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Micro diet (uni-vite diet)????


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Sorting through my books today, I found one I had dated 1984 called the Micro Diet.

I certainly don't ever remember doing that one...have no idea why I have the book:confused:

Described as
'The Very Low Calorie Slimming Plan that Concentrates Maximum Nutrition into Minimum Calories'

By malcolm Nicholl and Colin Rose.

It appears to be 330 calories and in shake form.
Just can't understand why I don't remember doing it. I remember doing Cambridge in the 80's, but not this one.

Nor have do I ever remember anyone talking about it.

Has anyone else heard/tried this one in the past?
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Yes I remember doing Micro Diet in about 1984/5. Much the same as Cambridge but it came in sachets like Cambridge does now.

It worked very well just like Cambridge.



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no - have you googled it to see if it is still running?
Have done that now :) Seems that it is still around...well it was in 2006 :D Obviously not that popular.
Yes I remember doing Micro Diet in about 1984/5. Much the same as Cambridge but it came in sachets like Cambridge does now.

It worked very well just like Cambridge.

Woohoo, and ex-micro dieter. It's strange as I just can't remember anyone mentioning this one ever. The book is interesting. Does seem very similar to Cambridge. Even use the term 'sole source'. Lots of advice in there about maintenance.

Some dated advice for 'the other half'

Rule number two: Don't be the temptor or temptress. Wives, don't cook your husband's favourite meal. Husbands, don't mention your wife's favourite restaurant

Apart from that, the book is really good. Very user friendly and packed with advice about how to succeed with a VLCD:cool:

Much stuff that we know already, but if I hadn't been on this forum, it would have been very handy.
Univite was very successful for a few years but was eclipsed by Cambridge due, I think, to their superior advertising.
I used it and sold as a counsellor - it was very similar to Cambridge and had some awesome flavours it worked too!
The unit selling it is still there in Aston Clinton but it nows seems to sell only nutritional type drinks for convalescing (I could be wrong)
If it is still going I would like to try it again.
Hi ladies,
How long do you normally go on these diets for? I am curious, do you develop food cravings, go hungry and long to eat normally again? Just wondering what happens in a dieter's psyche...
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That is a huge question.

1) As long as it takes, as long as is necessary, as long as is recommended, or as long as is appropriate. This will vary from person to person.

2) Food cravings tend to subside somewhat after the first week, once 1) you get used to it, and 2) a mechanism of ketosis is that it can stave off hunger. It may be worth reading up on, should you be sufficiently curious.

3) Ditto the food longing. Different people react differently, though.

4) 'What happens in a dieter's psyche'? Talking in the third person like that kinda makes us all sounds like lab rats. There is no singular 'dieter's psyche'! Some people would prefer to take the scenic route to weight loss, others would prefer the higher-speed route, or use a VLCD as a kick start. Either way, it's down to the individual, their reasons and motivations.
I know Uni-Vite as a product based on the original Cambridge Diet and manufactured by Twins Propan Pharmaceuticals in South Africa. It was an excellent product and even though I was a slim as a reed, I used it as a meal replacement for those crazy run-around days when there was no time to stop, so I'd rather have a Uni-Vite shake made with full-cream milk than a greasy burger from the chippy across the road. I loved how it kept my hair and skin in a great condition and kept my energy levels up. I also remember the great results the product gave if you stuck to the diet. (I was the Advisor Liaison Manager for Uni-Vite SA until it went into liquidation.)
I used to have a wee paperback book called THE MICRO DIET. Ages back! I might still have it somewhere. I'd forgotten all about uni-vite lol. Takes me back!


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Funny, I have a ton of diet books too = ) and honestly I think they all worked, I have yet to find a way to maintain my goal weight =( Maybe this time?

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