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***Motivational Monday hour by hour***


Slimming down the aisle
Good morning all, how are you all? How have your weekends been?

It's WI day for me again and to be honest, I'm not looking forward to it at all. I know it's not going to go well. Not really sure what's happened with my body this week. I've still got quite a lot of my packs left over, I'm meant to have 2 a day but have only been having 1 generally, yesterday I didn't have any! Whoops. I really need to, it's probably why I've not lost anything!
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Ok well lets get started .... lets get that first shake down girlie! You know you want to reach your next goal.... the only way you are going to do that asap is on plan. Only 5lb till next stone lets see if we can do that before the end of July... Lets do it lets get shakin and movin'


Slimming down the aisle
Hey, thanks for the kick up the bum, can I carry you with me everywhere?! hehe I'm going to have that 5lbs off by the end of July, it's not an I want to, I'm going to!! I was hoping over this week and next, but it'll have to be put back a week, but that's fine. I can do it over the next two weeks, I just, like you say, have to stick to the plan. Including having all the shakes!!
Yay Thats a much better attitude for a bright and Sunny monday morning lol. Sorry if I was a bit harsh I did mean to be supportive! You do carry me around.... well anywhere that has internet access! We are all here for ya!

So have you had your first shake and gallon of water?
Morning. Well after taking a week holiday (still ss though) I have come back to earth with a bump. reality has hit me and I now have to work work work again. Mega stressed already but ho hum. guess I should just ride it out.

Hope everyone is doing well with their cding

Mrs Scoffalot,

Well done on your loss so far thats fab.



Slimming down the aisle
Nope, no shake yet, though I am drinking my first lot of water at the moment! And searching the internet for ball related stuff. Trying to find corporate sponsors is bloomin hard work!


Silver Member
Morning all!

Good luck with the WI Caroline!

I'm feeling pretty motivated and positive this morning, think my wee break from the diet helped (not that I'd advise it) and actually although chosing off plan things I did show that I could exercise control and on Fri I even stopped a binge-had just put (another) 2 slices of bread in the toaster but I promptly took them out and put them back in the pack. yaaay me!

My plan for the week ahead is SS but may eat off plan at brothers graduation meal on Thurs and meal or day off plan on Sunday for DS Christening. Think I will just get shakes and tetras for the next 2 weeks when i see my CDC on Weds because I do love the bars but think they affect my cravings.

Hope you all have great days!!
Good Morning Everyone! I am here to mark my place and get in line for a kick up the bum if anyone has an itchy foot, please send it my way. xx
quizzical girl here's a boot in the doot for ya!


Silver Member
Hey everyone, hope you're all well.
My CDC is away but we agreed to use my scales as they're accurate and will be more useful for me when I begin maintainance. Popped on the scales and I've lost 3.6lbs this week. Pleased about that, considering I still need to go to the toilet properly (sorry if that's tmi) as I would never have lost 1 stone in 2 weeks on any other diet. Still cannot believe I've only got 66lbs to go to goal now, it feels as though I have not got far to go now. Hope everyone is well x


Cambridge Consultant
Morning everyone!!
Hope everyone is well and having a great day! & good weekends..
We had a great weekend.... went to Brighton for a friends wedding and it was so nice...... the day of the wedding was rainy but yesterday was beautiful and we had a great day ..
Hope everyone has a 100% day today and heres to another great week ahead x


is gonna do it!!
Morning all,

Im still plodding on, been 100% cd for 4 weeks now.
Not finding it too difficult, not even thinking about food at all. Got a weekend in butlins at the end of the month, so will probably eat as I do have to have a bit of a life! I will just try to stay away from carbs!.
Had a veg soup last night and was bloated afterwards, really uncomfortabble.
Anyway, had a porridge and a pint of water so far this morning. Got half a stone to lose to get me into the 11's, hope to be there by the end of the month!


Shut up Ethel
Morning all,

Got a weekend in butlins at the end of the month, so will probably eat as I do have to have a bit of a life! I will just try to stay away from carbs!.

Hi Moti - is it a family weekend or one of the adult big weekenders? If the latter...which one, where? that's my goal, the Disco Inferno in Skeg at the end of September! They are sooooo much fun.....been to two now with two more booked!


Silver Member
Thanks quizzicalgrrl! I'm really happy myself; never thought I would be able to do the diet, but fingers crossed it's going quite well at the moment. You're not far from goal now! :)

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