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OMG the flapjacks should carry a health warning:eek:
I've just brought home 7 from my weigh in!! Its like chewing a dried poo, not that i have, but they smell & look like one:cry:
I can't get it down lol, my hubby's been cracking up down the phone at me, its not nice!
Tho on the positive i lost 5kg is that about 11lbs??:p
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great loss hun, well done.

lol @ flapjacks, u had to try them to believe how bad they were! take them back and change them. or try toasting them, apparently it makes them nicer, i don't agree but there u go xx
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7!!!!!!!! Are you mad?????????

I have read so many posts of people saying they are rank, that I have never tried them , and never will, in fact my Chemist doesnt stock them anyway!

Great weight-loss!!
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lmao! OH eats his by taking a swig of balck tea with each bite. he says they're rotten but you get used to it and he finds them filling. I haven't tried them though lol.

Excellent loss -11lbs is amazing!
11lbs is fantastic!!!! [email protected] fjs hehe they are disgusting, reminded me of what i think eating cigarettes would be like:jelous:
def try to change them.... at least you tried tho;) xxxxxxxxxx
Well contrary to my better judgement, i asked my pharmacist to order in some especially!! So now i've got two weeks worth to get through!! I should've listened, but i'm always the person who has to try everything once!
My hubby said dip them, but in what?? Water ffs?!! (aaugh)
well if i ever stray in the future (of course i won't) i'll keep them in the cupboard for punishment!
lmao i had one broken up into crumbs with a hot choc shake, sorta like a cereal, plus 2 meals in 1 go!!! Took an hour to eat..... made them more bearable but only just:p
well done, you did it!!!!!!!! don't think i could've without the shake!!!!
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Oh my,
You've just reminded me about my one and only experience with the flapjacks and I'm sitting here dry retching!!!:eek:

I was gonna have my lunch-time shake but think I'll give it a miss for an hour!!

What a fab weight loss,gives you a wee buzz doesn't it?

Jan xx
Couldn't face the FJ tried them both could only manage a nibble. They're NASTY, RANK, YUCK. I don't know how you managed to force them down. I couldnt even face it. So naughtily i missed meals. I know i shouldnt but the first day i was sick and slept most of the day. The second one i was also sick but i ate normal food that eve so it doesnt really matter. I think at the end of the world all that will survive are LT FJ and cockroaches
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I think all at the end of the world all that will survive are LT FJ and cockroaches
HAHA & if man survived too, he'd have to top himself!
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congrats on a fab week loss, can't believe ya tried the flapjacks, omg they are just gross, well done for getting it down though!


Is thinking positive!
I agree the flapjacks are YUK!!! :p

But congrats on the fab weightloss!!! :):)


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Have to say I have the peanut flapjacks simply because they are one of the easiest things for me to have when travelling with work etc.I don't enjoy them but they do fill me up. I believe you can do something with them with vanilla shake a bit like a porridge but nott ried that. I thought you couldn't have them until 3rd week..great weight loss :D


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I am worried that there must be something wrong with me!! I am ashamed to say I actually like the flapjacks. I don't mean like as in yummy, but I just like the fact that it is something to chew on.

I have one each day for my lunch, I have had them since day one and find that if I take a small bite and then a huge slug of water I can chew them enough to swallow.

Now the Chicken soup thats another matter...........................YuK !!!!

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