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Puddings Mullerlight in the freezer!


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I saw someone post this up, what a GREAT IDEA this is.

So flippin simple yet I feel like Ive just had a high syn icecream!


Now everyone who likes icecream and has a mullerlight in their fridge go stick it in the freezer - you'll be pleased!! :D
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S: 20st12lb C: 18st5.3lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 38 Loss: 2st6.7lb(11.88%)
YUM thats what I had :) it was only in for about 3 hours and was just right :)

Pippy Bear

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Sounds like a great idea, I'm on my way to the fridge / freezer now
It's absolutely divine - thanks to the person who first posted the idea! I think about 3 hours in the freezer is ideal, all frozen on the outside but lovely and gooey in the middle! And I'd always thought that you couldn't freeze yogurt, something about it separating out!

Obviously, the length of time in the freezer will depend on personal taste and your fridge - and willpower! We even left some in the freezer overnight, they were not ruined, but a teaspoon was a bit inadequate, although they lasted for AGES.

I assume that you all know that ASDA have the Mullerlight yogs on offer at present at just 20p each!!! Our local one expect the offer to continue this week and next - if Muller can keep up with production I guess!!!

What a super site this is... (Sorry my posts are always sooo long)
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My mum told me it would seperate when i first tried this, ..

however.. i put strawberry mullerlight in ice-cube trays so they made like little frozen sweets... totally stopped me from bingeing on crap and although made my mouth completly numb.. it was yummy lol x

Roz V

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Before going out, just had time to fill an ice cube tray with smaller than normal hexagonal moulds with vanilla Mullerlight.

Frozen solid now and absolutely delicious - what a great idea!

I normally use this tray to freeze grapes individually, so they last a lot longer and taste like "mini sorbets".

It's so useful to have something to hand when the "sweet" craving strikes!

Have also just put a banana in foil into the freezer, apparently that works as well I'll let you all know........!!!
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Well, I have just tried an experiment. I used my old fashion lolly making kit and poured strawberry muller in them. I had to dip the moulds in hot water for a sec to get them out but the kids loved them and wouldnt even let me have a lick!

Roz V

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Not sure whether I should continue in this thread or start a new one, but frozen banana is delicious!!!

For the best flavour pick one that is fully ripe. We accidentally left ours in the freezer over 24 hours and assumed we'd be able to bang nails in with it, but no, although a bit difficult to cut into slices, it was great - just eaten mine with some banana and custard Mullerlight "sweeties"......!!!


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Had this last night and it was amazing ! Best bit was that OH didn't like his, so I ate two !!! :p
I froze the vanilla and choc sprinkles one last evening and was super yummy, off to ASDA to buy more. I think they must be wondering how many yoghurts one person can eat- but hey they are on offer!!!
So do you all just put them in the freezer and leave them alone or do you keep nipping back to stir them?? (I think I read somewhere that if you stirred them it stopped the ice crystals forming and it ended up like the proper consistency of ice cream).

I've had the frozen banana before - lovely, and if you mash it up when its frozen (I think you'd have to syn it mashed) then it too goes to an icecream type of consistency .... luvly!

Jo x


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I just put mine in and left it and it was perfect, icey like icecream on the top and a gooey centre :)


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Mmmmm I'm going to stick a choc one in ready for tomorrow evening!! Yay :)


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I'm not keen on yoghurt so this will be ideal for me... I've just put a toffee one in... can't wait to see what it's like xxx


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Just had a toffee one. YUM! Definatley a good call Bigchops (btw I LOVE your user name!

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