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My amazing technicolour (well red and gree) food diary :)

Hello all... I am a big fan of keeping food diaries and have 2 written down in books and I wanted to type one up... I guess its my way of keeping me motivated... I dunno... so here goes...

Day 1 - Sunday 22/08/2011 GREEN

Weetabix Crunchy Bran (B)
Semi skimmed milk (A - part of my 250mls)
1 x tblsp sugar (3 syns)
Coffee (A part of my 250mls milk)

42g cathedral city light cheese (A) on 2 x nimble white bread (B) with baked beans
Yogurt (muller light)
Coffee (A part of my 250mls milk)
Bottle water

Batchelors Savoury Rice (Pilau) with quorn fillets (3.5 syns) and a whole green pepper
2 x large glasses of water

Snacks throughout day:
2 x clementines
Walkers Sunbites (6.5 syns)

A little bit annoyed about the syn total today but bloomin' well forgot to bring my sweetener to my boyfriends so had to make do!!

All in all... a rather successful day :)

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has a thin girl inside!
Just wanted to leave anote so that i could follow yr diary...Been doing EE for 7 months till 3 days ago when i started some Red days and i need some ideas re red/green days as so stuck in my EE ways LOL
Looks good! Well done x
I do love EE but I much prefer red and green!! If you need any tips or anything gimme a shout... I have a note pad with all my ideas for breakfast, lunch and tea on each day so I can't ever 'not know what to have'!! Good luck xx


has a thin girl inside!
Thats a good idea!
I tried the SW diet about 10 yrs ago where there was only red/green days. i found when i did more red days i lost more. So that's why i've started doing some red days...trying to boost the weight loss again!...seems to have slowed down. WI tom so fingers crossed for a good loss...if not, I'll keep going x
Alright so day 2 is going ok... I am applying for jobs so lots of picky foods is on the go... here we goes...

Day 2 - 22nd August 2011 - GREEN

Cheesey (42g Cathedral City Light, A) omelette with baked beans
Coffee (2 x tblsp semi skimmed milk 0.5 syns)

2 x nimble white toast (B)
Spaghetti hoops

Quorn cottage pie with cheese (A)
Includes baked beans and carrot

Snacks throughout the day:

2 x alpen light bars (B)

So far... this is what I have planned and eaten...
Day 3 - OMGOODNESSME!! What a day its been... BUT I've stuck to it even though there were obstacles!

Day 3 - 23rd August 2011 - RED

42g weetabix crunchy bran (B)
Semi skimmed milk (part of my 250mls A)

Bowl of cooked chicken - babysitting - didn't have time to eat argh!!
Coffee (MILK part of A)

227g baked potato sliced into chips (B)
Chicken wrapped in bacon (all fat removed) with cheese melted (A)
Coffee (MILK part of A)
Coke Zero

Snacks - this is what I am going to have to snack on for movie night in with the fella:

Strawberries, blueberries, apple, clementines and a yummy muller yogurt!!

So far... so good...

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