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Melanie's food diary

Hello everyone, :wave_cry:

*steps gently into the forum*

I'm a minimins fan and, in most part so far, lurker. You all are so inspiring though, you've given me the courage to post.

Without boring you all rigid, I've just started on lo-carb following an effective, post-Christmas, TFR blitz. Trying to do this as a way of life, rather than as a way to loose any significant amount of weight, but half a stone over the next few months would be incredible. Equally, an easy, food-demon-free life and weight maintenance would be fine too :D

So, as a way of keeping myself in check, I'm going to do my best to diary my food. Jim, you are certainly the Atkins Daddy, and I've learned so much from you. Thank you. I've also read a few books (Atkins, India Knight etc) and think/hope I've got a handle on the basics, esp as I gave it a bash pre Christmas to see if I liked the WOE and it suited me fine. I'm starting on 2 weeks induction and working on a 'one day at a time' philosophy. Any comments/thoughts/tips always appreciated.

So, Day One... take it away....



Breakfast (on the run)
100g chicken breast (processed, so had 1.5g carbs)

Lunch (at work, brought it in)
1 x chicken breast
1/4 cucumber
mushrooms cooked in a little butter/olive oil
mustard and mayo
30g cheddar cheese

Dinner (the plan anyhow)
3 eggs, scrambled with a splodge of cream
100g smoked salmon
tablespoon cream cheese
steamed broccoli
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Hi Melanie, welcome love, looks good to me, I'd like to see more green leaf veggies in there though, but I would say that wouldn't I. :)
Morning everyone :D

Day one went pretty good, no great surprises or mood swings, except after TFR and a bit of their paltry re-feeding, it's great to get back to *proper* food. And this diet is so satisfying, it's not even agony when all in the office are feasting on choccy 'treats'. Or at least it wasn't yesterday. Long may it last. I know I have to get busy with the excercise though... just to chilly and wet right now! Maybe a project for the weekend.

Here's the plan for today...

Tuesday, January 14
3 x bacon fried in a little butter/olive oil with
1 x cup shredded cabbage greens (and dedicated to Jim)

Lunch (at work)
M&S tuna nicoise salad... with the tuna, egg, leaves, black olives and dressing... without the red onion, cherry tomatoes (because I don't like them) and spuds.
30g x cheddar cheese

snack (hungry v quickly after lunch)
100g smoked salmon
2 x tbs cream cheese

Dinner (change of plan, stuck in meeting til late. No time to roast a chicken)
tblsp prawns & mayo with lettuce
100g smoked salmon
3 x eggs scrambled with a bit of cream

Have a good day, all!
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Welcome, Melanie! You will love this way of eating, not just during these early, exciting stages, but in the longer term.

Good luck!
Thanks Girlie!

Two days down now, had to have a change of tack this evening as I was kept so late at work. Learning that the trick with this diet is in the planning... and having a back up Plan B for every meal!
ah yes, learning to deal with the diet and real life. a Plan B is always handy. I used to make a bit pot of Atkins stew when I was on induction, just to have something handy when thing went pear shaped. :)
Good luck with it Melanie.... you are certainly getting into the swing of it.... As you have said.... planning is the key with this diet so you don't end up with the wrong stuff in your fridge tempting you lol.
I would also add still more leafy greens to your delicious menu :)
Hi everyone
Happy Friday!!

just in from a monster supermarket shop (in the interest of forward planning :D) Crazy morning with meetings since very early, so today's all about...

Friday, January 15
Breakfast (on the hop)
2 x chicken breasts

stirfried bacon and cabbage

Mini moerella balls, olives and feta cubes
Roast chicken
green veg and leafies

Jim, thanks for the stew tip... going to certainly get a 'magic pot of something' on the go.

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Oh, and a question - which I'm sure has been answered a million times, but what's everyone's feelings on Atkins Bars? I'm not usually a fan of 'diet' products as I think they just feed the urges, but are these bars better?

I use the Atkins Advantage bars two or at most three times per week. I like them! They are suitable for Induction and, unless they trigger cravings or slow down/stall the individual's weight loss, they are a very useful addition to our eating plan.

Some people are sensitive to the bars and shakes so it pays to be careful at first.

Good luck, you will love Atkins! We all do lol x
Afternoon all!

In spite of my not drinking on this diet, my boyfriend has been flying the flag and last night we'd a bit of a disaster when his glass of red got a little fresh with my poor (and now deceased) laptop....! Hence not getting on line til now :eek:

Spend most of today in pamper mode, a handy way to stay 'on-plan' at weekends!!!

Saturday, Jan 16

Breakfast (in the hairdressers!)
30g cheddar
150g chicken breast

M&S italian salad - green leaves, dressing and parmesan shavings, threw out the pine nuts.
Prawns, crab and mayo

Dinner - undecided as yet, prob Chicken, green veg/leafies again

Going to the cinema to see Up in the Air tonight. Will be hankering for Pick Mix but will be the better girl....

Tried to find Atkins bars but no joy in city centre Dublin.... :(

Hope everyone is doing okay today...?
Morning Melanie, I guess we shouldn't enquire to closely as to how that happened. ;)
Good morning everyone!!!

Oh, what a really silly weekend! Jim - I wish I could make you blush with tales of wild abandon, but in fact, we were watching a box set of 24 and a particularly startling twist to the story happened. Cue red wine all over sofa/white carpet/laptop.... :eek:

But that means I've been comparatively insular. Tried updating my diary from the iphone but no joy. Equally, a few other things went awry over the last few days, thankfully none of them carb-related :D

Sunday, January 17

3 eggs scrambled, 100g smoked salmon, 1 tlbsp cream cheese, 1/2 bag stirfry cabbage, mushrooms

Mid-afternoon at the cinema (postponed from Sat night as we both went to different cinemas. Disaster!)
Atkins bar (yes, I found them!)

2 baked chicken breasts, 1/2 bag stirfried cabbage with 1 low-carb frankfurter

And so, that brings me to today, which is being a bit scatty too... dunno what's happening but my planets aren't aligning!

Monday, January 18

Racing between meetings, so first meal will be lunch...

2 x sausages, 2 x rashers, 1/2 bag stirfry cabbage

2 x chicken breasts, 3 x franks, 1/2 bag cabbage

2 x Atkins bars (nooooooooo!)
30g cheese
30g smoked salmon

Hope everyone had a chilled/good weekend though and ready to greet this week with gusto. I'm feeling decidedly underwhealmed!

** everyone picking and eating choc, biscuits around me. Stressy day... bed early, methinks...
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LOL, yes that's true love, but, it's nice to give her back as well. :D
A good way to get some exercise under your belt though Jim!!! LOL
I'd say she must bring so much happiness!!

And while I hate to admit it, I think the "Carb Nazi" might be right... Atkins bars are great, but a no-no for me. They could very easily be habit forming. Especially as Boots have them on 3 for 2 (WHY do they do this with diet food....? Although the answer is in the question!!!). Will have to stop buying them for the time being. Or else only singly on the way to the movies or something.

Gosh, I'm having a very ranty day. Sorry everyone!

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