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Moving up plans before my hols????


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i go on and all AI hol in 2 weeks and this is my last week of ss as I was thinking i should do 810 before i go on hols so i dont put weigh on all of a sudden - is this a good idea?

my cdc is crap so i cant ask her. i did plan on doing ss until the day i fly out but i dont want a sudden gain on hols, so i thouht i should maybe up the cals the week before i go. can anyone advise?
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I went on an AI last year and queried the same thing. I was advised to go up a plan like you say, but I didn't. I actually SS'd until the day before and then had a meal on the night time. I felt a bit queezy in the airport but that was becasue my body was used to the water and I hadn't had any becasue I didn't want to be jumping up and down for a wee on the plane. Anyway, I think I only put a couple of pounds on but I was careful with food (not careful with the drink though :)). This wasn't too much of a hardship to be honest becasue by the time I had been on SS and came off I had actually gone off some types of food anyway. Have a nice time and enjoy yourself, you can concentrate on the weight loss when you come back.
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I am going away at the end of next week for 4 nights and I was going to SS right up until I go, I have already decided I am going to have the 4 days off the diet and just have a good time and a few beers but I'll try and eat healthily and not pig out and hope not to put too much on before getting back on the wagon.

This might not be the best thing to do but I really want to enjoy this holiday, been a stressful last few months and I've not been away for bloody ages.


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I think we all need a break from CD from time to time, as long as you are prepared to get back into it soon as you get back and not drag the holiday out once your home. WHatever you put on, will come off quickly and most of it will just be water retention.


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I'm away for 2 weeks in July, and have asked my CDC to help me up the plans beforehand, she is totally ace and I know she'll help me.
Sorry your CDC isn't the best, maybe up the plans yourself?

Hope you have a lovely holiday, and find the right answer for you x


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i went to Amsterdam for 5 days in May, I sstuck to SS until i got there (our flight was stupidly early in the morning) and i had 5 full days of the diet. I intended on eating semi healthily but tbh the portions were huge and it was pretty much just junk food they sold unless you wanted to spend a fortune at a restaurant. So i had what i wanted, drank what i wanted and as soon as i got back straight to SS. I went for my weigh in and had lost 3lbs from the last time i had seen my CDC! I would still recommend going up a plan first though - i suffered terribly the first few days because my stomach was so uncomfortable having food in it! i did even stuff myself only had a little! x


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thanks, its a week till i go and i am going to 810 now until next week. and try to STS as 810 sends me loopy!!

wish me luck!
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Good luck x

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