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My Diary - In for the long haul :-)

OK I started the tablets today and think it will be useful to write down exactly what I am eating each day to keep me focused :sigh:

Start weight this morning : 15st 3

Breakfast : A bagel spread lightly with raspberry no seeds jam and a cup of tea

Lunch : 5 asda good for you wholemeal crisp breads spread lightly with asda good for you soft cheese with onion and garlic

Mid Afternoon : Bowl of homemade veg soup and 2 tangerines

Dinner : Pasta with homemade morrocon stew

May have some toast with Jam before bed as I am feeling pretty peckish now

Also drank lots of no added sugar cordial and 3 cups of tea and a cup of coffee made with semi skimmed milk

Feeling good and had no side effects :D
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Day 2

breakfast 2 slices of toast and jam

lunch soup and 2 slices of bread

dinner pasta and morrocon stew

snacks 2 tangerines and 2 glass's of rose wine oopps

still feeling ok no side effects so fingers crossed for no side effects at work tomorrow night lol
Ok not updated for a couple of days cos I have been working so here goes the last 2 days...

Breakfast Toasted tea cake and jam

Lunch - i actually can't remember lol

Dinner - new pots,brocolli,carrots,swede,peas and a asda good for you cauliflower cheese.Followed by a muller light greek yougart


Breakfast teacake and jam

Lunch 3 ryvita with virtually fat free cottage cheese

Dinner asda good for you jacket potato with cheese and chive and carrots and swede..followed by muller light greek yoghurt

Supper a handfull of skittles ops and a mug or horlicks light made with water

all within my at range :) xxx


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looking like youre getting on well cddietgal :) we started this about the same time, do you know which day youre going to weigh in on? i think mine will be a fri, keep my motivation for being good over the weekend if i've done well. x
I am doing Thursday as thats when I took my irst pill :)
good luck to you too xx
Tuesdays Diary

Breakfast toasted teacake and jam

Lunch 3 x ryvitas with virtually fat free cottage cheese

Dinner Bowl of pasta with frozen peas,sweetcorn and pepper with asda good for you soft cheese with onion and garlic stirred in

Supper 2 slice of toast with jam cos I was starving had a busy day and work

just having a can of strongbow cos I asked my son to get me a can and thats what he brought me lol

Still feeling good...Tried some clothes on tonight as I have a big night out on Friday and they all fit me,they didn't 3 weeks ago :) I just can't sit down or I get the bulge lol so feeling really possative and happy :)


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food sounds fine!!!
maybe make sure that the pasta is wholemeal pasta. and that the bread is as wholemeal as you can get... but other than that i think you are doing great.
please make sure that you drink enough....
i mean i prob drink WAY too much, but i aim for 3litres... throughout the day... it really does help...
and exercise!! its a key...
get up and get your own can out... lol
Thanks Kes xx

Yesterday Diary..

2 slices of toast and jam

Weight watchers spinach and ricotta ready meal

3 or 4 tangerines

bowl of mixed veg as I was cooking lol

Cauli,butternut squash,swede,onion,mushroom and pepper mixed into a weight watchers sweet and sour sauce with rice

Had a bit of a sore tummy last night but no side effects phew feeling good :) x


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i cant see other than the ww meal (as i dont know what the fat in that is) why you would have to connect the tummy cramps to any oil..
i used to get tummy cramps and sore tummy when i first went on the tablets.... just takes your body some getting used to!
Today's diary :)

Breakfast - 2 slices of toast and jam

nothing really all day as was shopping with the kids,they had Mcds and I never got round to getting mysef anything so got home and had 2 x ryvita with soft cheese onion and garic

Dinner - sweet and sour (weight watchers jar) made ith loads of veggies 1/2 portion of rice and 1/2 portion of frozen chip

just had an alpen light strawberry bar

still feeling good and got a big night out planned for tomorrow :) xx
Fridays diary

Breakfast 2 crumpets and jam

Lunch jacket potato ready meal from Asdas good to yourself range

Dinner spagetti pasta with lots of veggies in a dolmio light sauce

Snacks - small pack of dolly mixtures,tangerine and alpen light bar (i think) and a bottle of pink :)
Saturday Diary

Breakfast 2 toast and jam

Lunch beans on dry toast

Dinner handfull of ww chips,1/2 portion of rice and a veg curry

Snacks tangerines

I was sick a few times in the day,not sure if it was the wine from Friday night or just a bit of a bug we'll see........
Sunday diet diary

Breakfast toasted tea cake and jam

Lunch packet of chilli snack a jacks with cottage cheese (picked up the one that was not low fast but still 5g per 100g phew)

Dinner weight watchers sweet chilli pizza

5 wine gums a tangerine and 1 chocolate digestive (pls pls no side effects!!)


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