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Metformin for PCOS

I wondered if any of you ladies take Metformin for PCOS as I need some advice. I went to my first meeting last night and when I went to my GP last week she suggested I stop the Metformin as the calorie intake was so low that I might have hypo's. However my LLC advised that most women continue with the Metformin and are fine.

So just a bit unsure and will look to gain further official medical advice from GP again but if anyone else can provide any wisdom I would be really grateful.
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Hi I have type 2 diabetes and pcos and take metformin to treat both xx, I've been taking it for about 3 months now. Metformin is designed for diabetics like myself with high blood sugar levels and its job is to bring those sugar levels down to a reasonable level and stabilise them so I can understand what your doctors is saying but if you feel fine on them then I wouldn't worry :) what dose are you on..? you could always reduce the dose to decrease the chances of a hypo or anything like that happening x
Thanks Mrs.JK! My recommended dose is 2 x 850mg per day but my stomach could never cope with that (I'm sure you know what I mean!) so I just take the 1 x 850mg per day.

I think I will just see how I get on as I do get benefits from taking it so don't really want to stop.


will beat the bulge!!
I agree I only take 1 a day cos they just make me sick otherwise xxx Keep us posted on if you have any changes with using them xxxx :)


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I would suggest you ONLY take your doctors advice. Everyone is different and medication has a different effect depending on what you take it for and what your personal situation is. On a VLCD your body will only have enough to keep it going and not to perform any extra tasks. Speak to your GP again and take their word as final x


will beat the bulge!!
I think if your ultimate goal is to lose weight to reduce your symptoms of pcos then not taking the metformin would only have a negative result for a short time until your weight was starting to go down with ur weight going down so will symptoms of the pcos, so after speaking to ur doc again they still advise you to stop taking them don't despair it isn't going to set you back a great deal once you get ur weight down the symptoms will subside anyway hun :)
Thanks everyone for your comments!

I think I wil ask my GP again and contact the LL medical team (didn't know there was one) and go from there. As mrs.jk says, ifI stop the Metformin it will take a while before I have lost enough weight for my symptoms to subside again however I clearly don't want to risk my health.

Thanks again, will let you know how I get on.


will beat the bulge!!
Exactly you definitely don't want to do that xx Even if you do have to wait a while till ur weightloss makes a difference to ur pcos symptoms it'll be better than taking the metformin and not knowing whether it'll affect you in a bad way with ur VLCD xxx Good luck hunni xx :)
Welcome ladies

Nice to see you on here.
I was lucky, never got type2 diabetes, but for the last few years was constantly expecting to.
A lady in my group had it and was on medication. She also had high blood pressure at the start and was being momitored by her GP. She didn't reduce her medication straight way, but by the end of foundation her blood sugar levels and blood pressure had both come down.
The blood pressure tablets were deemed unnecessary by her doctor and diabetes medication halved. She has gone on to lose more weight and the medication has been stopped all together.
One happy healthy lady. Success.
Thanks SB, luckily I don't have type 2 Diabetes either and take the Metformin just for PCOS and hoping by doing LL I can avoid get the Diabetes as I think that women with PCOS have a bit of pre-disposition to it....also my Dad has it (type 2 Diabetes not PCOS!!!:8855:) so I was possibly on course for much of the same...but not now!!

Thanks again Mrs.jk, having spoken to the LL medical team they have advised me to just take the GP's advice of course so I have stopped them and will see what happens, the lady I spoke to did say that your homones change immediately whilst on a VLCD so I may not have to wait to loose lots before I see the benefits. I am going to see how it goes for the 1st 4 weeks and then when I go to the GP for blood pressure etc I will take it from there:).

I take 2000mg of metformin per day for PCOS and have lost 7st so far on LL. My doctor has told me that when I go into RTM that he will probably take me off the Metformin as the symptoms of PCOS will have lessened due to the weight loss :D
Thanks Twinny, that's interesting....I take it you haven't had any problems staying on the Metformin then? In a dilema again now :confused: but think I might go back and see a different doctor in the practice for a 2nd opinion!

Thanks again x


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Good morning

This is posted in the Introductions section as a 'Please Read'

Important Notice
We can only tell you what our experience has been on our weight loss journey and help you to educate yourself about things we have found out that are both useful and important.

Important Notice.
At the end of the day our advice is not medical and you should always consult your local Pharmacy/Doctor/Health Nurse.
It has been brought up as a subject of concern that members are potentially ignoring the medical advice of their Dr or Health Nurse - please, your Dr knows your medical history, and has a reason for the advice they give you. Don't ignore them.
Thanks DQ......as per my post's I don't plan on ignoring my doctor's advice and by gaining information from people in a similar situation it means I have more knowledge and information to discuss with my GP regarding the issue.


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Thanks Susianna, I just wanted to allay a few concerns that were raised with me. :hug99:

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