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meowws diary..

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by meoww, 2 October 2012 Social URL.

  1. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    Thought id start a diary, Im spending a lot of my time reading and typing on here now as it helps keep me focussed and inspired!
    Its Tuesday, my first week is nearly done, I'll be weighing myself first thing thursday morning, so tomorrow is day 7.
    Its been an interesting week! I appear to have gone off plan at the weekend, and I feel like I will do this most weekends, but how badly this happens I cant say, Im hoping to be able to have little 'treats' that dont ruin my hard work.
    Im also planning an exercise class tomorrow which im slightly worried about energy wise..we shall see!
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  3. dovydaitis

    dovydaitis Silver Member

    hiya meoww and hope you diary helps, I find it does for me :)
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  4. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    thankyou! its nice to just jabber on, when replying to peoples posts I sometimes forget what the question was so ill save my jabbering for here now!
    I had a little weigh in this morning, I was going to do it tomorrow officially but Im going to be at my boyfriends house, plus I technically started on a wednesday.. im confusing myself here I could do with a better routine.
    But I weigh 12stone 0.5lbs which im pretty happy with, its roughly 5.5lbs loss, ive recorded 12.7lbs before and even 12.9lbs -I think I need new scales!
    It might sound low to some people, but I was off plan at the weekend. And I might continue having the odd day or meal off plan and I know that isnt the most effective way I think its better than not trying at all.
    and I simply cant lose weight doing any other type of diet!
    anyway, im feeling excited to see the 11stones again soon!!
    and im going to spinning class in an hour (hence Ive been eating a bit of off plan food but im also exercising)
  5. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    Your going grand by the looks of things

    Kept seeing you around LOL :) I exercised through plan. Add on more protein for sure, spinning is a great calorie burn :)

    Keep up the good work Xx
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  6. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    Thank You :]

    spin class was great! its good as I can go at my own level, if I feel knackered I just slow down a bit or turn my resistance down.
    feeling pretty tired today, been super busy at work, I downed a load of coffee and went into hyperspeed, cleaning and chopping and running around got home and crashing! but I think I also needed a big glass of water!
  7. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    for past few days Ive just felt desperate for water all the time! cant seem to drink enough! I probably am not drinking enough..!
    food, hasnt quite been as it should be, I wont go into too many details, back to strict eating tomorrow.
    exercise is good though, I went for a jog this morning, really set me up for the day! got the boyf to join me too.
    need to push harder this week! but my weekend has been more controlled than last weekend which is good.
  8. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    I know its bad though, what are other peoples experiences with dipping in and out of ketosis? I am more just trying to cut the calories, I dont feel like staying in ketosis is achievable at the moment..
  9. dovydaitis

    dovydaitis Silver Member

    you do what you can do, nothing more nothing less
  10. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    You will loose but the hunger and constant water fluctuations .. hmm its a toss up

    You would be better having more calories and staying in ketosis if your exercising - so say have 800cals but stay in ketosis - have protein to top you up

    Throwing an idea out there, depends what the issue is with being in ketosis??

    Keep up the exercise, your doing ace Xx
  11. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    cheers guys, yeah I need to cut my carbs thats the problem, I ate low/no carbs for like a year and its just not doing it for me anymore. I love a few days on the sachets though it makes me feel better, but then im like rargh food.
    I tend to stop losing or lose slower, but dont gain anything if I eat food I shouldn't.
    I love the exercise! my job is fairly physical too, -well im on my feet constantly all day and walking around.
    I might push to get into ketosis again and see how I feel at work/doing exercise.
  12. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    have not managed to diet at all the past few days! urgh. I have been eating all sorts, but not excessive amounts, ie food I would eat when at target (I think) been fairly active though.
    my routine has just completely messed up, Ive been starting work at 6am! normally I start at 9 or sometimes 8.
    so no brekkie before work and working hard non stop till midday when Im like right, sarnie, sugary drink!
    but I do run around like a mad woman at work sometimes.
    and the days that I dont rush about as much I find it much more easy to eat a green salad with tuna.

    I think I shall go for a jog in the morning, have a chilled day, then try a lower calorie week, some sachets some food. work should be a bit kinder on me next week but I never can tell as we just dont know how many people will walk through the door!
  13. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    Back on the wagon!

    ok I'm back to it again now, I am the worlds worst dieter! (but a great maintainer it seems!)

    After about 10 days with 2 days off in the middle I lost 5lbs, then seemed to stay off diet but haven't gained any I don't think? Maybe one or two lbs.
    I promised the October challenge I would lose 10lbs this month..! Better get cracking!!

    It's now 7pm and I've had 3 foodpacks.. argh. I plan to have just one more, I am tempted to have a protein meal but I'm not sure as it is tempting to sneak some cheese into it, or some oil or tomatoes carrots... arg.
    I really fancy some tuna but I don't think I've got any in.
    I could also have another meal pack, but then I will have had 3 today and one shake, and ill end up with just loads of shakes left in my box!
    oh the perils!
  14. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    Back to it again!!

    ok I'm really really trying this time!

    I've ordered 'The Beck Diet Solution' book thingy, going to read it and really try my hardest to work through it. I found the CBT at LL helpful, not amazing or anything but it did help keep me on track and I really do need to make changes.
    I'd love to worry less and crave rubbish food less, and I know I just cant go back to my old eating ways!

    well, am on day 1 feeling how I expected physically, mental attitude is ok, I know the worst is yet to come..will take it as it does though!
  15. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    Im tired!

    Ive finally figured out how to give people rep power, so any readers you might randomly get some, ive been on a dishing up rep rampage, theres just been so many lovely people to chat to all the times I come back here (after slinking away when the diet goes tits up)

    but I really need to know when to put laptop away and go to bed!

    argh day 1 nearly done.. egh

    im preparing to wake up thirsty and bursting for a wee in the morning, and grumpy and hungry

    and then cycling up a steep hill (albeit a 5 min cycle trip) to work
    to look at lovely food all day
    and eat a salad ( I think chicken, lots of rocket, couple of olives, cucumber.. ) dont think I can have my lovely pickled cabbage! ;[

    and dose up on coffee continuously and waterrrr (which I will not drink enough of im sure!)

    9 hour shift tomorrow, then 7am start on saturday blargh, what is harder.. busy work or relaxing boredom when it comes to thinking of food..
  16. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    oh also, my blooming book wont come till 18th January!! stupid amazon tax dodgers! blaarh. if anyone has the book can lend me the first page.. lol
  17. dovydaitis

    dovydaitis Silver Member

    hiya, I'm jumping back on on monday (still have illicit food in the house) so I will have the hellish first 3 days to come :( we will do it this year though
  18. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    yes its always best to feel like the festivities are well and truly over!
    this will be the year! just think Jan and Feb are boring cold months anyway so might as well stay in with hot water bottle, cups of tea and the forum! by March we'll be 2 stone down! :)
  19. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    oh wow day 3 nearly over! I woke feeling quite good and generally felt good so I did a ketosis test and got a light pink! so that says almost/yes!
    It seemed to happen much quicker, I think really pushing and not sneaking in extra packs or anything, on top of being active at work really spurred the ketosis along faster!
    so the OH is downstairs having homemade pizza and ive enjoyed a spagetti pack with some celery salt added which was yummy!
    Just got my day off tomorrow to work through, must try not to do too much or too little. plus I might have a carb free roast for tea to look forward to and spur me on, Im thinking chicken (of course!) broccoli, cabbage some kind of boulion gravy perhaps.

    I also kept quiet from the fam for the last two days, and ive been rumbled! I knew I would eventually, just wanted to get started without a fuss.
    previously ive been feeling sorry for myself and thining this as a punishment, but now I see it as a positive thing, a change my habits for good! and lose, both at the same time!
  20. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    yay sunday nearly done, two packs and one meal down, just need a shake before bed (which I actually dont want!)
    had some lovely chicken and cauliflower for tea, had a bit of gravy on it.. I really hope it was low carb gravy!

    But feel pretty amazing! my face has gone skinny again, double chin almost gone! belly feels flatter and generally feel less bloated and heavy.

    still super positive, to the point where looking at food is not hurting me almost at all! I just keep thinking, 'practice for skinny life!!'

    cant wait for week 1 to be done, Im thinking I weighed weds night, so will weigh thursday morning which will be wk2 day1 but morning weigh ins are better! hehe
  21. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    wooop wooop onto monday!
    going good! got a day off tomorrow, all by myself too so must be careful as I used to eat rubbish on my days off alone..
    had some cottage cheese today and might have had a bit too much.. I feel a bit sick now :[

    gym tomorrow!!

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