Marylyn's mistake 7 CD's too much!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Girls & Guys

I've had a chat with HQ and had it confirmed that I overdid things by having 7 shakes.

I should have 3 and make up my calories with normal food.

So I'm sorry about that, I was experimenting.

I haven't done myself any harm, but I mustn't do that again.

Today I had 3 diets and a light meal - hopefully will sole-source if I don't lose on 790. I know most people do lose weight on that, but it has always been rather difficult for me with my "efficient metabolism".

So hopefully you will see this message and not do as I did.

Marylyn xxx
Taken on board.

I'm sure you'll do fine on 790 - I've heard the difference in average monthly losses is negligable.
Thanks Debbie,

I just hope I don't get too hungry on 790.

It would be great to lose even 5 lbs a month.

Good Luck to you

You shouldn't be hungry on 790 as you still are in ketosis so have that duvet of hunger protection. Also the difference in loss between 790 and SS is very small so you should still lose around a stone a month.

Thanks Debbie,

I just hope I don't get too hungry on 790.

It would be great to lose even 5 lbs a month.

Good Luck to you


790 is a great plan ... and I'm sure you'll be fine! You'll definately lose weight - an average woman needs 200 calories a day - so on 790 you'll lose big time!!

Hope these links help.
Thanks Mike

I do hope to lose this last stone. Even if it takes a couple of months I don't mind.

I just love the Cambridge Diet so much and it will part of my daily life always, even if I have just one shake a day.

Incidentally, I saw you on T.V. and you're a cool dude.

Marylyn x;)
Thanks Beverley

I will look at those links too.

When I get down to my goal weight, I must try to post a photo.

I'm feeling a bit more confident about that now. I haven't got many photos of when I had the 3 1/2 stone extra on me, but I had the same sort of figure as "Fergie", the redhead, when she had put on weight.

At 5ft 8in no one would have said I looked fat as such, but I felt heavy and I looked frumpy and I really didn't like having my pic taken.

I'm 11 stone now and the reason why I would like to get to 10 stone is that if I do fluctuate up 7 lbs I would still look fairly slim, whereas if I put on 7lbs now - that would be a different thing altogether.

I hope that I have reached everyone now to let them know that having all those CD diets was not a good idea.

I may not be able to post for awhile, because our pc is broken and this laptop is going back to uni with my son on Saturday.

Regards and love to all

Marylyn xxx
Thanks D_Q,

I 've just noticed a brilliant, shining circle above my head.

Could it be I'm overflowing with goodness?;)

M xx