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Move more challenge

Well guys- we are all tackling the food side of our weight loss journey, but I thought a nice little 'move more' challenge might be a nice idea. This journey is about losing weight, but hopefully it is also about getting fitter, healthier and living longer.

Exercise needn't be some horrible sweaty slog in the gym. Incidental Activity is all the stuff we do during a normal day e.g. cleaning, walking, stairs, dancing....sex!

So, who's in for a challenge? Let's all try and move more each day- even just 1 tiny change every day will make us fitter and hopefully help with the weight loss too!


I deliberately didn't fill my arms with washing/cups/bins and made myself go up and down the stairs on 5 seperate occasions

I had a boring 2 hour job of binding booklets so I put on a crap 80s music station really loud and stood up and wiggled my bum while I did it

I am off to Tesco after work and am walking briskly there instead of making an excuse and driving

Who's in?
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2 minutes running up stairs = 36 calories
2 hours slow dancing movement = 433 calories
20 minutes brisk walk = 120 calories

589 calories burned- that's about 2 bars of chocolate worth!!!!

I've started walking up the stairs at work instead of using the lift. It's on the 3rd floor but the way the stairs are placed, it's like 13 mini flights of steps! Tiring!


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I'm in!

Downloaded the "Couch to 10k" iPhone application the other day, and I'll be doing the second day of it tonight!

It's really good, because it gets you running for 30seconds, followed by 4:30minutes of walking, so it's nice and easy for someone as unfit as me! :D Plus, you have a rest day after you've done it, so it's only done every other day!

Plus, I walked about 4.6 miles (2.3 there, and 2.3 back) to the Green Day gig last night! :D


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I'm in too!! Went for a 40min walk at lunch time, down to the canal and back - it was really nice!

ETA: Just found out we walked just over 1.5miles! Sweet!
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Me too. Finally got back to the gym this morning after 2 weeks off, painful but well worth it! Exercise makes me feel so much better when I'm down so an added incentive.
Wow- brilliant
Just 30 minutes of moderate pace walking burns 120 calories
30 minutes at brisk pace burns 180

This all adds up girlies- great cardiovascular exercise AND burns off yet more fat

Nice one, fit girls


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I'm so in... going to move my ass to a workout DVD tonight, and then doing a 10k jog/walk for Race for Life Saturday... bring it on!! Next year I'm going to run it! xxxx


is working hard.....
Mine are pathetic, but I managed to stand on one foot for 5 secs (with the cast off), go on tip toes for 5 secs again, and begin the exciting times of standing on the trampette for a slight rock from side to side. (My Physio says I'm doing well :8855:)

I'm determined to get back on 2 feet, no cast and no crutches by August :D xx
Each little thing helps. This is not about advanced exercise, just more movement.

When sat down we can all tense our belly muscles 20 times
When watching TV we could roll our shoulders 50 times
We could park slightly further from the supermarket entrance and use a basket rather than a trolly if only going for a few things
We can clean our cupboards
We can take a frisbee out with kids in the park
We can listen to more upbeat music so we are more inclined to shake our tush just when doing normal stuff

What is everyone going to do tomorrow?
I am going to clean my wardrobe out with some cheesy music on while my husband watches the world cup downstairs
ooohhh can I join you :D
I have become a wii addict :pbut every little extra ehh!!!!so I will :-
-tomorrow we are off to the naafi and then I WILL clean all my windows inside and out...
I used to do my windows 3 times a week -i really need to get back into that... ooohh and I need to get back into getting down on my hands n knees with some zoflora water and the scrubbing brush and giving the carpets a light going over (makes them smell lovely and stops dirty marks building up) and burns plenty of wobble ;)

In fact thats it -Im off to make myself a cleaning rota again -I WILL burn some wobble and WILL make the house shine like a new pin :D
My plan for tomorrow is housework too. It all helps. I was going to do the gym and swimming again but I have to stay in for a package so house work will have to do. Maybe I'll try the wii too....:eek:
I'm up for this as last time I did SW the weight fell off me as was in an active job. Now I am office based so the weight loss is too slow for my liking.

Today I have come to work early & walked round town to various shops before starting work & then walked for 30 mins in my break
Usually I drive to work but as my car broke down last week and I dont pick my new one up till tomorrow night I have had to find alternative ways to get to work. So today I cycled to and from work - its almost 3 miles each way.

Tomorrow I am going to walk it both ways.


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Today's final calorie burn:
40 mins walking - 119 cals
30 mins footie match - 330 cals

Total cals: 449 cals - awesome result!!

Tomorrow's plan: Walk with my friend's 11 month old :)D) and Day 1 of Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred!


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Last night did Day 2 of the "Couch to 10k"!

46 minutes of alternating running and walking, plus walked the 1.5 miles to the park near my parents house so my siblings could come with me! (My 7 year old brother ran solidly for about 20 minutes - the poor little mite nearly collapsed <3)

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