My 2014 target challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges - Weight Loss & Otherwise!' started by kbubbles, 6 January 2014.

  1. kbubbles

    kbubbles Member

    So I have 36lbs to lose to get to my target weight in the next 51 weeks. Less than a pound a week is hopefully achievable however there are a few smaller milestones along the way.

    ?Lost 1 stone 19/11/13
    ?6lbs to reach the 2 stone lighter marker
    ?7lb until I'm half way to target
    ?Reached lose 10% on 10/12/13
    ?20lbs until I've lost 20%

    FAMILY HOLIDAY 10 weeks and counting

    I'm going to keep track of these milestones here to keep me motivated.
  2. kbubbles

    kbubbles Member

    2lbs lost this week 32lbs to go!

    Lost 1 stone 19/11/13
    4lbs to reach the 2 stone lighter marker
    5lbs until I'm half way to target
    Reached lose 10% on 10/12/13
    18lbsuntil I've lost 20%
  3. kbubbles

    kbubbles Member

    Oops 34lbs to go
  4. Kate84

    Kate84 Well-Known Member

    how is it going? :)

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