol... Roll on day three !


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I can't wait for the next few days to pass. Day one done here, but I fear days 2 and 3 will be tough!
Day 3 - my breath smells and my pee stick is slightly purple today... Yee haa lol

I have woken up with a slight headache this morning, but I have some paracetamol a bottle of water and coffee lol

Didn't have to take paracetamol this morning, coffee and morning shake did the trick thank god

Felt good today, just a little hungry...
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Jayne33 said:
I can't wait for the next few days to pass. Day one done here, but I fear days 2 and 3 will be tough!
Not long to preserver Hun...
Then happy ketosis...
And then ...... Your first weigh in

It all goes so quick... Thanks god !
I have to say that it's the end of day 3 my breath stinks ive peed on a stick which showed I'm in ketosis and it hasn't been that bad restarting for me

I had heard horror stories and was told how hard it is to start over and I remembered how I felt the first time around

But you know what to expect, and you know how to deal with it...

But I'm only me !! Lol


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Yay to ketosis! :) I'm in it too! :) Not sure if this is really day 2 or day 3 mind as I've not yet gone to bed (2 am) lol. I tested at 1 am and it showed positive, the one above traces :) I usually go in on day 3, but think because I didn't carb load before Christmas, any glycogen I did have has burnt off quickly.

It's not been to bad for me really either. I think you're right and you know what to expect, and you know you just have to hang on tight lol. You also know what lovely rewards are to come once those lovely ketones are flowing :) I had terrible hunger late last night, during the night and a restless night all round, and a dodgy few hours this afternoon, but otherwise it's been fine :)

Right, I should really get to sleep! :)

I was on low gi, before Xmas, and still mainly over Xmas, so like you I'm thinking that's why I was showing ketones early too.

Yes knowing the outcome is always gonna help... I love seeing peoples weigh in results, especially the newbies, I get well chuffed for everyone, cause I know how I feel xx
Day 4 - and I'm at college today, the smells from the canteen, everyone eating, starbucks in the lounge selling iced mochas.... OMG !! This may be hard lol

Will report back after today is through xx


Fighting for My Health
Bet you'll be fine as you're nice and focussed at the moment. Have a good day :) xx
Well I got through today ok

Had my breakfast shake before I went, but had my lunch one at 12:30 as that's what time we have lunch, so it's hard right now as I'm having to wait till 6:00 (my normal time) to have my soup !!

But I'm nearly there... Gonna start takin Xmas decos down to keep mind occupied, think it's the last day today any hoo ?

Here's to a plain house after all these lights and tinsle lol
I've decided I'm gonna weigh in on Saturday...

It's two days early, but it will even out after next week...

I always get nervous, every weigh in, god knows why, I know I'm always gonna loose lol
angenlina said:
Well done so far mandy, you've done really well and seem very focussed!!!
good luck for the weigh in...I get nervous too!!
I have to keep focused, if not i'd fail lol

Why do we get nervous, it's weird...
Day 5 - we have loads of snow today ! Again ! I'm sick of this bloody weather !

I've not took my pjs off yet I have my boot wool slippers on, and I'm thiking of lighting the fire, if I can muster the energy to clear the ashes out ! Lol lazy day today

I have a slight nigeling headache, but I've got a big glass of cold water and a hot coffee so will soon go.

My new keytone pee sticks have arrived from eBay today, I still can't believe they sell some stuff on eBay lol

Anyway so far so good today just had lunch shake and I am planning on doing a little exercise this afternoon if my head ache goes

Check back with ya layer x
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It's after tea now, still ok felt more weak today, so didn't do any exercise, but I had a play on the wii

Had a bath, covered myself with body cream aftewards, I'm now knackered lol
Well it's day 6 and myfirst weigh in this morning !!!!

It should have been Monday but strangly the chemist is a lot more quiet on a saturday !! and I never know when I might have to go to work, so easier to get it sorted on a Saturday

I'm a little nervous, im hoping I've lost a min of 5 lbs.. I always try and set a minimum loss I want to see each week, and any more is a bonus, my normal week minimum is 3lbs but seeing as this is my first week im saying 5lbs.

I don't know if I'm gonna lose less this time as I only have 2 stone to lose, I will just have to see how it goes!!

Fingers crossed wish me luck lol

Catch back later xx

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