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Massive challenge- huge reward!

As of WI today I am just 1.5lb from target!

This afternoon I am travelling to a job that will keep me from home for the next 10 days

My next WI is in 15 days and with only 1.5lb to go I know it seems like this will be easy.............but.........

While away my routine is c0cked up, I get sooo lonely in a hotel on my own so have a major battle with emotional eating and literally my 3 meals a day are either in a restaurant or the hotel (and being paid for by work)

If I can do this it will mean I get to Target 3 days before my birthday and I get to celebrate like never before.............I normally hate the pressure of a deadline but this feels so right, I just have to work my b0llocks off for the next 10 days.

As my diet buddies, support and very good friends through this journey for the last 2 and half years I need your help and support like never before - wish me luck guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Good luck CP, I think you just need to follow all of your own good advice that I have seen across minimins!
Reaching target in time for your birthday would be the best present ever....but then so would reaching target 3 weeks after your birthday in the grand scheme of things :)
It would be wonderful to reach target for your birthday and I bet you can do it.

Is there a gym at the hotel? Are you in the same hotel for the whole 10days if so can you find a friendly person on staff and get them on your side to help make sure your veggies have no butter and you can get as much fruit as possible.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Is there a gym at the hotel? Are you in the same hotel for the whole 10days if so can you find a friendly person on staff and get them on your side to help make sure your veggies have no butter and you can get as much fruit as possible.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Yes- I specifically picked a hotel with a gym as I don't want to let my exercise slip AND it fills up the long evenings- great idea about talking to the staff!

Prawnchopsuey- you are so right! This is why I don't like deadlines- the pressure!!!! If I get to target or not is fine- that 1.5lbs won't stop me feeling wonderful on my birthday.

Thanks for such sensible advice guys!


is working hard.....
Oh hon - I feel for you - I'd hate to be away from home for so long with work, and you're right to face the challenge of the disruption of your routine.

You can do this though -
Hotel Gym for daily workouts:checkmark green:
Menu to be scrutinised and staff consulted :checkmark green:
Mini (and final) Target set :checkmark green:
Being up for the challenge:checkmark green:

So now I'd add:
:checkmark: packing plenty of HEB's that you can include
:checkmark:Finding a nearby Supermarket to get to for fruit or veggie raids as you need them (Asda do lovely little bags of apple / pineapple / grapes / melon meant for lunchboxes which can be kept in your room fridge if you have one)
:checkmark:Take lots of drinks too
:checkmark:If your hotel also has a beauty bit attached to the gym, treat yourself every 2-3 days or so if you can to a mini manicure / pedicure or just a blow dry to make you feel all special.
:checkmark:print out any thread you have found moving or motivating and take it with you
:checkmark:post it your car, bag, luggage, toiletries whatever with reminders of how fabulous you are and how you CAN do this!

And if all else fails you are always welcome at mine !:character00182:

Good luck hon, and I look forward to hearing of your success! xx :)
Bless you, cupcake!

I have a bag of greek 0% yogurt (the hotel room has a fridge) lots of punnets of berries, a bag with fibre plus bars, lots of tea bags, cadbury's highlights sachets and mug shots. I have done a scout for nearby supermarkets and there is a Morrisons and ASDA pretty close.

I LOVE the idea of treats- There is a mini beauty room in the hotel- I have also just packed all my own nail stuff so I can give myself a manicure while away

I will have my laptop so will log onto here most evenings for a top up of inspiration

You are an utter star!


sounds like you are organised CP and I second all thats been said.

Has your telly got a music channel if you start to feel the urge to eat something naughty try dancing round the room in your knickers, it works for me :eek::D

fingers crossed by your next weigh in you haver cracked it xx in the meantime we are always here for you as you have been for everyone else x


I see the light!
wow 1.5lb from target - how fabb!!!! Congrats to you.

I dunno if you have got a wii, but I would be inclined to pack that and take that with me for a bit of exercise - how sad am I? Especially that close to target! Has the hotel got a pool or gym?

Pack a SW goody bag, even pack in syn sized portions - so if you go over that tuff!! only fruit or veggies left. I know if I had syn sized bags I would try and make them last.

Treat yourself to some new books/ds games that you can really get stuck into so you dont get bored.

As for the hotel, am sure they must do some fabby salads/jkt spuds etc.

I know you can do it!!!!

Helen xxx
Ahh CP, I was thinking about you today! Honestly, I was.... and here you are.
You know you can do it, you are so incredibly close now girl, there's no way you won't do it.

If you feel any temptation, log a cry for help on here - you know someone will talk you out of it.

Good luck lady. You are fabulous.
Lots of great advice already been given here chick, so just wanted to say that you can do it!!! We are all thinking of you - good luck!! xxxx
Lots of great advice. I'm sure you will make it.

Are you going anywhere near any members from here who may take you in and cook a nice SW meal for you one evening and swap stories? :)
Ahh CP, I was thinking about you today!
If you feel any temptation, log a cry for help on here - you know someone will talk you out of it.
Do you know- it is such a comfort knowing that you guys are always here.

I always go through a mad thought process before starting a thread of "but who really is interested in your latest thought/feeling/drama" and I always hesitate, but whenever I do post- whether it be a 'yipee' post or a cry for help, you guys never fail to astound me at your support and friendship- thanks Jaybobs

downsizingmycurves- I'm going to Sunderland- any takers? lol
You are so organised, i hope I can be that organised at the end of the month, for Frightfest. You will do it, you're doing absolutely fab so go with the best of intentions and do the best you can. However, don't be too upset if it doesn't work out- just cause I know my body hates me setting targets so it likes to decided to lose it stupid slow when I'm close to a target and really quick when I'm not!


Always comes back to MMs!
Ah my dear CP, with us lot onside you just can't fail...!

I will no doubt speak to you while you are away but good luck and I just know you are going to do it!



Likes to eat.........alot
Some fantastic posts on here :D What a fab bunch you all are! Some great advice already given, so there's nothing more to add except to say............go for it girl, you can and will do it! We're all rooting for you and we're all here should you need extra support and encouragement while you're away from home.

CP I feel sooooooooo excited for you, I really do. 1.5lb away from target - what a great birthday present that will be!

You're a true inspiration to lots of people on here, me included! You've done so very very well. I don't even know you and I feel proud of you.

Wishing you all the very best CP xxx

YOU CAN DO IT! :party0011:


Silver Member
1.5lbs, so, so, close, I know you can do it. You've already organised yourself, if all else fails, go to sleep. 10 days is 10 days, think of what it'll be like to get on them thar scales and go :bliss:.. you can deffo do it hun xx.
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