migraines day 7?!!

Discussion in 'Exante - Total Solution 100%' started by Sizzle78, 14 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. Sizzle78

    Sizzle78 New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I'm hoping someone could give me some advice and hopefully I'm worrying over nothing.
    I have had such a weird day. Started with my first wiegh in and I lost 11lbs. I felt fan and full of energy.
    This afternoon I had a migraine aura and since have been feeling really headachey and foggy. I keep getting pins and needles in my hands. Obviously if this continues ill be off to the Dr. But could this be connected to exante? I've not had a migraine for years!
    Many thanks
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  3. Claire3112

    Claire3112 Member

    Hi, hope you are feeling better.
    With the warm weather you must ensure you drink lots to stop dehydration - one of the causes of headaches.
    Always best to get things checked by GP if you're not feeling better.

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