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Not very good at this!
I know Dr Dukan says we can have toffee and vanilla yogurts, but why is that? I tend to buy the natural yogurt and flavour it but I was thinking of making some of the toffee muffins so went onto mysupermarket.com to check the ingredients:
Ingredients Yogurt, Water, Fructose, Modified Maize Starch, Flavourings, Gelatine, Caramelised Sugar Syrup, Salt, Sweeteners (Apartame, Acesulfame K), Citric Acid, Cuture (Bifidobacterium Sp.), Vitamin E, B1, B2, B6.

The fructose and the sugar syrup are the kind of things that would make me put other yogurts back - what do you all think?
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Reading the list of ingred they sound nasty but lots of diets swear by them??? I can eat far too many of them


Not very good at this!
Had a look at the vanilla ones while in Tesco and they also say fat free yogurt with sugars and sweeteners. Lots of people swear by the toffee and vanilla ones I know and people lose weight - I am just confused why these are ok because brands like the Onken ones seem no worse.
I was wondering the same thing. The friends I started the diet with stuck rigidly to Activia, Onken and Yeo Valley - they eat absolutely pints of those and reached their goal weight ages ago!

I only recently realised the sugar content of those yoghurts, and the Muller ones seem like they measure up the same - except they're not probiotic, which is even less of a benefit.



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As most of you know, the diet originates in France. The allowed yoghurt in France, to be eaten "freely" (up to the dairy limit in Cruise) is called Sveltesse Ferme & Fondant.

Here is the breakdown... the carbs are lower at 5.6g per 100ml (compared to the higher 7 or 8g of the English ones) but otherwise, I leave you to raise your own eyebrows and reach your own conclusions. (I have one 125ml yoghurt per day - Mullers are double sized, hence double the everything).

Ultra frais Plaisirs allégés et Santé active - sveltesse ferme et fondant vanille 125g - Sveltesse
I'm eating 2 a day at the moment - hope its not too much? I have stalled the last couple of days and wonder if its that or where I fell off the wagon at the weekend?

I did wonder though when I looked at the ingredients?


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have you posted the rest of your day's menu anywhere Littlebird?


** Chief WITCH **
I commented on your menu littlebird and while yes, by all means, stick to one Muller Lite per day (cos they are humungous!), it's more likely to be your lapse at the weekend and/or your TOTM causing a stop down in weight loss.


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(slow down? slow up?)

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