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Mocha's diary:1000 to goal.

Stuggling on 810, so at yesterday's WI CDC moved me up to 1000. Today will be my first day doing 1000 all day.

I'm hoping to start regularly going to excersise classes now that I'm eating more. I love classes whan I'm fit, but haven't been for years. I'm looking into Zumba as everyone in going on aout it, and I fancy trying Powerplates too.

I have bought a hypnosis App to motivate me to want to excersise, continue losing weight (and it has a section on public speaking which I need to do in a few weeks, and is scaring the s**t out of me). So fingers crossed that my motivation and confidence will be reprogrammed by the hypnosis.

Right, it is 6am, my only chance to excersise today, so off to watch...sorry, try out some Zumba (follow a youtube video if I can find one long enough).

Here's to day one...(I hope to update later in the day, fingers crossed that I'll get a chance).
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Stubborn tortoise
Hi Mocha & welcome to the 1000-maintenance board... you have done so well! I hope you enjoy 1000, it's a great plan, and everyone over here is really supportive. Like the user-name, by the way!



Trying to stay healthy!
Morning Mocha, welcome to this bit of the forum, great work on the losses so far and good luck for the 1000 plan, its such a lovely plan to do after step1&2.
Morning Mocha and welcome to the madhouse lol,
Everyone is great over here and I am sure you will have some fun and wonderful support along the way. And, little word in your ear, don't believe a word they say about me.....I'm not mad/mental/deranged or otherwise........much :D

Have a good day.


Plod, plod, plod.....
so off to watch...sorry, try out some Zumba (follow a youtube video if I can find one long enough).
Now that's a good idea!

Hi Mocha, welcome to this section. Lots of support here, well done on your losses so far!
Um my update :eek:

Not so good on the food front, still snacking on junk, oh dear!

On a positive note though, I did some Zumba and loved it :wee:

A tough day tomorrow as food is laid on at work. Will take my CD stuff to try and curb my appetite.

Thanks for the welcome here in 1000 section, looking forward to reaching goal on the plan.


Trying to stay healthy!
Morning Mocha,

Happy Friday to you!
Glad you enjoyed the Zumba, be strong for your foody temptations today
Have a great weekend!


Plod, plod, plod.....
Mocha, I love your progress chart!
:eek:. Um, well a slight disaster really today. It's becoming a habit. Didn't plan properly today a works laid on food. It was horrible food, but I had to eat something.

I can't resist the crisps, what is wrong with me? :cry:

Right, tomorrow I plan the following,

Swimming with the kids

Must avoid the crisps, must avoid the crisps, avoid the crisps.


Trying to stay healthy!
Morning Mocha, Don't let it become a habit hun, tell yourself there's no choice here you have a plan to follow you are going to follow it and remind yourself how important it is to you to stick with the plan and how great you'll feel at next weigh-in when you can say, i'm doing really good!

Enjoy your exercise plan today, love Zumba, wish i could get in the exercise zone like a few others on here, am working on it!

Have a great weekend!

It's a good day so far. Here's what I've achievedso far...

Porridge for breakfast then the following:

1- Had nails done, quite pleased with the result, very natural IMO.

2- Went into newsagent to get cashback for aforementioned nail bar. The achievement is that I left without buying any crisps or chocolate, phew that was hard!

3- Called in Tesco on the way home. Bought shopping (with a list thankfully) and again bought good, healthy food with no junk in the trolley.

4- Home to have a CD hot chocolate.

Plans for the rest of the day:

Take children swimming.
-Eat CD bar for lunch.
-Try the new section on the Zumba workout.
-Have a nice relaxing bath and read a book.
-Make a Cambridge friendly quiche for supper.

Here's to keeping busy and sticking to the plan!

Mocha x
Well, it's the end of the day, and aside from a few too many pickled veg, I have succedd to stick to it-YEY!!!
We've visitiors staying so I strugled to eat well and yesterday didn't find time to update my diary.

New day today!

Today's plan:

- Breakfast

- Take visitors to train station and wave them off.

- Zumba DVD

- Pampering bath (bubbles,book,epilation- ouch!)

- College work

- lunch

- Play/go out with children

- More college work (depending on how much I got done before lunch)

- comb DDs hair for nits :)sigh:)

Finish off with a collapse in front of the TV.

I need to avoid shops as my will is weak, and I succumb to crisps far too easily. I need a heathy alternative to very strong and crunchy salt & vinegar crisps!

i shall update later in the day, you have my permission to yell at me if I go wayward, lol!
Well, I've worked my way through my list of things to do today.

Aside from eating pickles (lots!) as I'm craving salt and vinegar crisps, I've eaten okay today:)

Weight in tomorrow, am nervous as I'm eating SO much more than I have been now that I'm on 1000.

Mocha x


Plod, plod, plod.....
Good luck tomorrow. Pickles sound good, I like them too!

Weigh-in today: -1.75 lbs

I am very very happy with this.

I guess that the Zumba has counteracted the junk.

I have a weekend where I can't stick to the plan, so I am sticking to it the rest of the week, and doing the daily Zumba too.

Mocha x

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