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Mel's food diary


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Right, it's about time I started a food diary to help keep me on track. I'm usually green but fancied a change so had a red day.

Breakfast - Banana and coffee (usually have a bit more than this but was running late this morning)!

Snack - 2 babybels (hexa) and an apple

Lunch - Sandwiches made from 3 slices of wholemeal Nimble (hexb), lean pork left over from Sunday roast and 2 tablespoons of Branston (2 syns)
Muller light & an orange

Dinner - 3 Morrison's Eat Smart <3% fat sausages (free), lean bacon, 2 eggs, 190g homemade potato wedges baked with frylight (hexb) and tin tomatoes plus 2 tablespoons of tomato ketchup (2 syns)

Pudding - fresh pineapple

Total syns - 4
1 hexa and 2 hexb

Someone from work brought me in a slice of their wedding cake today and I brought it home and gave it to my hubby. Wasn't even tempted!

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Here's todays menu - :

Breakfast - 28g porridge made with water and a bit of splenda (hexb)

Lunch - Leftover pumpkin risotto, muller light and banana

Snack - Apple

Dinner - Quorn mousakka with cheese on top (hex a) and salad with fat free dressing.

Supper - 5 thornton's chocolates (couldn't resist - sure I read somewhere that they are about 3.5 syns each so have gone slightly over today but was way under on syns yesterday)

1 hex a and 1 hex b used
Total syns - 17.5.......(ouch!)


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Today's been a good day (green)
Breakfast - porridge made with water and sweetener (hexb)

Lunch - Rice salad with 1 tablespoon of extra light salad cream (1 syn), 3 krisprolls(hexb) with 1 extra light laughing cow (hex a - could have had more but that was all I needed!) Muller light and 2 satsumas

Snack - 1 mini Thornton's caramel shortcake (guessing 4 syns as about 80 cals)

Dinner - Moussakka again (leftovers!) with salad.

One glass of red wine (6 syns)

2 hexb's used and part of 1 hexa used
Total syns 11


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Need to edit the above slightly as decided against the wine in the end. Made a big pot of fresh coffee instead! I also had a mullerlight (vanilla, choc and cherry - 2 syns) and an orange.
Total revised syns - 7


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Didn't have time to come on here yesterday so am updating my diary today
Breakfast - Banana

Lunch - Tinned salmon sandwich (salmon hexb and bread hexb) with 1 tbsp extra light mayo (0.5syn), mullerlight and an apple.

Dinner - Bolognaise sauce made with quorn (free) and pasta, 42g reduced fat cheese (hexa).
1 syn free pancake with fresh lemon juice and splenda (first time I've tried these and it was gorgeous!!!!!)

2 hexb and 1 hexa used.
Total syns - 0.5 (saving some so I can have a good few glasses of wine tomorrow!!!!!)


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I've not had a great day today and am feeling a bit guilty after a disastrous evening :cry:

Breakfast - banana and mullerlight

Lunch - Polenta slices fried in frylight, 2 eggs and spaghetti hoops.

Snack - another banana

Dinner - 3 quorn sausages, mashed potato, swiss chard, carrots and gravy (2 syns).

Pudding - syn free pancake with the flesh from 1 baked cooking apple (0.5 syns)

Snack - 100g Green and Blacks chocolate with butterscotch pieces (26.5 syns :()

I don't know what came over me tonight. Had planned on having some wine with my leftover syns but just couldn't resist the chocolate.

So, I've had no healthy extras today although I suppose the baked apple might count as one?

Total syns - 29

And after all that my hubby wants to go out for lunch somewhere tomorrow!!! Aarrgggghh!!!


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Not a brilliant day.....

Breakfast - mullerlight and banana

Lunch - Lasagne in Frankie and Benny's with large side salad (no dressing). The lasagne wasn't very big and if I was extra easy and used my hexa for some of the cheese I wonder how many syns this would be? I have no idea!

Snack - 3 morrison's eat smart pork sausages and an apple

Dinner - 3 krisprolls with 1 laughing cow. 2 satsumas and a mullerlight.

Snack - 3 thorntons chocolates

So I've used 1 hexa (cheese in lasagne) and 1 hexb (krisprolls)
So, 11.5 syns for the thorntons chocs and the 1 laughing cow plus the syns that were in the lasagne...I'm guessing olive oil, bechamel sauce, the remainder of the cheese etc (not good).
I promise I will have a perfect day tomorrow and fingers crossed this weekend wont affect my weigh in on Tuesday too much. I'm feeling quite annoyed with myself tonight!


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After a rubbish weekend I'm back on track today -:

Extra Easy

Breakfast - Porridge made with water and splenda (hexb)

Lunch - Omelette with lean ham, tomato and 42g low fat cheddar (hexa) and baked beans

Snack - sugar snap peas

Dinner - Gammon with all fat removed, bubble and squeak made with cabbage, leeks, mash and 0% natural yoghurt to add a bit of moisture and a fried egg (with fry light). 2 tbsp tomato ketchup (2 syns)

Pudding - 1 meringue nest (3 syns), a frozen vanilla and choc muller with a scattering of frozen raspberries (was the first time I've frozen a mullerlight and it was amazing! Just like ice cream...I was well impressed and so enjoyed it!).

Total syns - 5
1 hexa and 1 hexb used.


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Breakfast - porridge(1 hexb)

Lunch - cheese sandwich with extra light salad cream.monstermunch,apple and mullerlight. ( 1 hexa, 1 hexb and 2 syns

Dinner- bubble and squeak left overs with 2 eggs and baked beans and tomato ketchup (2 syns)
Mullerlight frozen.

Syns - 9.5
Breakfast - porridge (only half a portion as I left it in the microwave too long and it overflowed everywhere!!!! Was not fun to clear up at 6.30 this morning!!!

Lunch - bubble and squeak, fried egg and some beans. Kiwi fruit.

Dinner - mushroom and Swiss chard risotto with lots of reduced fat cheese ( I had 84g so 2 hexas as only had 1 hexb today.not sure if that's strictly allowed but I thoroughly enjoed it!)

Pudding - 1 frozen mullerlight

Syns - 12 (350mls red wine)
Today's food...

Breakfast - Porridge (again!)(hexb)

Lunch - Leftover risotto from last night (free), kiwi fruit and a mulleright

Snack - 3 krisprolls and 1 laughing cow extra light (1 hexb and 1 syn)

Dinner - More risotto (got in from work late so no time to cook anything else!) with 175mls red wine (6 syns) and 42g low fat cheese (hexa) plus another 28g (4.5 syns)

Total syns 11.5
I seem to have eaten loads today and have really enjoyed all of it!

Extra Easy today for a change

Breakfast - Mullerlight and a banana

Snack - some sugar snap peas

Lunch - Half of a syn free quiche with tomato, tuna and 42g low fat cheddar with baked beans

Dinner - Chicken curry with cauliflower, carrots and peas, rice.

Pudding - Frozen vanilla mullerlight with fresh pineapple

Snack - 3 krisprolls with 1 extra light laughing cow, a tiny piece of leftover quiche

350 mls red wine

Used 1 hexa (cheese) and 1 hexb (krisprolls)

Total syns 13 (12 for the wine and 1 for the laughing cow)
Yesterdays was a bit crazy so haven't had time to come on until today -

Breakfast - Porridge with water and splenda (1 hexb), small glass of orange juice (2.5 syns)

Lunch - Chicken and vegetable curry with rice (leftover from yesterday)

Snack - Mullerlight and banana

I went to see Lily Allen in concert and had to leave home at 5pm so didn't have time for dinner. I was starving when I got in though and had 4 krisprolls (8 syns) with 2 extra light laughing cows (hexa) and 2 slices of lean ham and a bag of monster munch (5.5 syns)!

Total syns - 16
And today's menu (extra easy)-

Breakfast - an apple

Lunch - Spaghetti on toast (3 x slices Nimble wholemeal Hexb), with 42g low fat cheddar (hexa)

Snack - some pickled onions

Dinner - 3 Morrisons syn free sausages, 2 fried eggs, slimming world chips and beans, 2 tabsp tomato ketchup (2syns)

Pudding - Piece of Apple Betty (2 syns)

1 mug of Options (2 syns)

Total syns - 6
And today's menu (green)-

Breakfast - fresh pineapple and an alpen light bar (half a hexb)

Lunch - Half a syn free quiche made with eggs, total 0% yoghurt, peppers, and 21g low fat cheese (half a hexa), baked beans, mullerlight.

Snack - 3 krisprolls and 1 laughing cow extra light(1 syn)

Dinner - Pasta with homemade syn free tomato, garlic and mushroom sauce and a quarter of a garlic, balsamic and parmesan flat bread from the Co-op (8 syns), and 42g low fat cheddar(hexa)

Pudding - Apple Betty (2 syns)

Used 1.5 hexa's and 0.5 hexb

Total syns - 11
Tuesdays' food (extra easy)-

Breakfast - Mullerlight and banana

Lunch - 3 multigrain ryvitas (hexb) with 2 extra light laughing cows. Half a syn free quiche (which contained 21g of low fat cheddar - I'll count the 2 laughing cows and the cheddar as 1 hexa combined), pickled onions.

Dinner - Cottage pie kind of thing (!) with extra lean minced beef, tomatoes, celery, carrots and onions, 2 oxos, topped with sliced potatoes rather than mash for a change. I sprayed the top of the potatoes with fry light and they are now turning a nice golden brown in the oven.Served with lots of steamed kale.

Evening snacks - large orange and mullerlight.

No syns used although I might well have a large glass of red wine a bit later on. Will update this if/when I do!
Well i didn't have the orange or the mullerlight last night. Instead I had a pot of Total 0% yoghurt mixed with a bit of vanilla essence, some splenda and frozen raspberries all piled on top of a meringue nest (3 syns). It was truly delicous!
Then I had a glass of wine (6 syns).

Total syns - 9
And todays food (extra easy)...

Breakfast - porridge with splenda and water (hexb)

Lunch - Leftover spaghetti with home made syn free tomato sauce, garlic and mushrooms. Cherry and choc mullerlight (2syns)

Snack - half a cous cous muffin - bleurghhhhh!!! Horrid things! Didn't really like it much which is a shame as I hate wasting food! My son has polished a few off though so might not have to throw them away!

Ate 1 Babybel light whilst cooking the dinner (2 syns)

Dinner - Extra lean minced beef chilli with rice and 42g low fat cheddar (hexa)

25ml Amaretto on ice - yum yum! (3 syns)

Total syns - 7
Extra Easy

Breakfast - Banana, kiwi fruit and mullerlight

Snack - Tesco jam doughnut (omg it was sooo lovely!!!!! and worth all 11 syns!)

Lunch - Rice salad (leftover rice mixed with chopped red and green peppers, raw red onion, chopped tomatoes, a tin of tuna in brine and 4 tbsp of balsamic salad dressing - 4 syns in the whole lot and I estimate I'll get 4 portions so just 1 syn used today)
3 wholegrain ryvita with 2 extra light laughing cows (hexb and 2 syns)

Dinner - leftover chilli with rice and 42g low fat cheese (hexa)

Pudding - Mullerlight and an orange

Snack - 1 cous cous and raspberry muffin (they actually taste a little better today!)

Total syns - 14
Fridays' food (extra easy)

Breakfast - Grapefruit and 1 small cous cous and raspberry muffin

Snack - Alpen light (hexb)

Lunch - Rice salad as made yesterday(1 syn), fresh pineapple and a mullerlight

Snack Alpen light (remainder of hexb|_

Dinner - 3 morrison's syn free pork sausages, slimming world chips, 2 x eggs, baked beans and a grilled tomato, tomatow ketchup (2syns)

Supper - mug of turkish delight options (2syns)

Didn't use my hex a today as couldn't fit it in!

Total syns - 5

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