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morning all and bright and sunny in donegal today , we are so lucky we have a beach 5mins away, thats were we are spending most of our afternoon. sandwiches and sandcastles:family2: for the afternoon a tetra for me have a lovely day where ever you are good luck anyone weighing in
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morning hun
you are so lucky to live near a beach. hope you have a great day.
i've seen a few people mention tetra what is it?
first day of potty training today so we aren't going far all week. i've got to do regular tidy up then i'm gonna sort toys etc in my daugthers room.
just looking online for a craft that is suitable for a 9 year old and a 2 year old. all my suggestion she doesn't want to do.
have a good day all


please try again
morning sasha, oooooh the beach sounds wonderful, i miss ireland

im having lastnights missed shake right now, i had taken my hayfever meds, laid down at 7pm and didnt wake for 12 hours! still look like ive not slept for a week thou (feel like it too)
today being monday i have to pay the bills, do madams shopping etc
this week is going to be incredibly tight moneywise.
end of feb i booked for us to go to haven in september, paid the deposit and was told i could pay the rest in instalments so long as the balance was paid 10 weeks before the holiday starts so i had till the 1st of july to pay
got a letter the other day confirming a payment i had made and there in the small print they had changed the to be paid by date to the 3rd of may!
so now all easter holiday activitys are off so i can use the money to get the balance paid off so we dont lose the holiday. feel awful for madam as now shes got 2 and a bit weeks of easter holiday stuck at home with me, think we shall be having alot of picnics in the park for her
a tetra is a cd meal pre made in a carton so you can take them anywhere, l freeze mine so l can have an ice-cream yum yum


please try again
just be sure to have the tetra's cold, they are yummy cold or frozen
warm out of your bag or cupboard, not so much
ah cool do you have to have passed the first 2 week for them cause they would be really handy for work and when we go along walk. cause pouring it into a bottle didn't work to well yesterday


please try again
you can have tetras from day one

its the bars, mix a mousse and water flavourings they suggest are left until week 3
My CDC gave me bars yesterday and I am so grateful! I wonder what the reason is behind no bars until week 3? Choc mint is devine!
Oh, and how do you freeze the tetras? Do you pour into a lolly maker thingy and put in the freezer? I fancy that I do! Loving the chocolate one now!


please try again
My CDC gave me bars yesterday and I am so grateful! I wonder what the reason is behind no bars until week 3? Choc mint is devine!
the bars are slightly higher in carbs so they prefer you to be firmly in ketosis before you start having them


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i sometimes freeze them in the carton, then cut the carton away and leave for about 20 minutes to soften. when i do this i tend to make a jelly with gelatine, water flavouring, water and food colouring and then enjoy jelly and ice cream.
alternatively, i use ice lolly makers and do them that way . they taste just like chocolate mini-milk. :D
Oooh, I'm going out to get some lolly makers later......
Mmmmm yum yum tetra lollies sound fabs, mayb time to get a lolly maker. Just on my way back from another interview, went badly but location is too far anyways so not too worried. Will have to keep looking! On the train at the mo, can't wait to get home, I'm busting lol I'm so glad decided to do CD now then later as so much easier gulping water down when weather nice.

Sasha my friend is from Donegal, she moved there from here few years back. From the Pictures ive seen it looks lovely over there xx

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