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MinnieMel is nolonger considers herself a CDer. One final post.

Hi Everyone,

I do not know about you, but I find that once I have adjusted to being on a plan -- I have loads of energy and lot more time. (I must have spent a lot of time and energy on cooking, eating, thinking about eating, etc.). So, I am going to use this thread, and ask that you do as well -- to post what I have accomplished today not related to food.

For example: I emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it. I hope to move on to more amazing accomplishments, but it is a start! :)

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please try again
erm i made it home eventually and managed to switch on the computer, lol

i really hope to do something more productive with my time the rest of the day, lol
Thanks for posting... creating my first thread is like planning a party. You are so afraid that no one will show up! On to mopping the floor... hooha! LOL


please try again
you mop? hey are you free today? mine could do with a clean too, lol

think once i step off minimins for a couple hours i shall be tackling the bathroom, one of the jobs i hate but most definatly is an important one so i can go for those relaxing baths when naughty thoughts occur
Good Plan Claire -- I bought myself a steam mop and it is good fun. Okay, not good fun... but more entertaining than the old stick and bucket bit. I like doing the bath because it always looks so much better when you're finished. Keep me posted... I love the mundane.

Unfortunately I don't get the energy boost that some people experience with CD. I never really spent much time cooking before - I used to eat a lot of convenience foods and I seem to do the minimum of housework. Oh dear, I'm just lazy!
I run around after my 2 kids and do the school and nursery run without feeling like I need to collapse afterwards lol. I have so much energy and I hate sitting around watching tv in the evenings anymore, I have even started exercise classes. Love this diet.
Hmmm yes i deffo have more energy on CD but waste of time in my job sitting my a$$ all day in the car teaching ! Although ive noticed now when im waiting for driving tests to come back i wal around the town centre now rather than sitting down drinking tea/coffee with other instructors have 2 tests tomorrow morning *sigh* and will be doing a bit of pre holiday shopping in peacocks lol its all we have near the test centre..but before i'd have been 'cant be arrrrrsed'

Instead of eating today so far, I've...

Cleaned the downstairs loo, done some laundry, bought two dresses via the internet, ordered a Christmas gift for a relative, responded to two emails, and started cleaning the kitchen...

Instead of eating today so far, I've...

Adding to my last list... I cleaned the ensuite bath, did some more laundry, and took a nice long bubble bath.
Since my last post...

Added to my list since my last post... I sewed doll bedding for two of my daughter's doll beds. Poor dolls have been sleeping on bare mattresses since I gave her the beds last February. Now the mattresses are covered, the dolls have nice duvets, the one pillow has a case, I made another pillow and case for that one, too! Can't eat and sew at the same time. Yeah! Didn't even think about food whilst doing all this fussing stuff.
Hi It's Saturday now, and day two of "what I am doing instead of eating"... I did have my shake and am currently on Minimins and drinking coffee. I uploaded some photos to this site to make an album (new tech skill for me!). I am going to see if there is a a family film for us to go to today, then we'll be working on DD's homework project. I am going try completing some more sewing projects, and getting a bit of housework done. Wish me luck. MM


please try again
well i didnt get much extra done yesterday, started to feel really ill again so sleeping won, lol
today i didnt get up till late, read some more of "long walk to freedom" and then i came and set myself up on here, lol
i need to copy out some recipies from a website and test one out on the family later
Sorry to hear you are unwell. The weather is getting to me. I did do a little ironing (very little) and spend some time with the family. I'm hoping you're better tomorrow and I am more motivated.

Well done. I am hoping to be more motivated tomorrow. Are you thinking of moving house?

yes, but not for a couple of years when our daughter finishes at uni, we are hoping to down size, and there is a new site being built in an area that we really like, we've seen a couple of house types on the plan that we like but as its a new site there are no show houses etc so we've been looking at the builders other sites to find the house types, its hard to imagine them off a drawing. the ones we like will be in phase 2 of the build which is about 2 -3 years off, but that suits us, as we don't really want to move until she's finished or about to finish at uni
Hi Trish,

I can relate. Our son started Uni this year, and it is big money. I hoping he will be a good investment. lol

It's Sunday... and I need to be motivated. So, far I have caught up with a friend (after two weeks of phone tag), and been helping my daughter with schoolwork. Now, I am on to laundry, etc.

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Today i blitzed my house but am leaving the bedroom for tomorrow and am now chilling wit my LOx

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