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Melissa's food diary! Count down to graduation (20 weeks!)

Hi Everyone,

I have decided that my slow weight loss is due to the fact that I am not eating enough superfree food!

So I am going to make an online diary, and hopefully you can help me to decide if that is the reason!

So i will go from yesterday, tonight is WI, so not much eating going on today! hehe


B = Strawberries, muller light yoghurt

L = Rice with bacon, onions, red pepper, carrots, soy sauce (was not very nice! Kept me full though!)

D = Super free soup (the recipe is online here let me know if you want it)

hea= milk in my tea
heb= 2 pieces of nimble bread

Syns 2 x snack pepperami's (2)

p.s i have posted this about 3 times now in the wrong places! But this will be the one i will update! lol silly me
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So at WI i lost a lb! Couldn't believe it thought I had put on at least 2 especially with it being star week!

Have been so busy today that I haven't really eaten! Naughty I know but here goes


B = Strawberries, muller light yog

L= Beans on toast (heb)

Tea = rice (4) tiny bit of curry sauce (3) and poppadum (4)

Total 11 syns

I treated myself tonight, although I haven't gone over my syns I don't lole using a lot of syns for one meal with no free food!
Thursday 25th Feb


B= Strawberries (not really hungry ) apple

L= either beans on toast, or pasta can't decide

d= I am being naughty tonight and going out with girls for tea. We are going to Zizzi's so prob just have chicken pasta, hopefully won't be too much!

If anyone does know any italian syn values, please let me know, i can't find my book sw gives you when you first start!

Syn = lots probably! Will go to the gym for an hour on the way home to try to cancel some out!
If your doing EE try and get some more 'super-free' in at lunch time after your beans on toast, as you need your third super-free on EE with all your meals :)
thanks for this! I was so busy yday that I didn't really eat much at all, I did have some strawberries in the afternoon, and my tea was full of veggies! 2 carrots, 1 onion, 1 red pepper, 1 orange pepper, brocolli, beansprouts! Was scrummy hehe
Saturday 27th Feb


Breakfast- strawberries, muller light, cereal sprinkling (2 syns)

L= Rice, carrots, peppers, brocolli, beansprouts, sweetcorn, soy sauce

D= Undecided as of yet! Going to look through a few recipe books online! (I'm in work on a 12 hour shift! only 8 hours to go! hehe)
I will update later

Over the course of today in work I have been told by 2 people who i haven't seen for a while (joy of working shifts) that I am looking much slimmer! It really is little things like that that keep you motivated! I am now going home to enjoy britmumincanada's beefburger and spicy wedges with a nice serving of brocolli and sweetcorn on the side! Yum Yum!
So final thing for tea last night was Homemade burger with cheese (hexa) and bacon in a wholemeal roll (hexb) with a tiny bit of t.sauce with wedges (sw style)

Dessert meringue nest (2.5) squirty cream (1) strawberries

syns = 2 x peperami

Sunday 28th Feb (ee)

B= strawberries and yoghurt

L- Spicy mexican lasagne with side of brocolli and sweetcorn

D- Vegetable stirfry

Syns? Prob another meringue nest! with squirty cream! Will update later
Monday 1st March

B= Bacon sandwich (HEXB)

L= Batchelors mild cheese and brocolli pasta poured over steamed veg with beetroot and pickled onions

T= Carbonara with a side of sweetcorn and brocolli!

Syns so far (2X Peperami (2)
I have been reading other people's diaries and just realised that I haven't introduced myself!

So my name is Melissa, I am 22 years old. Currently in Uni studying Criminal Psychology. I decided to join sw as over the past 4 years in Uni the weight has slowly crept on. I also had a stint at quitting smoking last summer and put 2 stones on! I am back smoking now! Have cut down by half though!

So I joined sw after complaining and complaining about how much weight I have put on! I joined slimming world at the end of Jan 2010 and have lost 6 lbs so far! I really want my half stone sticker this week (I weigh in on a Wed) and hopefully lose 3-4 stones by July!

I am graduating this year and I really want a photo to be proud of!
Fingers crossed I will acheive this! Especially with all your help and support! I love Minimins xxxx
Tuesday 2nd March


Breakfast= cereal (3- tesco maple and pecan crunch yummy) Strawberries, youghurt

Lunch= Vegetable stirfry with noodles

Dinner= Chilli con carne (tomatoes, onion,peppers, carrot, kidney beans, cumin, cayenne pepper (not too much blows my head off!) cinnamon )

Syns= tbc I wi tomorrow so don't want too many! Had a peperami mid morning (1) so hopefully will just stay at 4 including the cereal
Wed 3rd March


B= Yoghurt

L= Spaghetti hoops on toast (hexb) side of beetroot and pickled onions (yum yum can't get enough of these at the mo!)

D= Chicken filled with philly (14 g 1/2 hexa) wrapped in bacon, with spring onion and garlic mash, and stir fried brocolli

Syns = Velvet crunch (4) peperami (1) 4x quorn savoury eggs (4)

Was also WI tonight! Lost 2lbs so I finally got my 1/2 stone award! Not bad in 5 weeks! I want to now lost 2-3lbs a week, as I got my graduation pack through the post today and it has made me even more determined to do this! x
Thurs 4th March


B= Bacon sandwich with tomatoes

l= stir fry brocolli with noodles

D= Same as last night! Really enjoyed it!

Syns = Peperami (1) 2x quorn savoury eggs (2)
I haven't updated the last few days! I have been sooo naughty the last few days! The OH has got gastric flu so i have just been grabbing naughty things whilst looking after him! I am not going to WI tomorrow, can't face the shame of how much weight I will have put on! I am thinking prob half of what I have lost!

But from tomorrow I am drawing a line and starting back on plan 100%!

I shall keep updating this aswell every day!
Right, yesterday was a new week! I am determined to get 1 and 1/2 stone off by the end of April! 2.5 lbs a week can be done! hehe

So yday was

B= Bacon and egg sandwich (hexb) apple

l= Velvet crunch (4) Ham with laughing cow (hexa) Beetroot, pickled onions

D= Cottage pie (3) Brocolli 2 X Apples

B= Bacon sarnie apple

l= Batchelors pasta over steamed brocolli carrots and sweetcorn

D= SW chicken tikka masala with rice (really looking forward to this when I get in from work! )

Snacks peperami (1) mini bag of mini animals (6)

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