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Mirjam's Cruise diet


Never Ever Give Up!
Today I've started my first day on Cruise. Have done Attack for 4 days and lost 1.6 kg (3.52lbs). I don't have that much weight left to lose and according to Dr. D I have to stay on Cruise until 16 October to reach my true weight of 63.2 kg (139.04lbs).
Started with a PV day today and so far I've eaten/will eat:
B - scrambled eggs with trimmed bacon
L - Bacon and chicken salad with 1 tomato, some capers, 1 spring onion and a mustard/balsamic vinegar dressing
D - broccoli with grilled chicken stuffed with light Philadelphia and tyme and chocolate cheesecake
S - 0% fat Greek yoghurt with oat bran
Just drinking sparkling water, I just love that stuff :)

It's so nice to eat veggies again! :D
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** Chief WITCH **
Good morning, and welcome...

Bacon twice? (I love it too, but... you might find its salt impacts on your loss as you near your target perhaps).

Can you elaborate on your chocolate cheesecake recipe please? I presume you're using tolerated ingredients already?


Never Ever Give Up!
It was not much bacon, I managed to control myself seeing how I absolutely adore bacon :D
Sure, the recipe is as follows:

Chocolate cheesecake -serves 6
2 eggs, separated
4 heaped tbsp quark cheese
200gr (7oz) low fat cottage cheese
300gr (10.5oz) fat-free cream cheese
2tbsp cornflour
8tbsp artificial sweetener
2tbsp low-fat cocoa powder

Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celcius/325 degrees Fahrenheit/gas 3. Combine all ingredients, except egg whites and cornflour, in a large mixing bowl and beat with an electric blender until smooth, thick and silky. Beat the mixture until the cottage cheese texture is smooth. In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites untill stiff, ten beat in the cornflour. Slowly fold this mixture into the large bowl until combined. Transfer to a baking dish and bake for about 40 mins or until risen and golden brown (a bit difficult to see though as it is chocolate lol). Cool in fridge, then serve.


Never Ever Give Up!
It's my PP day today, I've decided to do 1-1 as I love my salads too much :)
B - 100gr 0% Greek yoghurt with a few drops of vanilla essence
L - galette with chicken
D - cajun burgers
S - lean (be good to yourself) ham, shrimps

Does anyone have the DD mayo recipe for me as I am still eagerly awaiting the D recipe book?

Oh, got on the scales this morning and gained 100gr so that's not bad :D


Never Ever Give Up!
Never mind, managed to find a recipe


Never Ever Give Up!
Day 3, PV
Have a tennis elbow and had a cortisone injection in it this morning. Arm's completely stiff and cannot even hold a glass inmy hands:(. Oh well, just gonna take it easy today I suppose... :)
B - 100gr 0% Greek yogurt with vanilla essence and a bacon omelette
L - Shrimp salad with Dukan mayo and oat bran "pancake" with 1 tbsp quark and a few drops of vanilla essence (yummy:))
D - Cajun burgers with beet root salad
S - Muller light toffee and a low cal jelly

3l sparkling water

Still NOT received my cook book. Please Postman Pat, bring me my food bible soon! :D
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** Chief WITCH **
Mirjam - sorry to hear about your tennis elbow (from one sufferer to another... I had both elbows operated on when I was about 17, but remember the cortisone injections well!).

I'm afraid that cheesecake recipe isn't ok. How much did you eat? (Check out the recipe section, where someone did post it, and we put in red the tolerated ingredients making it inappropriate, even if you managed to eat just a sixth of it.). If you've some left, eat half what you would have!!

You say you're waiting for the "cook book". Is this the Dukan cook book? Unfortunately there are a lot of errors in it! But, once you're more familiar with the diet, they'll hit you in the face! (ie using tomatoes on a PP day... too many tolerated ingredients, etc etc.)

good luck!


Never Ever Give Up!
Thanks Jo, arm's completely stiff now so am resting now. I shared the cake with my hubby but had only small portions (hubby ate most of it, we managed to slice about 12 slices pre-eating the cake) and won't be making the choccie cheese cake anymore.
Yes, it is. So it's full of mistakes? Why on earth do they publish it then? :( What would you suggest I should follow Jo, the recipe book or the "normal" Dukan book?
On PP days I only eat portein and nothing else except a yoghurt or jelly. No tomatoes, even though they're so nice n juicy lol x


Never Ever Give Up!
Day 4: PP

:wee: FINALLY got my Dukan recipe book this morning, so I will be busy reading today :D
Started my brekkie this morning with an Italian spices omelette, followed by 100gr ff Greek yoghurt, 50gr virtually ff quark and some vanilla extract drops. Not sure yet about lunch, but am thinking of having a spicy chicken fajita. Dinner will be "be good to yourself" mustard pork medallions and ice cream, made from a recipe found on the recipe page. Am really looking forward to that as I had to freeze it (no ice maker).
Also had a sneak peak this morning by stepping on my scales. It's a week today I started and wanted to see if I'd lost anymore weight. So far, I've managed to lose 5.5lbs in a week! :D:D:D:D :party0011: :party0011::party0011: Goooooooooooooo Dukan!
Well done on a fantastic loss, pork dish sound lovely..... Really looking forward to pork tenderloins, so pleased there allowed now.
What do you think if the recipe book, I'd heard it was a lot of repeated receipts from the diet plan book? Interested to know

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Never Ever Give Up!
Thanks Claire, I'm pleased about the tenderloin too :) as I like chicken, but not every day and not too fond of turkey. Tbh I haven't looked through the book yet, will do it tonight. Am just about to order the Dukan book but thought to get the recipe book first as I didn't want to run out of recipe ideas. Must say that I found a blog from someone who's dong Dukan as well and she posts her recipes and status on there as well: I Heart Cosmetics: Dukan Diet - Day One

Will get the first book this weekend.


Never Ever Give Up!
Day 5 of 60 - PP.

It should be my PV day today but I have a wedding tomorrow so I swapped it over. Feel fab but was a bit tired yesterday. Wanted to go to bed at 21.30 but managed to stay awake till 23.00 :)

Started my day today with 2 dry fried eggs and my daily yoghurt and vanilla extract drops. Found a lovely recipe on the recipe site for tuna fish cakes so am gonna have those for lunch. Dinner will be sauteed chicken with lemon and capers. Vanilla Muller light and low cal jelly will be my snacks.

Also started to drink 2 large cups of Jasmine tea a day too in addition to my 2l of sparkling water and I might even have a cup of hot cocoa tonight if I fancy it.
How's everyone else doing today?
Well done on your loss so far, you food all sounds lovely. How do you make your cajun burgers, they sound delicious?


Never Ever Give Up!
I like really spicy food CD, so what I do is add loads of extra spicy cajun spices (Schwarz) to the mixture, some capers and a sjalot. It that's too spicy, opt for the regular cajun spices.


Never Ever Give Up!
Day 6 of 60 - PV
Started this morning with a Italian herbs and sliced tomato omelet and ffyoghurt with vanilla and cinnamon. This afternoon I've got a garden party themed wedding with a hog roast but hope there's some other food as well. Just to be on the safe side, I will take some chicken with me. I will tell my hubby that I'll do the driving so that he can have a beer or so as I'll be drinking water! Will be fun to see everyone else getting pished :)


Never Ever Give Up!
Thanks Claire, it'll be nice to see how she's decorated the garden as I'm a wedding planner ;-)
Hope we will have a warm Sunday, not always the case as the weather in Aberdeen's always a lot different than the temperature belowd the border :(


Never Ever Give Up!
Day 7 of 60 - PV Again :)

Had a gret time at the wedding yesterday but was glad I took some chicken with me as there wasn't much I could eat..... Had a few bits of the hog roast (asked for the leanest meat and got it) and filled up on salad leaves, tomato and cucumber. There also was a bbq going but it was sausages, veggie burgers or hamburgers. Seeing that the hamburgers were the thinnest, I had half of one. Ate the chicken but was absolutely starving! :(
Had half a teaspoon of wedding cake, just as a taster. We left about 9pm and I raided the fridge when I came home. Had some pastrami and a vanilla yoghurt (Muller light).

Today's a bit of a weird day as hubby's going offshore later and we ran out of milk this morning so I skipped breakfast until after I came back from the gym and doing the shopping. Had a nice brunch, consisting of a bacon/egg/tomato/chives omelet. Will give the Dukan pizza a try tonite, with a nice salad and some meatballs. Tomorrow's my first official WI, am curious to see how much I've lost this week.

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
You're in Scotland and went to a wedding yesterday?! :eek:
It wasn't THE wedding was it? :D ;)

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