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Metformin Tablets

G: 11st0lb
Hi everyone. I just wondered if any of you are taking or have taken metformin? I've just been prescribed it and I wondered if it helped with your PCOS much? The doc did explain it but he went on in his doc lingo & I got confused by it all. I start taking it tomorrow. Any advice would b hugely appreciated.
Thank you
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Hi hun,

My endocrinoligist put me on metformin 6 months ago due to no periods for a year! I had many tests but due to me giving birth to my son prematurely at 23 weeks they put it down to the stress of that and the grief of my son passing away! After many tests they diagnosed me with PCOS. I started the tablets and my period arrived within 4 weeks, i have since had periods with the metformin every 28 - 32 days! They do work, not ttc till the weight is off and to be honest I can't bear to go through losing another child. 4 is too many! So here I am on the long journey of sheding the pounds to become a mummy. xxx
G: 11st0lb
Hi Katy,

I am so sorry to hear about your son and that you have had to cope with miscarriages! It's just awful. I can't imagine how devastating it is to lose a child. And it sounds Like you've gone through a lot!

It's great tho that you have taken the positive step to lose weight, I too have been told i may have fertility problems and conceiving may be difficult. But losing weight can seriously improve your chances of becoming a mummy... So we are both on the right track :)

I hadn't had a period for a year too, hence the tablets. I just hope they work. Have you had any side effects with them? I've had a few headaches since takin them.

I can't see peoples stats etc on the iPhone app, can I ask what plan you are following? How's it going for you? I'm sort of combining what i learned in SW and calorie counting. I still have a long way to go yet. But it's getting there :)

Good luck with everything & take care
Hi CC,

I am healthy eating and taking Xenical! I am seriously obese (i can now admit it) Xenical was perscribed by my doctor and i am only allowed 45g's of fat a day! If i go over this limit i will et bad side effects ( pooing fat ) so really am sticking to it!

I have been an metformin for a few months and the docs said this may reduce my weight, i actually stayed the same 319 pounds! When I last went he put me on the Xenical and the side effects alone are why its worth sticking to.

The side effects I got within the first two months of taking the metformin were the runs and bad headaches, both syptoms subsided after 2 months when my boday had got used to them. Since starting my periods have arrived and i feel so much better knowing that they are here coz my chances of being a mummy again are increased.

I have been taking the xenical since boxing day (wanted a good last fat xmas lol) i weighed myself this morning and have lost 8 pounds so far! So glad they are working!

How much weight do you have to lose?

Katy xxx
G: 11st0lb
Hiya Katy,

WELL DONE YOU!! 8lbs is fantastic!! What a fab start for you!!

I kno a couple of people taking that. It seems to work well as long as you don't cheat. The side effects don't sound too good if you do. It's defo working for you tho hun, which is great news!

I'm glad ur sorted with the metformin now, I hope I get used to it too. Really want it to work! it's kind of peace of mine knowing you are gettin your period... It worries me when I don't.

I too am... Da da da... Obese!! It's awful to admit it but I am! I have to lose 11st. It seems like a massive task. So I'm breaking it down into stones. I've joined a thread that is a challenge to lose at least a stone b4 valentines day. I am sticking to a low cal plan, of which I eat between 1200 -1500cals a day. It seems to b working, I've lost 16lbs since I started :)

I want to start exercising too this new year. It can only help right?!

Do you have a goal/target weight? Or mini goals?

Hi hun,

hope your well? I have set a couple of mini goals! I want to be down to at least 20 stone by end of feb and at least 18 stone by end of april ( ready for the new cricket season, hoping the other wags won't recognise me lol)

My Main goal is to get down to 15 stone and then the likley hood of me having a successful pregnancy increases by 78 per cent.

Me and the other half have put a stop on the baby making till it's off! To be honest will do us good, My main focus was to be a mummy again and with my son passing away and all the misscarriages it was just pushing us further and further apart!
We have just booked our first walking holiday for feb and we are going to borrow my mums dog to join us!
This morning i went for an hours walk before going to work, going to join a gym when i feel a little more confident!
Thinking about one of these ladies only, 30 mins circuit ones! Don't know if they are any good though!

Katy xxx
G: 11st0lb
Hiya Hun,

Im good thanks! How are you?? I cant believe its NYE already!! This year has flown by! Do you have any plans for this eve?

Ooh ur a cricket wag eh? Ull defo 'bowl them over' (see what I did there lol) when uve got to your target!! Ur well on ur way!
I am going away in may and I'd love to have lost 4st by then. Hard work but defo doable! We can keep each other motivated!! :)

Gosh, 78% improvement by losing weight? It just shows you the damage extra weight can do! It's scary really, but it's fixable and we r on the right road now!
I think ur right to give yourself time to lose the weight b4 you 'try' again, I'm sure you have heard this b4 but my nan swears that once her and my grandad stopped trying they got pregnant... Twice! It helps to take the pressure off yourselves I think. Like u say it affects relationships, which is the opposite of what u want. I'm sure 2011 is your year!

The walking holl sounds good, something to look forward too and it's good for you! I keep putting off joining a gym. I've done it a hundred times but I always stop going. I'm more into classes like aerobics and LBT's. I have a friend that goes to one of those 30min ones. It's like a circuit training session so I gather. Might b worth checking it out!?

Im goin out tonight for dinner & a few drinks, think the cal counting might have to take a back seat. But I'll be bk on it tomorrow!!! 4 sure! That's always been my problem 1 treat day turns into a treat month!

Have u any resolutions? I have tonnes lol. But obv the weight coming off being number 1!

Happy new year, let's hope it's a great one :D
Hi hun,

Can't believe its new year's eve! Wishing you a happy new year!

Just got to my mum's i hate the 200 mile drive but seeing the family is worth it!

My main resolution is to obviously lose the weight, and quit the fags again! But this time once and for all! I am going to somke till i get into the habit of the healthy eating and gentley wean myself off them (don't wanna binge eat to substitute the cravings for fags!)

Not going out tonight, just having a few drinks with the family at mum's house! I'm not drinking though! Going to be good!

I have spent too much time pregnant and not drinking so to be honest i don't miss it.

Catch up with you in 2011

Katy xxx
Hi hun, hope your ok? Hows this week going for you? My first weigh in this week, 11 pound lost. Im in shock lol x
G: 11st0lb
WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! GO U!! that's absolutely brilliant! I'm so chuffed for you :-D. What a fab start to the year.

I daren't get weighed just yet, I wasn't on my best behaviour over Christmas or new year to b honest. I'm bk on form now tho!

How was the trip to ur mums? That's a journey & a half! I guess I'm lucky to have most of my family close by.

Good luck with the smokin, ur right to take it one thing at a time tho. Losing weight & quitting the fags must b sooooo hard! Ull do it tho hun!

I wish I'd followed ur example and not drunk over new year, I was slightly delicate on new years day. Was a good night tho. I'd been worried about it coz I feel sooooo huge at the mo & all my Mates r skinny minis, but it was actually a great night.

Just gotta say a mahoooosive congrats again, 11lbs is amazing. :)

Thanks Hun,
Well chuffed! Still at mum's it was my brothers birthday yesterday! So decided to stay till tomorrow! Needless to say i'm at mum's while other half is in the pub! Too many arguments this weekend!
I did live close to mum only moved away coz i got a promotion! He came with me too! To be honest i think the damage is done now!
Hope your well xxx
G: 11st0lb
Ah no! I'm sorry to hear that. I hope things get better for you! A lot of arguing is tough for anyone! How long have you been married? I hope you enjoy the rest of your time with your family. I bet ur brother was glad u could stay for his bday.

Well if you have managed to still lose all that weight even with all this & Christmas temptations ur like superwoman lol.

I'm not bk at work till thurs so I'm going to start as I mean to go on & get walking the dogs legs off & I'm going to legs, bums & tums on wed!
Hi hun were not married, been together 4 years. Its the strain of losing our son and the m/c's. Where u from hun? Xx
G: 11st0lb
It's totally understandable Hun! It's bound to b extremely stressful for you both. Your both grieving & everyone grieves differently. I kno it's easy to say, but try & give it time, things are still very raw for you both now. Try to hold on to the positives, which are that you want to b a family & that you love each other!

I'm from Sheffield. Where r u from?
Im in doncaster at the mo at my mums x not far lol x
G: 11st0lb
Not far at all lol. Small world eh!? Did u move further north or south?
Ive moved south to bristol, going to head back this afternoon, got some things to do here then set off. When ppl wake up lol. X
G: 11st0lb
Safe journey then Hun, ahh wish I was still in bed lol. It's typical isn't it, bank holl but up at the crack of Dawn :-( sayin that I'm being a lazy beast, I'm still in my pjs and I intend to b for a while yet lol. X
Im going to the cemetry to see my son and then shopping. By the time we get back supermarket will be closed. I have been up hours, took mums dog for a walk. Got newspapers done some internet clothes shopping etc. Gonna throw cold water over him soon lol x
G: 11st0lb
Good idea to go and see your son, sometimes that can help. I lost my mum when I was a child and it still helps me to go to her grave.

You have had a very productive morning. I think it's only fair that the fella gets rudely awoken lol.

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