Marie - Day 3 of 82 SSing

Here goes,
No more messing around, I am going to do it.
I would like to shift at least 1st for my hols:cool: , going to restart CD today properly, been messing around, making excuses for too long now, It's NOW or NEVER.
I am going to keep a diary here to help me along my way. I struggle every day when I get home from work and dive straight into the larder:confused: :mad: :confused: :mad: :confused: :mad: , that is going to change from TODAY :D . I manage OK on my Brekkie & Lunch packs then the evenings are a different matter.
Here goes, Starting weight is 14st 10lbs, aiming for 13st 7lbs for my hols, I CAN DO IT....................:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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You are thinking very positively so thats the majority of the battle won.
Now you need to find something to do straight after work that means not going to the larder could be something simple like reading a chapter of a book or coming on here or you could go for a walk or have a bath.
Maybe have a tetra in the evening so you don't spend to long in the kitchen.
You can certainly do it.

Ps can I come disney in your suitcase
If you stick to it properly, you can do more than one stone! Good luck with it!! :D
OMG I have got to the end of day 2 with no hiccups or food devils telling me to eat!
I even sat thru 4 ppl having a chinese in my living room!

Thanks for your words guys!

No weighted myself sine seeing Nicky last night, had a 1lb gain this week but that is surely off now plus a bit more hopefully!
Off to Longleat tomorrow for the day, I have my stash of peanut chrunch bars to take with me!
I did thanks, went to Longleat it was FAB there!
Been good all day & not hungry at all and have that good 'Ketosis' buzz about me, did a wee test and in the pink!

Here's to day 4!
Hi Marie, well done for getting to day 4, easy peasy from here (she says!!)
You can do it, and i look forward to all your posts, 6 weeks to Disney, that is so cool and im so jealous!
I can't wait either, we are going to visit the places we missed in March!
How do you get your glitter name to come up in your signature?, I have tried a couple of ways and can't seem to get it to work!
Well done you....the hard days are almost over. A few more & you will have SS for a whole week.....

I know you can stick at it - & I think you do too!!

I did thanks, went to Longleat it was FAB there!
Been good all day & not hungry at all and have that good 'Ketosis' buzz about me, did a wee test and in the pink!

Here's to day 4!

Was there Yonks ago and love it back then!!!
there is athread somewhere to tell you how to do it, ill find it and post it for you, im a computer thicko so I cant explain it coz im daft!
Ah I did it!
Lost 5lbs this week, yippie skippie, 8lbs off now since my restart, I am happy!
Here's to week 2!
Thanks Shrinky Nicky for being a FAB CDC! xx


Well done 5lbs. is brill:D :D :D

Over half stone off!!! 8lbs. I always think if you had to carry that around all day your arms would be sore...:eek:

Here's to another good week:)
Day 8 for me today guys & gals!
Still feeling good, fighting off a sore throat at the mo, need to drink more water though, only managed 3x 750ml bottles last 2 days, gonna make it 4 today. Had the Oriental chilli soup again last night, made me gag, loved it last Thursday when I tried it, weird body is all I am goint to say!

Chat laters

Day 8 in my CD World!
Feeling lousy today, have a cold coming I think, been sneezing all day & have a sore throat, oh well!
Nicky kindly swapped my packs for me, tetras all the way to Tuesday now!
Ohh up Norf for the weekend to visit Mr Lover Lover Man;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Will chat more when I get back Tuesday!

Have a good bank hols everyone & hope you are all lighter come Tuesday!

Marie over & out! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Hi Marie,

Don't tell me you are getting one of those nasty summer colds, I had it a few weeks ago and I felt crap with it.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and see you when you come back on Tuesday after all your exercise you should have a good weigh in next week:D

Be good:) :) :)

Love Mini xxx