My 128 lb Drop Diary [WEEK 67]

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  1. REV23

    REV23 Power Dropper

    Hello there, if you have not read my introduction:

    My regime... my formula... my system.

    - From Monday-Saturday, I keep my diet between 1750-2000 calories. Usually aiming for 1800 calories.
    - Try and do some vigorous exercise at least four times a week. Whether it be a workout or out playing basketball.
    - Don't drink any calories unless I am sure there will be space.
    - The majority of liquid consumed is pure water. Try to drink at least 3 litres per day.
    - Every Sunday is a cheat day. I can eat whatever I want on this day after my weigh-in.
    - Every Sunday is official weigh-in day, where I log the result and post it on this thread.
    - There are no dietary restrictions! I eat anything I want too, as long as I keep my daily calorie intake within my goal.

    All in all, I still pretty much eat what I want. I have a good balance of healthy food, but I still eat junk food which I enjoy. "Madness" you may say? I disagree. This is a lifestyle change and has been since Day 1. I can't fool myself into thinking that I can never eat junk food again - because I love junk food. My lifestyle now will be the same for the rest of my life. Normal people eat junk food sometimes, and so will I. For me it's all about balance and moderation. And it has been extremely effective so far!

    I love the freedom of my lifestyle. It feels almost effortless. I work hard during the week and relax on each Sunday.

    I am in no rush to reach my goal, because this new lifestyle is amazing. I know I will reach my goal eventually. I could never go back to my old bad habits - ever. I find my old lifestyle disgusting beyond comprehension. But that life is in the past, I have begun a new cycle of my life where I will be happier, healthier and psychologically stronger.

    My story.

    I have always been "bigger". I did not reach extreme heights of obesity until I was around 13. I was a very active kid up until I was 13. I exercised weekly and didn't overeat. For some reason I just packed on the pounds. By college, at 16, I was 252 lbs (18 stone). From 16 onwards I just went crazy with my diet. At college I did not have many friends to spend time with. So I spent a lot of my time, in my room just eating junk and playing video games. Since then, two years later, I gained an extra 66 pounds. Wow.

    I think now is a good time to change for good. I have grown up a lot more, and realize that if I keep going like this (living off pizza and doughnuts) that I may not reach my 40's. Even more, I won't be HAPPY.

    My diet.

    I am not using any special diet from a website, book etc. These never worked for me before (doesn't mean they won't work for you of course). I have been on a low calorie diet for nearly two months now, and I have lost 12 pounds. I keep it simple, stay below 1500 calories. Vary foods eaten and keep it low carb, low sugar and low fat. This is with ZERO exercise so far. I am happy with my progress so far, and I am ready to conquer this weight come 2013. Fresh new year, right?

    My exercise regime.

    Like I said, so far I have done zero. From yesterday and onwards, I am using a rowing machine to exercise. 30 minutes, four days a week. This estimates around 400-500 calories burnt. I actually quite enjoy this workout, the rowing machine is actually entertaining! I want to start collaborating some jogging, cycling with this workout too as soon as my stamina and strength reaches a high enough level to do so.

    That's my plan really, 128 pounds to drop. 12 gone so far. I have never really had high self-esteem but I see this as a great opportunity to prove something to myself! I will drop-in an update each Sunday.

    Would love to discuss anything in here!
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  3. REV23

    REV23 Power Dropper

    I am thoroughly enjoying my new exercise regime. For the first time in a long time, I am enjoying exercise. However, my muscles are seriously aching from the amount I have done. My hands also have blisters from trauma caused by the rowing handle.

    So I ordered some gloves to protect my hands, and will resume the exercises tomorrow.

    I really hope I manage to lose a few more pounds.

    As far as the diet is going, I am fitting in more veg and getting a lot more water in. Strawberry flavoured water is addictive...

    I am so excited for Sunday (aka weigh-in+cheat day).

    Anyways I am definitely keeping up the exercise, hopefully gloves will reduce the hand damage. I sure hope my body gets used to this new lifestyle soon, I want to be able to exercise each and every day.
  4. porkscratching

    porkscratching Silver Member

    Just a quick hello and to say - well done on your great progress so far and your attitude.
    I went to the doctor last May, absolutely in bits over my weight - she agreed to put me on xenical, at seventy euro a month it would have seriously left me living on very little but I thought I had to have it to succeed - but at the time it was totally unavailable due to manufacturing issues - I thought it meant I couldn't lose weight but I went home and started a "healthier" week and lost 5lb in 7 days.
    Since then I've lost over 60lb in 6 months and proved to myself I don't need pills or potions - I have the ability to do this - and if I can, then trust me when I say anyone can. The time has flown - in the bigger scheme of things it's not been that hard. I eat out, drink red wine & vodka (even the odd beer but it's a couple a month not a couple a day!) and I now don't want refined carbs on a daily basis, so have a cheat day every 2 weeks or so.
    There's a couple of guys had massive success on here - Gazter and CraigA, if you want some inspiration look them up. One of them has lost over 13.5 stone in less than 12 months!
    Good Luck - here's to being half the people we were in 2013 ;)
  5. REV23

    REV23 Power Dropper

    Thanks buddy. I have made sure not to completely deprive myself of the food/drinks I love. So I usually have something each week.

    Have you been exercising? If so, how often each week?

    What has been your daily calorie limit?

    Even though we have never spoke before, I just want to say I am proud of you. That is a great accomplishment mate! I will check out the guys you mentioned.
  6. porkscratching

    porkscratching Silver Member

    I've never really counted calories until this week - and averaging between 1300/1600 a day. My exercise regime has gone to pot in the last 2 weeks and now the kids are on Xmas hols don't get a minute to myself. But it was swimming 3 times a week for 45 mins to an hour, walking the dog 45 mins 5 times a week and the odd bike ride (a literal pain in the ass), the odd kettlebells session and vibroplate session. Want to get into running - although I think some people walk faster than my running efforts, there I am thinking I am Usain Bolt and the dog is strolling sedately alongside me looking all bemused....
  7. REV23

    REV23 Power Dropper

    Haha brilliant!

    I have two dogs in my house, and I want to run with one of them eventually. You think your dogs make you look silly? The dog I want to run with is a former racer greyhound -_- He would actually leave Usain Bolt in the dust :(

    So I will look ridiculous haha But oh well. I really want to be able to go running, right now I think I am too heavy. My lower body joints will suffer trauma carrying so much weight, considering I probably haven't sprinted all out in around 3 years...

    I want to get to 18 stone, then I will buy a pair of running shoes. So I will go for a jog straight after a rowing machine workout.

    There is also a indoor exercise bike in my house, which I will also use very soon. Once I get under 21st probably.

    I am excited to get to the point where I can comfortably jog with my dog. My rowing gloves arrived today so I will have a good workout as soon as I am home from work.
  8. REV23

    REV23 Power Dropper

    Fitness update:

    So only after a week I am already feeling a fitness increase.

    On the indoor rower it my goal each time was to get to 600, and it would take a large amount of effort in the final minute to reach it.

    This time it required zero extra effort in the final minute, so I am obviously faster without realizing it.

    This feels great, time for another 20 minutes.
  9. REV23

    REV23 Power Dropper

    So tomorrow is probably the biggest day of my weight loss so far.

    The first week with an intense daily exercise (well intense for a 306lb body).

    I am really hoping for 3+ lbs dropped. I have eaten sensibly and burned 400+ calories 4 days this week.

    I can just imagine the scales saying 0 lb lost or -1 lb.

    Here's to some justice! Will report the weigh-in tomorrow.
  10. porkscratching

    porkscratching Silver Member

    Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow. You're certainly putting the effort in. One thing I noticed was sometimes I'd have a really good week but sts or just be 1lb down, I'd slack off a bit but then get a 3 or 4lb loss the next week & not feel I deserved it but it sort of evened itself out over the month.
    You'll be lacing up your runners in no time ;-) One thing I did do before I started jogging was swimming - took me months to get the courage up to go but once I did I loved it. Great for fitness and low impact. When I was at my mum's in the summer I went to aqua fitness and there were quite a few guys there but none at the one I do here.
  11. REV23

    REV23 Power Dropper

    Thank you! :) Well swimming is the best sport for weight loss, no doubt. I think it is the only sport that works out your whole, entire body. I would love to swim but I honestly am just not confident to exercise in public yet :( It is a goal, and someone I hope to do eventually.

    If I lose 1 lb this week, I will be kind of disheartened because I think I deserve more. But indeed, I know hard work will pay off in the long run. So I will keep on truckin' regardless of what the scales say! :D

    I am still far away from jogging, at around 20st I will start. So that is still nearly 2st away :(

    Anyway I will report in as soon as a wake up with the weight loss update.
  12. 12-Bore

    12-Bore Full Member

    Alright Rev, hows it going. Good luck with the weigh in tomorrow, sure you be fine.

    I'd like to start swimming as well soon but not been for about 10 years now so will probably need to learn again.

    I have been doing a a bit of boxing the last few weeks aswell and noticed my strength stamina improving already. Its something you can do at home aswell, all you need is a punchbag and gloves. Punching, kicking (kneeing), ducking and jumping side to side so its a full body workout and you can make ir as intense as you want. I'm going to get my own punch bag in the january sales so I can use it every day without having to go to the gym all the time
  13. porkscratching

    porkscratching Silver Member

    I really like the idea of a punchbag but have nowhere to hang one at the moment - might try one of those free standing girly ones instead (thanks I've now got something to ask for on my birthday in Jan)
  14. REV23

    REV23 Power Dropper

    Hey man, I am great. It's funny you should bring that up!

    Boxing is my second favourite sport after football, I thoroughly enjoy watching the big fights and I used to do some boxing training with my Dad to try and lose weight a few years. It definitely helped with stamina indeed.

    I have a boxing dummy, like this: slamman.jpg

    I have had it for years, never been able to use it because it gets knocked back each time I punch. Which is really annoying because I would love to use it.

    I have a pair of boxing gloves, and I was looking into including boxing into my workout.

    Have you heard of resistance bands? They are great for shadow boxing, tempted to get one of those. Only £10.

    So I will investigate it, thanks for the advice bud! :)
  15. REV23

    REV23 Power Dropper

    Boxing is great, a punchbag would be a good investment. Not sure how much they go for now, but like you mentioned the main problem is finding somewhere safe to hang it.

    Boxing helps relieve stress too, punching out every drop of frustration is a great weight loss method hehe Rowing does the same thing.

    On that note I will definitely be doing stress relief exercises tomorrow if those scales disappointment me haha
  16. toxicsgrl

    toxicsgrl Gold Member

    How was weigh in? X

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  17. REV23

    REV23 Power Dropper

    So I weighed myself at a 3.8lb drop. I am not sure how good this.

    My diet has stayed the same, so obviously exercising has helped. That's all I needed to know, so I will continue with daily exercise! I pushed up my calorie limit too this week to 1850 so this is pretty great!

    When I think about it, 3.8lb is actually pretty good!
  18. REV23

    REV23 Power Dropper

    And of course it will be amazing to get under 300lb by next week! I am so excited :D
  19. porkscratching

    porkscratching Silver Member

    3.8lb is no small feat. Well done. Same again next week - no bother to you.
    Not sure what your liquid intake is like but I'd have to recommend giving up diet coke and the like - I was a total diet pepsi addict & it's definitely helped me since I gave it up (bought one Friday at the cinema and it was bllllleurgh!). I also get better losses the week after I have a week when I really get my water intake up (3 litres a day at least)
  20. REV23

    REV23 Power Dropper

    Yup I realize the importance of liquids.

    I was a pepsi addict too. I would get through 1-2 litres of Pepsi Max each day. Sure there was no sugar but all that caffeine would have messed me up. All I would drink is Pepsi and that is it.

    I now drink water each day, but I still drink a beer or two on the weekend to relax. I also have a couple of cans of pepsi max each week. I love Pepsi still, and I should drop it completely. But cutting it down by 90% is a big improvement anyway.
  21. toxicsgrl

    toxicsgrl Gold Member

    3.8 lbs is brill! I lost 3.5 this week and I worked for it so yeah, it's great! I have 4 pints of water a day and it helps losses greatly. X

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