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Matalan Clothes

If anyone wants a mood boost, Matalan shopping is a good way to do it as their clothes seem to be cut fairly generously! ;)

Am having a wardrobe sortout this weekend so I went to pick up a couple of cheap things to replace stuff that no longer fits. 2 pairs of jeans, a little denim skirt and a linen maxi skirt all in size 14.

Just got in, tried them on to see how far they were from wearable yet and they ALL fit. Comfortably! :D

Now I KNOW that modern sizes are cut bigger than sizes were last time I was a size 14, but that last time was 1985. So I even though I know it's not necessarily 100% true, today I can tell myself that I am the smallest I have been in 25 years.:wee:

I am in such a good mood right now! :flirt2:
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taking it 1 day at a time
Feels good doesn't it! I agree about modern sizing. I'm wearing size 10 jeans but i found a very old pair of 12s (1986) and they are uncomfortably tight. I still have plenty of fat around my middle so when i'm at goal i could be an 8, i've never been that size before. True sizing or not, it certainly feels good.
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Matalan is the only place I can get jeans that fit perfectly, everywhere else they are too big on the waist and too tight on the bum so I go there a lot. I also find their bras a perfect fit everytime. I'm quite enamoured of the place lately and it's cheap too so good for every day stuff.


1lb at a time
I can't wait til i'm small enough to shop at matalan lol my size 20's r now getting loose so shouldnt be too long! Having had to shp at evans for years (sooooooo expensive compared to matalan) i'm looking forward to getting more for my money! once i've conquered matalan i'll try primark! lol xxx
Hmmmm will have to take a look
there is not much that it takes for me to not clothes shop (apart for my weight up to now, and the fact most clothes looked as though they were gilding a hippo)
but the "need a store card" thingy Matalan has going for it sends me out the door

but... will take a second look I think

I fished a proper pair of Levis out of the loft this morning, they look very tiny, maybe a 30 inch waist??? :eek:
also a pair of dorothy perkins button up ones
I will try them on later... (I think they may be high waisted ones, so won't that be a treat ;)


1lb at a time
its so exciting isn't it!!! i keep trying all my old clothes on...so motivating even tho they're still a little... 'snug' haha just keep lookin at old photo's n thinking....6 months and i'll be 'me' again!!


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I went to TK Maxx yesterday and bought 3 pairs of jeans, ranging between 28 and 30 inch waist :) oh yes, and a wedding outfit in a 10 that could have been made for me, when I have time I will get dressed up and take some photies to show you all.
Bren xx
I went shopping the other day to primark, that place is fantastic. Got loads of clothes for holidays and hardly spent any money. Hoping to go away next week but it might be cancelled due to the ash.

It really feels so good to buy smaller sizes and fit into all those clothes that have been in the cupboard for years (the ones with the "they will fit when I lose weight" comment attached.
Gilding a hippo Maggie - hilarious :D I know what you mean - why bother to go buy clothes when every outfit looks like a marquee. I can't wait to throw all the tents out and wear only close fitting clothes!
just been into QS (is in process of changing their name) and bought size 14 trousers
not I may add crimpalene ones-quite nice ones in black & pinstripe black

£18 for both

should tide me over for a while

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