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My daughter has joined SW

My daughter joind SW last week with her mother-in-law. Last night was their first weigh in
MIL has eaten , in the past week 2x chinese take-outs, loads of cream on her strawberries and basically a lot of stuff that she should'nt , so Daughter said That she would be really annoyed with her MIL if she lost more weight ,cos daughter has been really 100%.
I just phoned her and Daughter lost 3LB .... MIL lost 7LB :eek::eek:
So you can imagine what she was saying !!.
But now thinking about it , I remember daughter telling me that just before going to weigh in MIL ate 6 big fat old greasy sausages and chips and just ate junk all day ...said it was her last 'Fat' food fill up ... So really it was just a load of weight put on in one day. BUt I cant work out how she did that loss with eating 2 chinese take outs ?
any ideas?..
or was it just water loss?
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thanxs kristin- I will tell Daughter x
Maybe her MIL diet was so hurrendous before that although she ate some naughty stuff, the little change she did make made a huge difference?! im sure in a few weeks when shes still eating loads of crap her body will catch up and she'l realise thats not how it works!

tell your daughter congrats on her weightloss 3 pounds is fab, its what i did in my first week.. but to also enjoy herself and treat also.. dont deprive! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Wait til next week. I always find that it takes a week for it all to show up properly. So often you get people come in that cringe before they get on the scale and they say"Oh I've been so bad this week" and then are surprised they lost. Then the next week, when they stick to plan, they put on weight and they don't understand why. Similarly, you can have a really good week and not get the result you might expect, but it drops off the next week.

So, if there is any justice in this world, next week the MIL won't do as well as your daughter. Tell her just to stick to the plan and never mind what the MIL does! She has her own wonderful mother as testimony to the fact that it works! :)
hi they have been back for their 3rd weigh in ............
daughter .........-1lb
Mil.................+ 1/2lb
MIL stormed out and said she was pi**ed off she had been good all week LOL
Depends what she ate from the chinese as well... Chinese is one of the easiest to be syn-friendly.

Got to giggle at the MiL storming out...funny! She'll learn that bad weeks catch up with you, and that you need consistently good weeks to see consistently good losses.

And quite good that your daughter has MiL for the competition - it will spur her on to do well :)

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