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Morning ladies and gents

Very quick question before I fly off to work - I'm on day5 of LT and have felt fine up to now (despite myscales showing I've only lost 2lbs :mad: ) but woke up this morning to a headache of monster proportions and feeling queasy. Is this normal?

Thanks for any insight, and have a good day!
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finding my way again !
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although i'm doing Cd, i think the principle is the same.
if so the answer is yes this is normal, it happens when you are getting carbs out of your system & depleating glycogen stores - basically its withdrawl symptoms.
take some paracetamol, drink plenty of water & it should wear off in the next day


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As Pandora has said carb withdrawal and also it could be dehydration.

Make sure you are drinking at least 4 pints of water plus the water you mix your LT with.

Hope you have a nice day, it's Friday!:)

Love Mini xxx


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Morning Nixx, sorry you are not feeling too hot, as Pandora and Mini have said, it is part of withdrawal and possible dehydration.
Painkillers and plenty of water should get you through, just dont giveup on the diet as it will soon pass then you will be full of energy.


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Thankyou all, ladies - I read your replies at work but couldn't reply. As long as I know it's normal, it's OK, I can cope with that! So am I right in thinking that ketosis is only kicking in now, so my weight loss might not be so dramatic this first week?

Not giving up, Sonkie, no way Jose!


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Well as you have had a sudden loss of food as well as taking a few days to get into ketosis, you will definately have a good loss this first week. It varies from different people, but can be from 3lbs - 24lbs. 24lbs is the biggest loss I know of in the first week. But dont forget we are all different and lose at different rates.
You can expect to lose around a stone a month.
What you are feeling is totally normal.


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Thanks sonya. Feeling much much better now but hell, I thought I was dying this morning! I would have come home from work but I had a meeting my manager was attending this afternoon, so I struggled through, then I got a call to say she wouldn't be coming, she was ill!! GRRR!!

Had my lunch shake early and I think this helped a bit.


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Thats good, dont forget you can take your usual painkillers so no need to suffer anymore than needs be.
Well done on getting through the day.

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