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Struggling to drink water yesterday and today. I usually drink quite well, but finding it really hard. Just not thirsty or hungry. MUST DRINK MORE WATER :sigh::sigh::sigh:

Also my phone stopped working last night. Can't make calls cause can't hear a bloddy thing. Grrr.
Had to resort to an old phone. Feel like i've regressed 4 years, not used to a proper key pad. What's one of them then????
Sorry feel like a little moan today
Not even started on the tonne of uni work I have to do. I blame you lot. I like reading everything you put and talking to you :p lol

Also means I have to go into town to Phones4U to sort phone out. Suppose that means I have to look at clothes as well, humph, oh well if I must :D hehe
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Tough But Sexy X
Bless you, you are having a rubbish day, oh well things can only get better :D

I sympathise with the water I do wrink it but i have to force myself, I get headaches otherwise on LLT.

Felt a bit crappy again today. Feel so tired and lack of energy. Sticking to my packs and (try) to drink enough water, but I just feel so drained. Even going up the stairs knackers me.
Did take my phone in to get repaired, no retail therapy as I was just too tired. Just had my 3 pack of the day, chilli con carne. So yummy.
Just can't find my get up and go. Seemed to have misplaced it somewhere.
It's when i feel like this that food seems so much more appealing just to see if it stops me feeling so tired.


Tough But Sexy X
Treat yourself to an early night, maybe your get and go will come back tomorrow. You're doing really well. x
Watched tv to distract myself. Which worked.
I think it's because it's my totm. I never usually suffer at all with this sort of stuff due to not having proper periods and they only last a couple of days. This is day 5 and still going. Feel really bloated adn that's bugging me cause I know it will affect my weight loss. Wanted to aim for 6lb this week. Cause I'm so bloated I can notice much more differenc in my clothes this week. I just hope it leaves soon. Though from what people have been saying, it's here fora while. Not used to this female stuff......lol :)
Oh well. Got lots of uni work to do today that i didn't get done yesterday. So better get me bum off here and get to it.

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