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Maries Refeed Diary!


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Well done on your first day Marie, bet it felt great to eat again. Dont you think everything tastes even nicer than before?
totally and pepsi max was great for a change from water but im limiting myself to a can a day and sticking to mostly water!had a cup of tea with skimmed milk and a sweetener before bed and i was out like a light!!lol!


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I try and limit my diet coke to 1 can a day too, (except when I have vodka of course) and I still try to drink 3 litres of water a day, but I do add a small amount of squash to most of my waters, works out about 5 calories per dash for the no added sugar ones.

I am still drinking my tea black, I love it, but I do add skimmed milk to my coffee - aaah heaven.


I will be skinny again!!!
It is sooo scary eating again!!

But you will get into the swing of it again soon :)

Hope your enjoying refeed xx
Day 2

Breakfast-Strawberry Shake

Lunch- bbq seasoned chicken done on the george with same salad as yesterday.

Dinner- Exactly the same as lunch!it was so tasty i had to have it again!!!lol!

had 2 cans of pepsi max,2 litres of water and going to have about 3 cups of tea!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol is the the swartz classic barbeque seasoning?? I LOVE it, had that on my turkey tonight :)

Chinese 5 spice is beaut aswell!!
it was Dunnes own brand-must try the 5 spice!!sounds good. going to start the maintanance products 2mara see how they go!my chemist gave me free samples as we are under priviliged in Norn Iron!!lol!


I will be skinny again!!!
:eek: Im jealous!!

They wont post to me and my chemist doesnt stock them!!

Really want to try the caramel bar lol!!
Day 3-

Breakfast-Maintainance bar-was so much nicer than the tfr flapjacks.

Lunch- Tuna salad

Dinner- 4oz Salmon fillet,3 new potatoes, 2 tablespoons of spinach.

1 litre of water,1 1/2 cans pepsi and 3 cups of tea!
Hi I have not posted before I am on week 7 of LT (lost 2 stone 1lb)and I am finiding your thread really useful for when I refeed in a couple of weeks time.Getting a bit anxious about eating proper food, but I am getting some really good ideas from you. Thanks
Day 4

Breakfast- was working at 6am so got up all ready to enjoy a summer fruits maintance shake...i was very disappointed..it was disgusting!!i had 2 mouthfuls and felt sick so i just left it!!

Lunch-this was rushed as i was going for my tattoo at 3 and i only got home from work at half 2. i had a wholemeal pitta,bbq spiced chicken,lettuce,2 cherry tomatoes,cucumber and a low low cheese triangle!!

Dinner- none existant because i was still full from the pitta.i just had a snack size muller light and a few grapes.

Drinks-1litre water,3 tea with milk and a can of pepsi max.
Day 5

Breakfast-muller light snack size and grapes-dont like maintenance products accept the bars so have to change them on monday!!

Lunch-Pork Chop with fat trimmed off,4 new potatoes,spinach and sweetcorn...and a cheese triangle!

Dinner-Pitta with chicken,lettuce,onion and cherry tomatoes- ate this in my wee car as i was up at the beach with mates!!they all had a chippy but i was just as content with me wee pitta!

Snacks-muller light snack size!

Drinks-1 litre water,2 cans pepsi max and 1 tea!

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