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Mummy_Helen's food diary - mostly EE


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Ok so I'm finally doing this... I've been putting it off for a while, but I'm here now. I have been doing EE but have the occasional red/green day thrrown into the mix. All the food diaries will be EE unless stated otherwise.

Here is todays menu

Breakfast: 1 Pink grapefruit, 1 slice WW danish brown toast with sardines on top.

Snack: muller light with frozen summer fruits

Dinner: 2 slices WW DB bread, large prawn cocktail salad with home made thousand island sauce (passata, FF creme fraiche, 2tbs EL salad cream (1 syn))

Tea: Joe's chilli & garlic sausages, mashed potatoes with garlic & herb seasoning, sweetcorn, carrots and green beans (steam fresh packs) syn free gravy with onions and mushrooms.

syns: 1 packet jacobs snack o bites (4.5), 1 alpen light choc/fudge bar (3), 7 American salt water taffy (7).

Total syns: 14.5
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Thanks Donna! The bangers and mash really was good! I think I'll be doing it again soon:)


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Trying a red day today.

Breakfast: Special K sustain with summer fruits

snack: punnet of blueberries

Dinner: bolognese (EL mince, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, stock cube, onions), ~no pasta~ on 1 slice WW danish brown toast (2 syns)

Tea: Bacon, chicken, tomato, mushroom & cheese (HE) ommelette (was going to be beef casserole, but I forgot about it and it stuck to the bottom of the dish:eek:)

Snack: 2 alpen lights

HEA: 250mls semi skimmed milk, 42g reduced fat cheese
HEB: speciak K sustain, 2 alpen light bars.

syns: ww bread (2), a (US) dum dum lolly (1), walkers sour cream and cracked pepper sunbites (6)

Total syns: 9


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I forgot to do yesterdays...

breakfast: 1 pink grapefruit, 28g jordans muesli/ 1 ryvita crackerbread with bovril

lunch: fruit salad (strawbs, rasps, blackcurrants, mango, grapes, pineapple) with sweetened quark spooned on top.

tea: Chicken tikka (SW style) with loads of veg in, asda packet savoury curry rice (1/4 syn as shared with hubby).

snacks: apple, muller light with frozen summer fruits, smokey bacon snack a jacks (5.5), alpen light (3), treat size curly wurly (3.5).

syns: 12.5 (not counting the 1/4 syn)


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weds 7th july - Red day.

Breakfast: 28g muesli/ 1 ryvita crackerbread

Dinner: left over tikka from tues. (no rice)

tea: cottage pie made with (198g raw weight) potato. with veg on the side.

snacks: ravishing ruby Hifi bar (6 syns), packet of caramel snack a jacks (5.5), fruit

syns: 11.5

250ml milk for HExA
42g reduced fat cheese HexA


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Breakfast: 1 pink grapefruit, 1 vanilla muller light

Lunch: 1 rasher bacon (medallion), 1 sausage, loads of mushrooms, 1 egg, 1/4 tin baked beans, grilled tomatoes.

Snack: big bowl of summer fruits (blackcurrants, redcurrants, rasps, strawbs, grapes, blueberries, blackberries & mango).

Tea: SW KFC style chicken, seasoned wedges, large salad, 34g cheese dip (2 syns)

HExA: milk
HExB: scrumptious strawberry Hifi

Syns: 1 packet sour cream and chive crack o bites (5.5), cheese dip (2 syns)

Total syns: 7.5

Friday 9th july

Breakfast: Pink grapefruit. 1 slice WW DB toast.

Lunch: toasted cheese sandwich (HexA and HExB), with a side salad.

Tea: Stri fry chinese chicken, using Joe's marinated chinese pork, and morrisons stir fry veg)

Hifi bar (6), crack O bites (5.5), treat sized fudge (3).

Total syns: 14.5

Sat 10th july

Breakfast: Pink grapefruit with muller light.

Lunch: ham salad sandwich (HExB)

Tea: 2 chicken wings (with skin) (2 syns), 198g potato wedges, broccoli & carrots.

Snacks: fruit salad, 3 digestives (10.5 syns)

Total syns: 13.5
all EE

I missed a couple of days, so I'll just copy them into one post to catch up.

Breakfast: red grapefruit, muller light

Lunch: chicken salad

Tea: vegetable soup and 3 slices WW danish brown bread to dip:) (HEB)

Snacks: hot tomato snack a jacks (5.5), 4 spring onion cheddars crackers (4), 1 alpen light (3), fruit


Breakfast: 28g muesli/ 1 crackerbread, muller light with fruit

Lunch: Bacon, sausage, egg, mushrooms, red onions, grilled tomatoes

Tea: SW style KFC chicken, wedges and salad.

Snacks/syns: treat sized flake (4), 1 tbsp ketchup (1), hifi bar (6), 2 tbsp EL salad cream (1)

Total syns: 12


Breakfast: Muller light/ bowl of mango (1 whole one cut up)

Lunch: vegetable soup

Tea: fish in breadcrumbs (well actually, 1 ryvita wholegrain cracker bread, crushed up, seasoned and coated on a cod fillet). (part of HEB), SW chips, petite pois, sweetcorn, and 1 tbsp tartare sauce (4.5)

Snacks: 5 crackerbread (the rest of the HEB) with marmite, bertolli baked bites (6), funsize fudge (3), summer fruits.

total syns: 13.5
Weds 14th july

The start of fish week.

Breakfast: red grapefruit, sardines on toast (1 of 3 slices (HEB) WW DB bread)

Dinner: prawn and cheese toasted sandwich (HEA + rest of B) with a large salad

Tea: sausage (joes), lean bacon, egg, grilled tomatoes, loads of mushrooms.

Snacks: blueberries, muller light, strawberries, mint hifi (6), snack a jacks (5.5), 9 mikados (4.5)

total syns: 15
thurs 15th july

Breakfast: red grapefruit, 28g special K sustain, topped with banana, strawberries and blueberries.

Lunch: prawn stir fry

Tea: steamed rainbow trout, roasted new potatoes, petits pois & carrots

Snacks: 2 ryvita crackerbread with marmite (2 syns), mint hifi (6), packet crack o bites (5.5) and 3 mikados (1.5)

Syns: 15
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Friday 16th july

Breakfast: Grapefruit, 1 slice WW DB (part of HEB) with pilchards in tomato sauce.

Lunch: Tuna salad sandwich (rest of HEB)

Tea: starter: scallop salad, sprinkled with 28g parmesan (HEA) & vegetable soup

Snacks: bowl of strawberries, packet of skips (4), 1 packet crack o bites (5.5), 1 celebration (2), 7 mikado (3.5)

Totals syns: 15
Saturday 17th july

Breakfast: Grapefruit, 1 slice WW DB toast (part of HEB) with pilchards

Lunch: cheesy tagliatelle (cheese HEA) with lots of veg and salmon fillet on top.

Tea: steamed pollock, mixed vegetables and seasoned wedges.

Snacks: 1 vienese whirl (7), 1 pack sweet chilli snack a jacks (5.5), 5 mikado (2.5), bowl of mango/blueberries, marmite sandwich (from rest of HEB)

Total syns: 15
Oops! Totally lapsed there for a bit, things have been crazy here, trips away, life.. you know how it is.

Ok so Yesterday.

Breakfast: strawberries, blueberries, rasps and greengages with a vanilla activia yogurt on top.

Lunch: hot and spicy chicken stir fry.

Tea: pitta pizza, large salad and SW wedges.

HEA: 42g mozzarella
HEB: 1 wholemeal pitta (co-op)

syns: 1 packet of velvet crunch (4) (only having a max of 5 a day this week due to a take away on WI night)

snacks: bowl of fruit (strawbs, rasps, blueberries, redcurrants)
½ tin of chickpea dahl.

Breakfast: bacon, egg, mushrooms & tomatoes.

Lunch: cheese and ham toastie w/ side salad

Tea: steamed sea bass, with wedges and roasted veg.

HEA: 42g mozzarella
HEB: 3 slices WW danish brown bread

syns: 1 packet snack a jacks (5.5)

snacks: bowl of strawberries, vanilla activia yogurt.
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Thank you! :)

Yesterday I didn't manage to have a lot because I was in hospital having teeth pulled, so all I had was some weetabix for breakfast, then some mashed potato and butter for supper about 8pm. I was told not to eat anything after 7.30am and then after the surgery I couldn't move my mouth very well, so mash and butter it was when I got hungry. I did make sure I drank plenty though.

So the next couple of days, I'm not sure how on plan I'm going to be, would this pass as a green day? I know I can't eat enough veg or fruit to be an EE day.

Sat 11th

Breakfast: 1 weetabix with milk

Lunch: tinned spaghetti and mashed potato

Tea: scrambled egg w/ cheese & ketchup

Supper: 1 weetabix mixed with remaining HEA milk.

snacks: 2 glasses of apple juice (5 syns)
Sun 12th (still having issues getting larger food items or chewy things in)

Breakfast: scrambled egg and a few slices of tomato
Lunch: vegetable soup x2
Tea: packet pasta

Syns: 1 packet of skips (4)

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