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mim -high carb?

right im comfused i put in my fitness pal a mim
flax meal-atkins muffin in a minute- i muffin with cinnamon
this came up as
243 cal 12 carbs 18 fat 12 protein

the carbs have made me go over my day by 2g and i havent even had me tea yet !!!!!


i use 30g flax 2 eggs splenda baking powder cineman

is this really 12 carbs im sure for 30g flaz its 0.5

do you think this is right

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flaxseed is really low carb if you look at the back of the packet, it will have the fiber from the carbs subtracted, whereas on fitness pal it probably has them all lumoped in as one the american way, i think theres a sticky at the top about this,

igonore fitday and mim away!
MIM is almost all fibre; the carb figures for flaxseed reflect that. However, many US Atkinsers regard the MIM as a 'carb wash' because almost all of it passes straight through the bowel, undigested.

So yes, indeed, enjoy!
It's usually only one egg per MIM. I use one egg per two MIMs. Have tinkered with the recipe many times to get the right texture for choc 'cake', sandwich 'bread', etc. I don't like the MIM too heavy and dense.

Also some MIM recipes on low carb sites state 2 tablespoonsful of butter per MIM. I think this is way too much and use less than one tablespoonful of coconut oil or cooking oil. Finding the right texture for your own personal taste means a tailor-made MIM!
Sorry probably being a bit dense but I went out and got some milled flaxseed last night as was really tempted to try and make a mim (which I have just done, my first :D) but checking the packet per 15g its 5.3g carbs and 4.6g fibre as this is from the UK does it have the 5.3 g carbs or should i be reading the US way and deducting the fibre I am quite confused:confused:xx
Flaxseed soaks up water like a sponge. Taking extra fluid with it is essential. It is fantastic for keeping you 'regular' but if you don't take extra liquid it can get too dry in the bowel and actually cause constipation.

The carbs in the MIM are fibre and since this fibre passes through the digestive system without being absorbed the carbs are regarded as almost nil. They go in, and out again! LOL.
aahh I see - well i drank 4 glasses of water with 1/2 my mim ( had to anyway made me very thirsty lol) They are SO filling though I had half as a snack and was full up im loving the mims xxx
Try making a few MIM-based treats - see recipe thread. The toasted cheese MIM is gorgeous, as is the Rich Chocolate one. I slice it in half and add a little black cherry SF jam, then pour a (wee!) bit of cream on top. Mmmmmm.

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