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  1. mrs_b_88

    mrs_b_88 Member

    Hi all :)
    So i had a username previous to this, i lost 6 stone last yr for my wedding, i have since gained 3 stone :-(
    I have just made a huge life decision, we upped sticks and left the uk to move abroad, literally did it in 4 weeks!! The move is to give us a better life, but it comes with its weight!! being around lovely slim women in there tiny bikinis constantly isnt good for the self esteem, especially mine, i have 0 confidence!!
    Anyway new life, new username, new weight loss, fresh start!!

    Hoping to lose the 3 stone ive gained plus another so 4 stone in total taking me to my ultimate goal 9st7lb.
    Im gonna calorie count once im settled, at the moment though im still finding my feet and eating as best i can!!

    Hope to make some new forum friends :)

    Stef xx
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  3. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    Wow, what an adventure!!! Where were you before and where have you moved to? Good luck xxx

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  4. mrs_b_88

    mrs_b_88 Member

    Feb 2015 weight update 14st8lb :cry:
    So 5 stone to lose!!
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  5. mrs_b_88

    mrs_b_88 Member

    Morning :)
    Well i was from the north west but im now in Malta :-D
    I weighed myself 2 weeks after i got here and it said ive lost a stone, which i can believe, lots of walking and swimming, the heat, not drinking as much fizzy pop (was addicted to it) and chocolate! But then i weighed myself at the weekend and i had put half a stone back on, so its a strange one, not sure wat to go off, ive been here 4 weeks next week, so maybe weigh myself again monday and start off that reading for losses!! xx
  6. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    Wow Malta!!! Hate you, lol!!!

    Just weigh now and go from there. Also measure, it's a pain but the scales can lie and make you feel like your not making progress. Xxx

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  7. mrs_b_88

    mrs_b_88 Member

    haha used to being told that :)
    ahhhhh i know! I wish i would of measured before i went now, but still, if i cant lose weight here with the heat and exercise then i give up lol im sure i will though!! I really struggled in the UK, maybe it was my coke (a cola) addiction!!
    Love ur goal btw haha made me laugh!!
  8. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    I FRICKEN LOVE COKE (a cola)!!!

    I miss it the most of all the sugary things, but it is poison and evil in its addictiveness!!!

    Just start from now, otherwise you'll never get started and that's just silly ;-)

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  9. mrs_b_88

    mrs_b_88 Member

    Yeah thats true.. I shall weigh myself later!!! Start from there and what ive lost is my loss in the last 4 weeks!!
    I just want to feel comfortable in a swimming costume!!! :-( xx
  10. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    Then let that bikini be your main guide, the scales are just another tracking technique, they are not the be all and end all. Xxx

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  11. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Gold Member

    Popping by to subscribe.

    Oh wow malta how lovely. I lived in the north west of England and moved to Ireland not as nice as Malta. I too lost 6 stone but I gained it all back :( good luck with your weight loss. X

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  12. mrs_b_88

    mrs_b_88 Member

    Thanks girls... and hello again *sigh*
    Been so off plan and all over the show, completely deserted my diary. Anyway ffs we are in feb and im if anything weighing more!!!
    I did CC all week last week, was very good, sticking at 1200 cals, 2 days over slightly, 5 days under slightly, and i lost.... NOTHING!!
    Equals destruction on valentines day showering myself with chocolate and fudge an the same the day after, blah! This is why i just shouldnt even weigh!!

    Anyway its just ridiculous cnt keep doing this im getting nowhere!! Im also thinking if 1200 is too low, yet mfp does suggest that i should have 1200.. i duno whether to switch it up maybe do 1200 one day and say 1600 the next!?

    Anyway gonna screenshot my mfp everyday now and log it here!!!

    Bring it on ;-)
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  13. mrs_b_88

    mrs_b_88 Member

    Last week's screenshots and today's.
  14. mrs_b_88

    mrs_b_88 Member

    Oh never mind not letting me!!!

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  15. mrs_b_88

    mrs_b_88 Member

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  16. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    Hi Mrs B!

    I found you :)

    Good luck with your journey and new life in Malta - how exciting!

    We'll get this 5 st off, and this time we will also keep it off! One step at a time. Looking forward to getting to know you more :)
  17. zippygeorgeandben

    zippygeorgeandben Full Member

    Yes you can get rid of it!
    Then come back to the UK and enjoy fish and chips! (in moderation!)
  18. ali28

    ali28 Silver Member

    Hey Mrs B, found your diary and here to sub :) curious to know whereabouts in the North West you were living as that's where I am :)

    Maybe try upping to 1500 cals and see what that does, least the. You can either go up or down and still be within a more maintainable range of cals. Not sure I could manage on 1200 just yet. Be too much of a shock to the system haha! x
  19. mrs_b_88

    mrs_b_88 Member

    Heyyyy :) Thankyou, yep haha was quite exciting at the time... doesnt seem it anymore though lol

    Yes deffo will! Has to be my last year of dieting ive been messing around since 2009 now and its just getting silly!!!


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  20. mrs_b_88

    mrs_b_88 Member

    Haha thankyou!! Ooooo fish and chips.. yum!! xx

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  21. mrs_b_88

    mrs_b_88 Member

    Heyyy :)
    I was living near manchester... how about you?? Hows the weather down there lol

    Yeah i should really... i know 1200 is the lowest and weirdly i can manage it, but i know im gonna have nowhere else to go... but i also know i have never actually managed to lose weight without it being something like a vlcd and atkins... or maybe its because i didnt give the other diets long enough.. i always seem to be in a rush!!!!

    I will up it a little this week then i think xx

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