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Message for Team Leaders

I think, like you said, have a cut-off date of Sunday evening so you can announce the winners on Monday, if a team hasn't posted results by then (or let you know the situation) then tough! :) (In the nicest way possible, obviously.)

That's not to say that team MEMBERS should have a cut-off date of Sunday or this could turn into a complete fiasco!
The cut off date for members to post their results or situation to their team leader should be Thursday evening as before, and the cut-off date for team leaders to post their results or situation on the weekly thread should be Sunday evening.

Just to get the stragglers, I mean, right now I'm waiting on one result (and technically another, but I've given up hope on her :rolleyes:) and it might come through tonight or tomorrow, but I don't want to leave her out in case she just forgets to come online tonight or something :)

Heh, I was pretty confident until you said that! :p

My team has its highest ever percentage this week :eek:
(Though that's not saying that much! :eek:)



Must do it this time
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dont worry jennikay,if we dont do it this week,theres always next week,or the week after that,or after that.....................i could go on!!!


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I have just took over from Saraian as Team Leader with the Waterbabes, So I am struggling getting results at the moment, If my Team members havent posted their losses by Sunday then I will just post who have,

Although as it was thursday to thursday some team members dont get weighed till beginning of next week.. :rolleyes:



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Are the results still thursday to thursday then but we just have to get them posted up by sunday? I'm still waiting for 1 member but haven't seen her around all week. I've chased her up but not checked the post yet.

I'll mail you as soon as they are all in Irene
What I'm doing, is chasing everyone up, and if they still haven't given me results by Sunday then post what I have.

On a side note, what do you do when you don't get a result?
Do you work out the percentage as if they had an STS, or do you (like I do) leave them out completely?

I don't think it's fair for the team's percentage to suffer because one person doesn't hand in results and that's why I leave them out.



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Thats what i do hun, as this week i only posted 5 results, if one of the team fails to send in their results i just leave them out fo that particular week, otherwise its not fair on the rest of the team who have worked really hard and have sent their result in.

I assume its still thurs-thurs cut off if team members have to post their WI by 8pm on thurs?



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No probs and thanks for organising all of this i know it can't be easy and we do appreciate it.

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